(Concert Review) B.B. King Show @ Little creek Shelton 11-17-2011

    BB King Show @ Little creek Shelton 11-17-2011

The POP Music Journal of Eric  Turnbow

   (This is the actual ticket with souvenir guitar picks from Shelton)
So Vikki and I decided to go out to Shelton to the Little Creek Casino and see the Legendary B.B. King live and in concert. I was scheduled for  work at “The South Bay Pub” that night, but I go My Employee “Guy” to cover for me so that I could jet off and see this concert.

    (Here is a shot I took of the big Guy at that very show in Shelton)

We are always on time and I picked up Vikki wit time to spare and we made it to the concert ahead of schedule. This gave me a chance to grab a “Key chain” and some Guitar picks to take home for my collection!

   (A shot of B.B. King on the Casino screen Taken By Eric Turnbow)

We had to grab a couple cocktails. I had 2 long island ice teas, as a double fisted drinker it saved me time getting back for another order. The opening band came on and played for about a half hour. Riveting blues that were terrific. As it turned out this was the actual B.B. King band and it included several of His Young Relatives. They were quite good!

So when B.B. King played the guitar it was just great. You could his guitar “Lucille” cutting through crisp and trebley. But He stopped a lot and talked way too much about about Viagra and Cialis. At one point after he did a Christmas blues song”Merry Christmas Baby”, He tried to do a another song and plum forgot it. So He went back into the Christmas song instead. I wish He would have played more and talked less!

                                   (Live shot taken by Eric Turnbow)

But He did play the songs! Here is a selection or sample of some of tracks He performed in Shelton: Every Day I Have The Blues, Key to the Highway, Rock Me Baby, The Thrill Is Gone, When The Saints Go Marchin’ In. Plus a bunch more. Lots of talking. He forgot the words a few times. But He is 86! I decided to cut Him some slack!

     (Here is Vikki posting after the show. You can see Mr. King signing)

The best part of the show was at the end. They turned up all the lights as he continued to play on. We could see great and I even shot a decent video at this point. He announced that he would sign stuff and He just sat there in a chair on stage surrounded by security signing away. For about an hour! He was resilient and electric.  And He did it for the fans!

      (Eric  posed by the fountain outside the casino after the show)!

Recent Video from the same tour: http://youtu.be/tqpCFxVrOTY

        (Vikki posed by the fountain outside the casino after the show)!

BB King – Why I Sing The Blues – Live 2011

Band plays for about 10 mins
BB is introduced
BB walks out goes straight to a chair
BB plays 2 songs
BB starts telling stories as band plays in background
BB plays another song
BB plays “When Love Comes to Town”
BB stops midway and starts to interact with his band
BB tells more stores and starts making Viagra Jokes
BB plays another song
BB tells more stores and starts with Cialis jokes
BB has bass player and other guitarist sit by him and jokes around for 20 good minutes and eventually play a song.
BB plays “You are My Sunshine” for 10 Mins
BB makes more Viagra and Cialis jokes
BB plays “Thrill is Gone”
BB hands guitar to handler and starts throwing out guitar pics and crap from his pockets to the audience.
BB is helped out of his chair and is escorted off the stage.

Here is a disappointed fans view of show earlier this year:
No joke, here is BB’s show:

In 80 minutes you get maybe 9 songs and a lot of talking. I know he’s 84 or 85 yrs old, but, it’s getting really sad. If you see him off stage he is surrounded by his handlers who act like they are from the Nation of Islam. Very militant and aggressive these days.

     (B.B. stayed and signed stuff for about an hour as you can see here!)

Looks like he is heading to Portland on Sunday. After a  3 day rest! He was in Wenatchee Wednesday night if you can believe that! One night prior! Not bad for a Dude of His age! I would be tempted to stay home and watch cable in bed if I had His type of Money!
And here is the Bio and other cool info for you!


(This limo was parked right outside the Show Taken  By Eric Turnbow)

Note: Professor Turnbow may be reached at:
(360) 943-7039    Email:  etcosmic2000@yahoo.com


          (This is a live shot from the show taken by Eric Turnbow)


(Concert Review) Vikki’s Farm Aid 18 Journal: 09-18-2004 @ White River

FARM AID 18 JOURNAL by Vikki Turnbow: 09-18-2004 White River


Yes we made it to Farm Aid 18! It was a big fast long blast! I went with My nephew Jesse, and My Step Mom Vikki. In fact, being the Journalist type she is, Vikki made a “Rock and Roll Journal” to document the days activities. We have reprinted it here for all to re-live and  enjoy! So lets get going!  (Eric said this)…..

                           (Here a photo taken that very day of the stage set up By Vikki Turnbow)

FARM AID 18 JOURNAL by Vikki Turnbow: 09-18-2004 White River

I’m so lucky.  Eric not only enjoys going to concerts at least as much as I do, but he also doesn’t mind driving!  FAD stands for Farm Aid Diary and I’m writing to share it with you and to remember it by later :-) Farm  Aid  2004 was held Saturday, Sept. 18 at White River Amphitheatre.


(This is the crowd lining up to get into the show. Photo By Eric Turnbow)

Eric picked me up around noon and we tore up the free-way at the new breakneck average speed of 35 MPH for most of the drive up I-5 and a good portion of 512, arriving around 1:40.   I jammed all my unauthorized outside food into every pocket, Eric noted he should have brought a hat and worn double jeans (as I had :-) as we stood in the longest line I’ve ever seen there in the drizzle,  herded by horse crowd control people with southern drawls for 45 minutes until we reached the door just in time  to hear the last song by the cows-with-guns guy. (cowswithguns.com)….

                                   (Here is Eric and His Nephew Jesse at Farm Aid 18 on 09-18-2004)

We got Eric his gyro and our coffees and found our seats as Native American dancers and blessing ceremonies were beginning at 3. Steve, anther concert guy who works at the counter line at the post office and is a friend, had 2nd row seats.  I could see him and his son in place already when Willie Nelson  came out and welcomed everyone. More dancing, including the hoop dance I recognized from somewhere…

Our seat neighbours to our left arrived.  They’d also seen Neil Young and Lucinda Williams last time around and he told  me Dave Matthews’ wife is a nursing student in Seattle and that’s why he’s living in the  area.  We’d already heard he had suggested doing Farm Aid out here this year. The first act was Kate Voegele, an acoustic duo and excellent–as was every act, so I won’t repeat that each time.

Grandson Jess arrived at 3:25 and joined us up in row 17 of section 210 (the best seats available one hour into PRE-sale ticket availability that I had access to a day before general sales began(!)  No wonder so many people had to sit in the rain on the grass! At least our seats were under cover and the sound was perfect! We got a chance to visit with Jess and catch up on his new Seattle life, in between acts.

Kitty Jerry from  Memphis who called her music country soul, as she’s black and very country had a full band and Eric said  the guest  harmonica guy was Mickey Rafael. We were to see him sit in with many of the acts–class act. Blue Merl, with a stand up  bass, violin and mandolin were up next, then Tegan and Sara, two waif like dark-haired pixie girls with voices to match, then Trick Pony was joined by Willie for “Whiskey River”.  They were southern rock & did about 4 more tunes. I liked them quite a bit. The set changes went very fast; each band was set up on a rolling platform, so each performed for about 20-25 minutes, then the set change took 5-10, so things moved along at a steady clip, not dragging, but giving a  little chance to chat in between–

Tony Goeman, a black singing drummer is  a  man after my own heart.  He did the blues and had a Hammond B3 with a Leslie speaker in his band. (Eric recognized his sax player as one from the original Blues Brothers.) He had Willie come out and play some  blues on his incredibly beat up looking but great sounding guitar.

Lucinda Williams came on at  5:40 and Steve Earl joined her for “Concrete and Barb’d Wire”, I’d never heard him before, but liked what I heard. He writes controversial songs and did Copperhead Road, Devil’s Right Hand  (gun control) and  a song about the   poor sons fight the wars.. not a lot of talk on topics up to this point from the early acts.

                        (Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle put up the jams at Farm Aid 18)!

Jerry Lee Lewis was helped on stage and then put out the most energy so far  in the show when he did “Roll Over Beethoven” and Hank Williams song, “Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ Going On, and closed with “Great Balls of Fire”. He looked older than dirt but had great energy and brought the intensity level up a couple of notches.

(Jerry Lee Lewis  tore it up at Farm Aid 18)!

By now it was dark and I’d just about finished all my goodies. Eric had popped for a pizza and I think Jess had purchased something.  I felt  smug because I only bought 2  cups of coffee as I’d brought my own water too, and I’d see folks coming back to their seats with food several times, and I hadn’t needed to stand in the very long lines (20 minutes for an espresso– I don’t think so! Neither did Eric, so we didn’t have any. At 7:30 Dave Matthews was introduced by John Mellencamp. Dave talked sort of loopy between songs but had us mesmerized by his performance.  I’d been wishing he’d have his whole  band, but he was riveting solo and the sound was so clear–  very intense.He talked about a  movie he’s in & wrote a song for that I now want to see.

(Dave Mathews played a killer acoustic set that night @ Farm Aid 18)!

John Mellencamp and small band came on at 8:24 and their set included  Paper and Fire -one of my favorites. I especially enjoyed his hot fiddler lady and the little accordion on that song. Most everyone  stood up for his closing “Little Pink Houses”

(John Mellencamp  tore it up at Farm Aid 18)

Neil Young took the stage at 9:10 with a Willie Nelson introduction– he did the most talking about biodiesel and buying organic in  between a great group of songs: Harvest Moon, Pocahantas, one about winter rain in Canada, Cowgirl in the Sand, Old Man by the side of the Road (at this point, the big screen focussed in on Steve as he sat mesmerized and that image  was broadcast not only all through the arena, but over the internet, so I now call him Famous Farm Aid Face guy). When Neil began Pocahantas, Eric dialed Avaton for me and I held it up so Avaton could hear it. I told him I figured we’d be leaving around 10:30.  I guessed wrong– way wrong!

                                     (Neil Young as He looked that Night @ Farm Aid 18)

After It’s Over, Neil had his wife come   out to sing harmonies for Human Highway and King (his dog song) and 4 Strong Winds.  He finished just after 10 and Willie Nelson’s video lead in clip came on at 10:20.  Then Dave Matthews and Neil Young came on stage, both carrying a beer bottle, and Dave gave a rambling intro so long  that I began to wonder if it would ever end (sort of like this report), then Willie and the biggest band of the night did Promised Land, Whiskey River, Still Still Moving to Me, whiskey for my men and beer for the horses, Poncho’s Legend, Time Slips Away (with Carla–cute young blond), Night Life. Then his sister played Down Yonder on the piano, and a song about his drummer Paul and his adventures on the road. . His son Paul had been on stage with him, but Willie now introduced him and he did an excellent version of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Texas Flood”, then Willie was back up front for “Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” and one about an angel flying too close to the ground.  So when he did “On the Road Again”, I figured it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

    (The legend of Willy Nelson Live @ at Farm Aid 18: Neil and Willy)

I thought wrong– there was more! He did “You Were Always on my Mind”, then at 11:15 brought out Jack and Jerry Calhoun. I suspect if you knew country western music in the 1950′s that would be big news. They did a couple including “I’m Glad I’m an Okie from Muskogee”  I believe it was about here that Jess bowed out, getting a head start on the notorious post-concert traffic jams. Eric and I hung in there for the last new face on stage, Danny Goodfeller, who was supposed to be a fiddler, but had this stick with pots and pans nailed on it that he jammed onto the stage and bounced and gyrated to  “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” as the other performers filtered on stage. We were leaving the grounds as the group all sang Amazing Grace, then headed for “the” tree in the parking lot, arriving there to find there were two trees and we’d spotted the wrong one. We scampered across to “our” tree and I was able to call Avaton at the beginning of the actual driveway out that we were headed home at 11:44.  Eric got me home at 1– and we were both pretty shot all day Sunday. That was a close to a rock festival as I’ve been in decades. Bye!


September 18, 2004 Seattle, Washington (Statistics)…..

The White River Amphitheatre on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation south of Seattle hosted Farm Aid 2004 Presented by Silk Soymilk. Even though the concert was held in one of the farthest corners of the United States, people pilgrimaged to the show from at least 33 states and Canada. Farm Aid board members Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews invited Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Jerry Lee Lewis, Trick Pony, bluesman Tony Coleman, Blue Merle, Canadian twins Tegan and Sara, Kate Voegle and Kitty Jerry to play on the Farm Aid stage. Farm Aid hosted activities in Seattle’s Pike Place Market for 10 days leading up to the concert to celebrate family farm produced food. The main focus was on Farm Aid’s Ten Ways Campaign, a public information effort aimed at helping people understand the important link between family farmers and fresh, high quality food.

              (Parting was such sweet sorrow. This is what the Stage looked like from our perspective)

(Concert Event) Paul McCartney World Tour: NOVEMBER 03, 2005. Thursday in Seattle at the KeyArena

                 The POP Music Journal of Eric  Turnbow

(Yes, of course this is My actual ticket! I save Everything!)


(Concert Event) Paul McCartney World Tour: NOVEMBER 03, 2005. Thursday in Seattle at the KeyArena


Paul McCartney World Tour:  NOVEMBER 03, 2005. Thursday in Seattle at the Key Arena. (In attendance were Eric Turnbow and The Late Great Romain Helke)!

8:25pm:  20 minute DJ Disco Paul Mix. This set was very
clever with a DJ man playing a Re-mix of some
McCartney Classics, disco style. The graphics
on the screen were psychedelic with strobes and
colour. Quite inventive. I want that CD!
8:55pm:  10 minute movie narrated by Sir Paul. Good.
8:45pm:  Opener:  Magical Mystery Tour (Paul on Hofner)
Flaming Pie (Paul pauses do “drink it all in”)
I’ll Get You in the end (Paul set this song up
by saying “If you remember this song then
you were not there).
Drive my car (Sang at Super bowl)
Till There was you (Ancient cabaret style)
Let Me Roll It (2 minute Hendrix jam at end
to Foxy Lady with Paul on his Les Paul)
Got to get you into my life
Fine Line (Paul on piano. Title Song from new cd. Paul mentions he fell
into the piano pit on the 2nd night)
Maybe I’m Amazed (Classic live wings!)

Long and Winding Road (An Eric Favourite)
Solo Guitar: The Living room set:
In Spite of all the Pain (1958 acetate with the  guys splitting the record fee!    The member kept it 23 years instead of sharing it. He was to keep it for one
week. This track is featured on Beatles Anthology)
Jenny Wren (New cd. in the style
For No One(Paul on the piano with band)
Fixin’ a Hole
English Tea (New cd, “Chaos and Creation)
in the back yard”. Paul loves his
cup of tea.
Follow Me (New cd. Paul dedicated this
to his wife Heather and their 2
year old daughter, Beatrice!)
I’ll follow the sun (Old Beatle shocker)
Bach Classical Guitar Piece (Acoustic)
Blackbird (Paul explains he wrote this song adapted the Bach Piece)
Eleanor Rigby
Too Many People (This was a huge highlight from the first solo                                                   Paul  on Hofner Bass. Unexpected song)
She came in through the bathroom window
Good Day Sunshine (Paul explains they woke up the space shuttle with this track. Shows pictures of the shuttle)
Band On The Run
Penny Lane
I Got a Feeling! (Another unexpected
highlight! One of my favourites )
Back in the USSR
Hey Jude ( This required a lot of Crowd
participation. Paul directing)
10:55pm       Live and let Die (Last official song.
special effects and fire and bangs
11:00p         FIRST ENCORE: “Yesterday” Paul plays the Epiphone guitar he used on Ed Sullivan”.
11:05pm      SECOND ENCORE: “Get Back”
11:10pm      THIRD ENCORE:  “Helter Skelter” (This
was a highlight! Rockin’!)
11:16pm      FOURTH ENCORE: “Please please me”
Sound & unexpected. Short and very sweet. Paul came out flying a large American flag.)
11:20pm      FIFTH ENCORE: “Let It Be” Good one. with a Special painted piano!
11:25           SIXTH ENCORE: “Sargent Peppers Reprise” This was the perfect ending “We’re sorry but it’s time to go”
FINAL ENCORE: “The end”.

This show was a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes with another 35 minutes of “Opening agenda”. It was by far the best show I have seen by him, and I have caught 4 other tours, 1976Wings in the King dome, 1990 “Flowers in the dirt” Tour in the King dome, The “Driving Rain” Tour in 2002 at the Tacoma Dome, and the “USA Tour 2005″ to promote the new cd “Chaos and Creation in the back Yard). I’m telling you, I was a kid in a candy store and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Out of some 38 songs, 24 of them were Beatles. He really looked and sounded great. Not a 63 year old at all in the least. He was pumped up and in full spirits. I give this show the HIGHEST RATING I possibly could. He pulled out all the stops. My thumb is way, way up! You Go Paul! I will definitely try to go see him again live if there is another tour in the future. He is also, contrary to popular belief, very HUMBLE! I kid you not.What a sense of humour as well. He is welcome for dinner at my house any time!  He is a strict veggie you know. But oh can he ever write songs! That is his best gift! Sir Paul? You better believe it! He ROCKS!

McCartney Tour Dates 2005

Fri 09/16/05 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena

Sat 09/17/05 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum

Tue 09/20/05 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena

Thu 09/22/05 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center

Fri 09/23/05 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center

Mon 09/26/05 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden (Fleet

Tue 09/27/05 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden (Fleet

Fri 09/30/05 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

Sat 10/01/05 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

Tue 10/04/05 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

Wed 10/05/05 New York, NY Madison Square Garden

Sat 10/08/05 Washington, DC MCI Center

Mon 10/10/05 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre

Fri 10/14/05 Auburn Hills, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills

Sat 10/15/05 Auburn Hills, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills

Tue 10/18/05 Chicago, IL United Center

Wed 10/19/05 Chicago, IL United Center

Sat 10/22/05 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center

Sun 10/23/05 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center

Wed 10/26/05 Saint Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center

Thu 10/27/05 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena

Sun 10/30/05 Omaha, NE Qwest Center Omaha

Tue 11/01/05 Denver, CO Pepsi Center

Thu 11/03/05 Seattle, WA KeyArena at Seattle Center

Fri 11/04/05 Portland, OR Rose Garden Arena

Mon 11/07/05 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion At San Jose

Tue 11/08/05 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion At San Jose

Fri 11/11/05 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond

Sat 11/12/05 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond

Wed 11/16/05 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena

Sat 11/19/05 Houston, TX Toyota Center

Sun 11/20/05 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center

Wed 11/23/05 Glendale, AZ Glendale Arena

Fri 11/25/05 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena

Sat 11/26/05 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena

Tue 11/29/05 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center The POP Music Journal of Eric  Turnbow

Wed 11/30/05 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

This photo was actually taken in Seattle that very day! Very cool!

Magical musical tour: Youthful Paul McCartney rocks Key Arena
By Patrick MacDonald Seattle Times rock critic

Paul McCartney may be 63, but it didn’t show during his concert Thursday night at Key Arena. “We have come
to rock you and rock you we will!,” he promised fans. Who was that young man on the Key Arena stage singing Beatles, Wings and Paul McCartney songs Thursday night?

It couldn’t have been a 63-year-old man. Paul McCartney looked remarkably young — especially following the wrinkly Stones, who played the same place Sunday — and sounded much the same as he did in the Beatles, many years ago. He fit right in with the four young guys in his band (the hair dye helped), and had even more energy.

Compared to the Stones show, which featured whiz-bang effects, including a stage that floated across the room, McCartney’s performance emphasized music. The staging was impressive, especially the massive, busy lighting effects and creative use of video screens, including giant ones behind the stage.

The bright lights often shone into the audience, which seemed to unite McCartney with the fans. “Let me drink this in,” he said, his eyes sweeping the whole packed hall.

The generous, 36-song set included 24 Beatles songs, highlights of Wings’ career and cuts from his solo albums, including four from the new “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

He saluted the other Beatles, which got a standing ovation. The set featured the first song they ever recorded, “In Spite of All the Danger.” Perhaps as a
tribute to Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix, McCartney, on guitar rather than his usual bass, added a bit of “Foxy Lady” to Wings’ “Let Me Roll It.”

Thursday night, KeyArena, Seattle The show opened with a DJ spinning deconstructed, remixed McCartney songs for 20 minutes, followed by an excellent 11-minute film on McCartney’s life and career, with his own

McCartney and his four-piece band opened with “Magical Mystery Tour,” as the entire crowd leaped to its feet.

He followed with the weird, obscure “Flaming Pie,” the propulsive “Jet,” a sweet “I’ll Get You” and a song McCartney noted he played at the Super Bowl in February, “Drive My Car,” with speeding race cars on the big screens.

“Hello, Sea-at-le,” McCartney said, promising a long night of music. “We have come to rock you and rock you we will!”

He wasn’t kidding.

Among songs that energized the big, multi-generational crowd — the two kids in front of me in $250 seats, who couldn’t have been older than 12, were ecstatic — were “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Fixing a Hole,” “Good Day
Sunshine,” “Band on the Run” and “Back In TheU.S.S.R.”

McCartney played piano on several songs, including a moving “Hey Jude,” with his band mates supplying fine harmonies and the audience singing the “nah nah nah nahs” with Sir Paul conducting.

The main set concluded with the big production number, the bombastic — literally, with booming pyro — “Live and Let Die.”

The two encores consisted of high-energy Beatles songs. The first opened with his masterpiece, “Yesterday,” and rocked with “Get Back” and “Helter

The second opened with the early Beatles’ “Please Please Me,” followed by the wise “Let It Be,” and ended with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “The End.”

Thursday, November 3, 2005
McCartney mixes old and new to wow crowd

It took him nearly 40 years to do it, but it was entirely worth the wait.


WHEN: Thursday night
WHERE: Key Arena Seattle 11-03-2011

Paul McCartney, still slender and gorgeous at 63, returned to the former Seattle Center Coliseum, now Key Arena, for the first time since the Beatles’ hysteria-inducing performances of the mid-1960s.

With a four-member band led by keyboardist Paul “Wix” Wickens and featuring lead guitarist Rusty Anderson, McCartney led a capacity crowd — mature, but no less enthusiastic than the screaming hordes of the ’60s –
on a celebratory journey through his musical past, from the Beatles and Wings to songs from his new solo album, “Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard.”

Scheduled to start at 8 p.m., the concert was delayed by at least 30 minutes and began with a pre-show DJ and 10-minute film on McCartney’s life and career,from the bombing of London during World War II to therecent Live 8 concerts. Dressed in black trousers, turquoise shirt and black sport jacket, McCartney launched the show with a boisterous “Magical Mystery Tour,” the first of more than a dozen classic Beatles songs. McCartney stuck to the 36-song set list featured at other recent shows.

The show featured several songs at the piano and a three-song acoustic set that began with the ’50s-sounding “In Spite of All the Danger,” the first recording made by McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison in their pre-Beatles days. Among the best songs from his new solo album was the somber, sentimental “Jenny Wren,” which closed the short solo set.

Wielding his trademark bass, Paul McCartney performs at the KeyArena on Thursday night. The ex-Beatle got the concert started with “Magical Mystery Tour” and went on through an array of his hits, both with the Fab Four and after, with some new songs sprinkled in.View a gallery of concert photos.
McCartney played a vintage Hofner bass guitar, an instrument featured on a number of older songs. For his solo song “Flaming Pie,” six light clusters above the stage appeared like space-age chandeliers. Above the stage was a giant LED screen showing close-ups of the band.

Behind McCartney, Wickens, Anderson, guitarist and bassist Brian Ray, and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. was a giant backdrop of video panels displaying animated imagery and documentary footage.

“Greetings, Seattle,” McCartney cheerfully announced before a spirited version of “Jet.”

“We have come for many miles to rock you tonight –and we will.”

“Drive My Car” was accompanied by vintage films of1950s dream cars. McCartney introduced the sentimental “Till There Was You” as a “smooching song” from the Beatles’ cabaret days. The song was accompanied by a backdrop of clouds and blue sky. “Let Me Roll It” featured a snippet of Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.”

For “Fine Line,” the first song from his current solo album, a piano rose from the stage floor, and McCartney joked about falling into the hole on the
second night of the tour. Anderson induced the new song by tossing a fortune cookie into the crowd, then reading the fortune aloud: “Now is the time to try something new.”

Another charming song from his current solo album wasthe delicate, sentimental “English Tea,” accompanied by an animated English garden scene complete with oversize butterflies. The song featured the entire band, except Anderson, who returned for the Beatles song “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

“Blackbird,” “Eleanor Rigby” and “Good Day Sunshine” were highlights of the show’s second hour. McCartney proudly mentioned that “Sunshine” had been used last summer to awaken NASA space shuttle astronauts. The beautiful “Blackbird,” he explained, was adapted from a J.S. Bach piece.

Pyrotechnics were featured on “Live and Let Die,” which preceded the first encore of “Yesterday,” “Get Back” and “Helter Skelter.”

The second encore began with “Please Please Me,” continued with “Let It Be” (played on psychedelic-themed upright piano topped by a candle) and ended with a guitar-heavy version “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

The show ended at about 11:30 p.m. with a hail of confetti.

Paul McCartney is ready to rock with ‘US’ this fall, nearly four years after his critically hailed, Billboard Magazine Concert Tour of the Year, ‘Back In the U.S.’ swept through the U.S. Since his return to the stage in 2002, after a decade long performance hiatus, millions from countries across the globe have experienced his sold-out concerts. But Americans can expect the unexpected when ‘US’ kicks off at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Friday, September 16th. The all-new tour, which is planned to coincide with a new McCartney recording, will be highlighted by the classics from McCartney’s Beatles, Wings and solo career, as well as songs that have yet to be or haven’t been performed on American soil in nearly 15 years. “We are looking forward to playing again in America,” said McCartney. “They know how to have a good time and we’re there to give it to them. It’ll be fun to visit some new places, to see some old faces and to do things a bit differently this time. We’re ready to rock.” ‘US’ will rock and roll through the United States for 28 performances that will span a nearly 11-week period before its close on Tuesday, November 29th at Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center. While highlights include return visits to Boston’s Fleet Center, New York’s Madison Square Garden, Chicago’s United Center and Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena, ‘US’ will mark a first for some. On Thursday, October 27th and on Sunday, October 30th, Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska will experience their first EVER Paul McCartney performance (including Beatles and Wings). In addition, Miami and Seattle, amongst other cities, will celebrate McCartney’s return after nearly 15 years. If McCartney’s appearance at Superbowl XXXIX or his last concert in front of 125,000 muddied fans at England’s prestigious Glastonbury Festival (NME Magazine’s Best Event for 2005) are any indication, fans can expect to see another ground breaking production. “Only McCartney can top McCartney,” said Brad Wavra, Clear Channel Music Group. “But if you think you’ve already seen him, think again.” -more- McCARTNEY’US’/2 AEG/Concerts West representative Paul Gongaware added: “Half the fun of this tour is wondering which songs he’s going to play. There’s so much that we didn’t see in 2002.” McCartney’s band mates Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums), Rusty Anderson (guitar), Brian Ray (guitar and bass) and Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards) return for ‘US.’ Tickets for Paul McCartney’s ‘US’ Tour go on sale beginning Friday, April 22nd. Check local listing for details. For more information about ‘US’ go to www.paulmccartney.com. Lexus will be the presenting sponsor of the ‘US’ Tour. “I’m very pleased to be a part of this new project with Lexus because I think there is a natural fit,” said McCartney.
September 16th Miami American Airlines Arena
September 17th Tampa St. Pete Times Forum
September 20th Atlanta Philips Arena
September 22nd Philadelphia Wachovia Center
September 26th Boston FleetCenter
September 27th Boston FleetCenter
September 30th New York Madison Square Garden
October 1th New York Madison Square Garden
October 4th New York Madison Square Garden
October 5th New York Madison Square Garden
October 8th Washington DC MCI Center
October 10th Toronto Air Canada Centre
October 14th Detroit The Palace
October 18th Chicago United Center
October 19th Chicago United Center
October 22nd Columbus Value City Arena
October 23rd Philadelphia
October 26th St. Paul Xcel Energy Center
October 27th Des Moines Wells Fargo Arena
October 30th Omaha Qwest Center
November 1st Denver The Pepsi Center
November 3rd Seattle KeyArena
November 4th Portland Rose Garden
November 7th San Jose HP Pavilion
November 8th San Jose HP Pavilion
November 11th Anaheim Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
November 12th Anaheim Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
November 16th Sacramento ARCO Arena
November 19th Houston Toyota Center
November 20th Dallas American Airlines Center
November 23rd Phoenix Glendale Arena
November 25th Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena
November 26th Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena
November 29th Los Angeles STAPLES Center
November 30th Los Angeles STAPLES Center


The new US Paul McCartney tour starts in September, a brand new tour between Wings and Beatles songs… A lot of information, news, rumours, impressions… What kind of songs would you listen live? What is the number of your seats? Do we have to go together? Waiting for the concerts… preparations… information… exchange of opinions… all in a group of US people joined to “paulmccartney.fm” fanclub. To stay together waiting for the concerts that are announced as a great event. A dialogue between various group members will take place via mail replying to the mails that we’ll sending to your e – mail address, a simple and funny system. This group will be useful to gather some information about the concerts directly from the fans… unity is strength! What is the way to join this fantastic group? Because access is limited (only 200 subscriptions) we decided to make available this group only to fanclub gold section subscribers that want to make a request. So… who subscribed the review had only to draw up an inscription form (full name and e – mail address).
If you didn’t subscribe you can do that using our shopping chart on secure server. With the subscription you’ll receive the review three times a year to your home address, membership card, gold section site access and the possibility to became part of the 200 American fans of “Fans on the Run 2005”, the fans group dedicated to the 2005 tour.

November 3-Seattle, WA-KeyArena
Paul’s Lexus entourage flew past the waiting fans around 5:15 pm. Paul did his usual thumbs up and wave as the car drove by.Songs heard at the 40 minute sound check:

“Yakety-Yak,” “Honey Don’t,” “Matchbox,” “C Moon,” “Friends to Go,” “Midnight Special,” All My Loving,” “Coming Up,” “Lady Madonna.

Freelance Hellraiser came on at 8:30 pm wearing a Twin Freaks face mask (green). The audience gave him a cool reception. Nobody booed and there was a smattering of applause. When Paul got onstage at 9 pm the audience went nuts. Macca fed off the crowd’s energy and was very interactive, mugging and teasing the audience, however the venue’s poor acoustics muffled the sound quality.

“Greetings, See-at-el! We have come for many miles to rock you tonight. And we will,” said Paul after “Jet.” Then he said, “I just want to take a moment to drink this all in..” which got a huge crowd response. Paul took a long pause as he soaked up the audience’s adoration.

“Let Me Roll It” featured the usual snippet of Seattle born Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxey Lady.” Nothing special was performed in Jimi’s honor for the song.

There were several Canadian flags in the audience and signs. Paul read a sign that said, “Mother Mary Loves You.” He rubbed his eye like he had a tear and gave the sign holder a thumbs up.

Rusty read a fortune cookie aloud: “Now is the time to try something new… in bed.” He tossed the cookie out into the audience.

Paul’s voice cracked a few times on “Jenny Wren.” On “I’ve Got A Feeling” he avoided the higher notes though he belted out the rockers with no effort.

Macca reversed the lyrics on “Blackbird” singing the first verse as second. He realized his mistake and sang the second verse before the end of the song.

The audience gave a standing ovation for “a moment of appreciation for our dear departed love ones John, George and Linda.”

There was no “Baby Face” intro for “Hey Jude.”

Paul was doing a lot of poses after songs besides the guitar salutes and the guitar struts. He did more exaggerated poses during “Hey Jude” with a mix of the muscle-man bicep curl and the effeminate Marilyn Monroe pose: one hand behind the head, and the other on his gyrating hip. The audience loved it.

Paul and band feigned shell-shock at the end of “Live and Let Die,” humorously plugging their ears with their fingers. Paul did apologetic gestures.

When Macca was leaving the stage he noticed a woman holding an infant in a sling and did a rock-a-bye-baby gesture to her before he left the stage. (see Tennant family below)

Brian had nice things to say about Seattle namely: “The air is clear and clean and I always love it here.” He also nodded with a smile to a sign that had his Web address www.brian-ray.com.

For the last encore Paul carried the American flag and Brian carried the Washington State flag.

In the audience was a family of five: a month old infant, two girls ages 3 and 5 and a husband and wife all dressed in Pepper outfits. The infant had on a set of headphones as a nod to the fifth Beatle George Martin. At the end of “Let It Be” security escorted the family who had been sitting in the mezzanine to follow them to the photo pit. Paul launched into “Sgt. Pepper/The End with the two young girls rocking on top of shoulders borrowed from daddy and a friend. The family was photographed by Bill Bernstein and videotaped by Mark Haefeli.

Paul waved to the kids and made faces. Then the concert ended and Paul and the band took their bows. Macca signed a few autographs and left the stage, but it was not over for the family of five. They were led to the backstage area where they met the band and Paul who kissed and hugged them all. (see entire story) Congrats to the Tennant family of Vancouver B.C., Canada!

Autographed by Paul:

Paul signed an album and a poster.

Signs in the audience:

“PMS Paul McCartney Syndrome,” “It’s my 16th Birthday” Paul sang “Happy birthday to you…” for the sign holder. “High in the Clouds,” “I (heart) YOUR BASS,” “I’LL TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE IN MY CADILAC,” “1985,” “LET’S MAKE (HEART) UNDERNEATH THE BED.”

30 Fans met Paul after the show at get autographs!

THE STORY (Congrats to David Duggan)

At about 11:30, a black Lexus pulled up at out came Paul McCartney’s head of security. He lined us all up and moved us about 50 feet from the hotel back door. He told us that Paul may or may not sign, and inspected all of our items (apparently, Paul won’t sign guitar related items). He counted us all of (I think there were about 30 of us) and designated a guy as the end of the line. Those that showed up later were told that they may not get an autograph.

The security guard gave everyone in line a “Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard” promo piece and told us that after we got Paul’s autograph, we could ask the band to sign the promo. After that we had to walk away from the hotel. At 11:45 pm a police motorcade arrived followed by three more black Lexus vehicles and McCartney’s tour bus. About 10 minutes later, Sir Paul got off the bus and started an interview with a camera crew. The security guy let us down 1 or 2 at a time and we were able to get Paul’s autograph (I got my “Beatles 1″ CD cover signed, joining my Ringo autograph). After getting the band to sign the promo, my friend and I walked away from the hotel as instructed. By the time we got back around Paul was inside the hotel. This was the most organized hotel autograph gathering I’ve ever seen!

(Concert Review) Stevie Nicks Live in Seattle @ “The Key Arena”: Sunday August 12th, 2001

                   The POP Music Journal of Eric  Turnbow


(Concert Review) Stevie Nicks  Live in Seattle @ “The Key Arena”: Sunday August 12th, 2001

(The Actual Ticket from the actual show in Seattle!)
Stevie Nicks dazzled the audience with a fantastic Rock and Roll show covering all aspects of her brilliant career. The show took place at “The Key Arena”: Sunday August 12th, 2001, which is located next to the landmark large fountain we all know and love so well in The Emerald City. We know this area as “The Seattle Center”.

                                     (Stevie is a real Godess!)

The opening act was uneventful,Bob Schneider Homins, and his band just filled time for the first 40 minutes of the evening. However, at precisely 9pm sharp Stevie took the stage for her “Trouble In Shangrila” tour, her first solo outing in some 3 years when she was out promoting her box set “Enchanted” which made its stop over at “The Gorge Amphitheatre” in George Washington, some 4 miles East of Seattle.

The band was led by Guitarist and musical director WADDY WATCHELL, who has made a living putting touring bands together for the likes of Linda Rondstadt, Harry Chapin, and Jon Bon Jovi among many others. They had worked together before, and documented a fantastic tour they did together in 1988 for HBO “Live At Red Rocks”, now available on DVD. He came through as the perfect pro for this project, as the band was tight and well rehearsed, like a well oiled machine for the fabulously sexy artist Stevie Nicks to perform her original classics to perfection with.

(That Stevie sure has some nice Legs!)

She opened with the duet she penned with Tom Petty and The Heart breakers in the 1980′s “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”. With no Heart beaker handy to sing Tom’s part, WADDY came through just fine, and they were off on a nostalgic musical journey covering classic songs from that other famous band she played with (Fleetwood Mac), as well as her own solo hits, and new tunes from her most recent album “Trouble In Shangrila” in which the tour was named for. Her mike stand was covered in black lace, which she sensually would flick and wave about from time to time as she belted out her FM staples to perfection! She was awesome and gets HIGH MARKS from this reviewer, (Who, ten years her junior like to father a love child with her). Waiting for a call from Phoenix Stevie!

Stevie Nicks has an unusual, yet provocative voice style that can not ever be duplicated, or mistaken! Her song writing has matured, and she is not afraid to collaborate with other established writers such as Don Henly, Tom Petty, and Mike Campbell)! Known for having intense stage fright, on this enchanting evening in Seattle, you never would know it. She had the poise, presence and beauty to carry on as the natural born Rock Royalty we all know and love. LONG LIVE STEVIE!

Stevies Set List: Seattle Show 08/12/01

  • “Stop Draggin My Heart Around” (Opener)
  • “Trouble In Shangrila” (New cd)
  • “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac gem)
  • “Gold Dust Woman” (Another Fleetwood Mac gem)
  • “Every Day” (New cd) “Sorcerer” (Performed on the cd with Sheryl Crow) piano solo
  • “Rhiannon” (New Unplugged Version of this F.Mac tune)
  • “Stand Back”
  • “Too Far From Texas” (New cd) Band Intros
  • “Desert Angels” (Co written with Mike Campbell)
  • “Edge Of Seventeen” (White Wing Dove” mtv staple) ENCORE #01:
  • “I Need To Know”(Classic Tom Petty cover)ENCORE:#02
  • “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” (This song was written and inspired by The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who is one lucky individual!)

Be cool, Keep on singing!

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(360) 943-7039 etcosmic2000@yahoo.com


(Computer art Made By Eric Turnbow, as a tribute To Miss Nicks!) sigh!

(Concert Review) THE ROLLING STONES Live @ Quest Field 10/17/06

The POP Music Journal of Eric Turnbow

THE ROLLING STONES Live @ Quest Field 10/17/06

(Yes, This is the actual Parking, and Stadium Ticket Quest Field 10/17/06)

I  will say on a personal note. My $118 tickets on the 316 level of Quest Field were useless! I was only 11 rows from the top of the building and we had a showing of over 30,000 people. So Dave Mathews was a total echo of crappy sound. The worst. I was so pissed. I could not even make out the songs from the rumble of noise emanating below! He played and hour and 15 minutes and when he spoke to the crowd I could not understand a word. I sat there disappointed as hell to say the least. So NEVER buy crappy 300 level tickets at Quest.

                                  (Dave Mathews opened the show)

For the Stones I said “To hell with this!” and walked all the way down to the floor and found an empty seat behind the sound booth straight in front of the band but at the back. I was actually only about 25 feet from the second stage. From here the sound was fantastic! Really good. In comparison with the last years concert, this was FAR SUPERIOR! They had more energy and it was way more high tech. The lights were better the screens were sharper, and all the folks behind them in the special on stage section were there. The fire flashes, bombs, and confetti worked well outside. They did not play a repeat of last years show either. The songs were in different order and a few new surprises added, which I found refreshing. It was very cold though. I stood for the second half of the show and moved as much as a I could to warm up a little. The sacrifice of being chilly, far outweighed the masterful music, and it did not rain a drop!

(Mick is strutting it in Seattle He really “Moves Like Jagger”!)

I can now see why they changed venues. So…. yes, it was a thumbs up for me, but I warn people to AVOID that dark 300 level of echo and poor sound. If I got sent back up there by an alert usher it would have sucked big time. However, I got away with it by acting like I owned the joint and never even talking to any ushers! I would have moved if a ticket holder asked me to! That never happened. So success! Oh yeah, we were running late and had to park in the official “Quest field” garage. It cost $25, but was an easy access to the show via the elevator to the second floor. We split the cost. After the show we had to wait it out on the 5th floor for a good half hour to 45 minutes before escaping to the free-way. No big deal. We had about 3 “Rolling Stones” cd’s to keep us company!

It was a great show and I had a lot of fun! I would love to do it again! And soon!

                                      (Sold out Seattle Show)!


So here is the PI article.
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Seattle, WA, Qwest Field


(Actual shot from the Seattle Show @ Qwest Field)

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Let’s Spend The Night Together
She Was Hot
Let It Bleed
Streets Of Love
Midnight Rambler
Tumbling Dice
You Got The Silver
Little T&A

    (I love the way Mick Uses the big screen on  stage for His Moves)

B Stage
Under My Thumb
Oh No Not You Again
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Women

Sympathy For The Devil
Paint It Black
Brown Sugar

           (This was a Souvenir Card I got at The Show In Seattle)

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Stones fans get explosive Bigger Bang for the buck

It had been nearly 10 years since the Rolling Stones last played a stadium-sized Seattle show, making Tuesday night’s concert at Qwest Field a mega-watt event for fans of the British rock super group.

Though the Stones played Key Arena last October, the Qwest Field event was reminiscent of the enormous stadium shows the group played at the King-dome in the 1980s and ’90s.

An outdoor concert in October is likely to be wet and windy, but the marathon performance featuring the Stones and the Dave Matthews Band was mercifully rain-free. In fact, it was a beautiful fall evening.

True to its name, the “Bigger Bang” tour opened its latest date with a volley of fireworks and an explosive video that depicted everything from cars to bananas flying through the air.

The huge show featured a 300-ton, 20,400-square-foot stage. The 2,450-square-foot “video wall” stood nearly seven stories high. Flanking it were two multilevel structures resembling neon-illuminated hotels on the Las Vegas strip. Fans paid $500 a person for the standing-only boxes overlooking the sprawling stage.

Though the same tour played Key Arena less than a year ago, the Stones managed to fill about two-thirds of the stadium with concert goers of all ages. On the main field, many of the tickets sold for $350 each. For a group of teens sitting in row 17, it was a $2,100 experience, not counting the service charges added to each ticket.

The Stones opened with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” kicking off a two-hour-plus extravaganza that featured more than a dozen classics and a handful of newer songs from the 2005 “A Bigger Bang” album.

The 63-year-old Mick Jagger, wearing a maroon shirt, sparkly maroon jacket and black slacks, whirled about the huge stage. Without looking too closely at the lines in his face, it was easy to imagine him as a 20 something rocker with limitless energy. With Jagger at the helm, the Stones could still be playing high-energy shows a decade from now.

The first half hour of the show included such songs as “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Let’s Spend the Night Together,” “She Was Hot” and “Let It Bleed,” featuring Jagger on acoustic guitar, Ronnie Wood on bottleneck guitar and Dave Matthews in a surprise vocal duet with Jagger.

As always, guitarist Keith Richards (sans his trademark scarf) was impressive to watch, playing his guitar parts with dazzling skill. Filling out the core group was super-talented drummer Charlie Watts.

The show continued with “Streets of Love,” a spotlight song for Jagger, and “Midnight Rambler,” a raw and dirty blues-rocker that featured Jagger on harmonica.

Backing the group were a trio of vocalists, among them singer-guitarist Blondie Chaplin and singer Lisa Fischer; and a horn section featuring saxophonists Bobby Keys and Tim Ries. Also featured were bassist Daryl Jones and keyboardist Chuck Leavell..

During “Tumblin’ Dice,” Jagger skipped down the long, extended stage that divided the main field nearly in half. Richards sang the vocals on “You’ve Got the Silver” and “Little T&A.”

The group then boarded a tram, which rolled down the extended stage, for “Under My Thumb,” “Oh, No, Not You Again,” “Start Me Up” and “Honky Tonk Woman” (featuring the band’s lascivious, 30-foot-high lips on the main stage).

The remainder of the show included “Sympathy for the Devil,” “Paint It Black” and “Brown Sugar.” The Stones took a bow about 10:40, returning for an encore of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” featuring fireworks and huge streamers from the top of the stage.

The Dave Matthews Band, who broke their own attendance record at The Gorge with three shows in September, played a soulful, energetic opening set. Having a head-liner as the opening act surely increased attendance. But for Matthews, a part-time Seattle resident, it was a special honour sharing a stage with the Stones on his home turf.

Among the surprises in a set that included a number of DMB staples was the Buffalo Springfield classic “For What It’s Worth” which spurred an audience sing-a-long. Unfortunately, sound quality was very poor for Matthews’ set.

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(Concert Review): Bob Dylan & Friends Rock The Paramount 03-07-2005

                     The POP Music Journal of Eric Turnbow
               Bob Dylan & Friends Rock The Paramount 03-07-2005
                                (Yes, this is the actual ticket Folks)!

Well. I made it to the DYLAN show on Monday. I left the house just after 4pm and hit the Rib-eye for dinner with James. I had a sandwich with salad, chowder, and coffee. I was able to hit the free-way just shortly after five pm.

I made it to Seattle about 45 minutes before show time. This was good because I drove some ten blocks out of my way, and had to retrace my footsteps. I found a place to park only 2 blocks from the show. They charged a flat $2 per hour, and I had to fork out $10 at the end of the evening. It was called “The Meridian”, a hotel with a pay parking garage. I was okay with it.

This was a sold out show! I got my tickets early because it was on a Monday and did not interfere with My work schedule as an all Pro Disc Jockey! I passed people looking for tickets, and others selling. It was a short walk so I ignored all advances with a smile. I did stop and buy a black Bob Dylan  T-shirt from a scalper, for only $15. It was half off from the originals inside. Normally I never buy shirts, but when you get a 50% discount then it is okay to break the norm!

         (this is a collection of killer Dylan Music I listened to on the way)!

I got inside al-right. I got my ticket only 5 days before show time on some internet site I had contacted when I discovered the show had sold out in only an hour. I paid $85 for a ticket worth $67 plus fees. I think I only had to pay about $8 more than the guy sitting next to me who said he was 10th in line at ticket-master when they first went on sale! Not bad! Scalpers online were asking an average $275 each with a minimum of 2 tickets purchased. Tee cheapest I found online was about $169, again in pairs so that was well over $300 clams! Rip Off!

                                         (Shot on The Freeway….)

The show started right on time at 7pm. The first of three acts was upcoming newcomer “Amos Lee”, who had just released his first record one week earlier. I gotta say that he was pretty good! He played a big Gibson acoustic J200. one of my dream guitars. I liked his music a lot but not enough to buy his cd! Maybe a burned copy or download somewhere down the road!


The First Opening Act was Amos Lee....

After a 15 minute break “Merle Haggard” hit the stage, I have seen Merle before, and am a HUGE fan of his. When it comes to country music and song-writing he is tops with me. An interesting choice that Dylan made for this cross country tour. Merle voice was clear and clean. The band was about an 8 piece all pro Nashville sounding sweet group. They had an opening theme they played and Merle finally made an appearance stage right, and walked on waving and smiling before taking his Fender trademark telecaster and strapping on for the opening song “I think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink”. Followed by two more classics “Silver Wings” and my personal favourite “That’s the Way Love Goes”, which we used to perform live in past band I played with.

The Great Merle Haggard! Second Opening Act!

Merle was in tune, and had great mike control. Quite laid back, that is for sure. He made some jokes about Martha Stewart and sang a verse of an impromptu tune he said he was writing with Bob  Dylan. Next he did a Bob Wills classic fiddle tune, and he played the fiddle! Impressive. He started to do “Oakie from Muskokee” as well as a classic waltz that I love, but he stopped after about a half verse of each and complained about his voice not being loud enough in the monitor. “We’re an old beer and hanky-tonk band” he said. “This is way out of our league. I should be at home being lazy!”. Then he played “mama Tried” and “White Line Fever”. All in all he was only on stage about 50 to 55 minutes. He sounded great but I did not like the choppiness of his set. Stopping and starting all the time. At least he talked to the audience! That is something Bob failed to do.

Merle Haggard definitely took the night! Period!

About a 30 minute break this time. I went out and bought 2 cardboard posters, a metal Dylan pin, a Haggard 8 x 10 glossy, and a HAG Key chain. I dropped about $47 bucks plus the t-shirt early on. I also got some free Dylan postcards. I returned just in time for curtain call.


Bob Dylan hit the stage at 9:10pm. He was dressed in a dapper black suit with beads on the trousers and vest, and a classic rock star hat. He spoke not a word to the crowd, and never introduced his band. The first 2 songs I did not really recognize. The third one was “Stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”, which was barely recognizable. The melody was way off and he was dreadfully out of tune vocally for most of the night. It took about a half of each song to figure out what it was. Bob never picked up a guitar the whole night! He stayed right behind an electric piano, and only came out to sing in front of the band about twice. I was told he had arthritis or something and can no longer play which is sad. He was humped over his keyboard singing all night into a microphone that was way too low.  I kept wondering why he did not raise the boom stand by about a half a foot!

He played a couple of songs from his last studio cd, “love and Theft”, but he got the best audience response of the night when he played “Mr. Tambourine Man” and took about a two minute solo on the harmonica right out in front of the band where everyone could plainly see him! His version of the song was nothing at all like the studio track. It was, well lets say completely different. He also played “Watching the River Flow”. I was disappointed he did not play anything from my favourite records, “blood on The Tracks” or “Desire”. No religious stuff, or classics faves of mine that I have seen him do in the past. Most of these require an acoustic guitar though. (such as “I shall  be Released”, or “Knockin’ on heavens door”, and “Forever Young”). Not tonight!

It took us a good ten minutes maybe to get him to come back for an encore. As suspected it was “Like a Rolling Stone”, but a muddled and dishevelled version of it to say the least. It not sound right to me anyway. I guess I listen to his albums way too much!

He also performed “All Along The Watch Tower” but it was basically unrecognisable for a lot of it. The curtain went up and I was sure the show was over and started to leave. I got almost to the door and realized he was playing another song. This time I walked right down to the front of the stage, about 20 feet from him standing there hunched over his piano. This was the highlight of the show for me. He sang a Merle Haggard cover, one of my favourites “Sing Me Back Home”. I thought it was pretty cool. He obviously admires Merle’s song-writing, as do I,  and this was a shocker choice that even the vendor selling Merle merchandise did not expect. I could see the balcony from up front there, and everyone seemed to be standing and making appreciative noises at this sold out show.

All in all I am glad I went. There is something about being in the same room with Bob Dylan that is comforting. The sound of his live music is another story. This was my 7th show of his. and although I was not blown away by his reclusive style, somehow I believe that I will see an 8th show of his live, if he does not retire any time soon, which I personally believe would be a good idea! His song-writing is unmatched, a true genius. As a live performer though, his work needs a lot of help!

This is just my opinion. Not gospel. The show was what
it was, and yes, I did enjoy it.

Killer Dylan Autograph! Sweet!

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(Concert Review): AEROSMITH was AMAZING on 02/15/06 @Tacoma Dome!

                          The POP Music Journal of Eric Turnbow

       AEROSMITH was AMAZING on 02/15/06 @Tacoma Dome!

                                      “Rocking The Joint Tour”

                              (The Actual Ticket from the actual show in Tacoma!)

I just got back from the Aerosmith concert at the Tacoma dome, and it was amazing. This was my 5th time  Kind of like a good bottle of wine. I still remember the “Rocks” tour in the Seattle King-dome back in 1976 when Jeff Beck and Rick Derringer were on the bill. The band has come a long way since then.  They called this tour “Rockin’ The Joint 2005/06, and man they sure did! I am tired, shnockered, and nursing a headache, but I am feeling alive at the same time from the awesome music. Man!

I went with a buddy, Todd Osborne. We left from Olympia early, around 4:45 and missed all the traffic. We found a FREE parking spot about  2 blocks away from the $20 pay spots since we were early. We had to walk about 5 blocks one way, up to  Pacific, to find a cocktail, but my 2 long island ice teas made it worth the trek. We snuck in the back door of the show with my friends handy-cap sticker. No waiting. We did not like our nose bleed seats, and moved just behind the mixer to the best seats in the house without getting asked to leave! I was able to grab my traditional key-chain and collectable band pins beforehand and beat the rush.

                                          (Killer Autographs)!

Lenny Kravitz played first. He had his usual sexy female drummer and the band rocked with plenty of hits. Their amps were twice the size of Aerosmith, but did not come close to matching the sound.  Lenny played about 1 hour and fifteen minutes, Some of the highlights were “American Woman”, “Are you going to go my way”, “Fly away”, and “Let love rules”. He was pretty good. Better than I expected actually. His stage props were laid back compared to the head-liner. He did not blow away, or steal any thunder from our boys from Boston, but seemed extremely convincing.

                                            Aerosmith took the stage at 10pm. They rocked solid for about an hour and 45 minutes. Steven Tyler had his trademark scarf’s wrapped around his mike stand, with some gems and glitter on the bottom of the bass. They opened with a Beatles song “Helter Skelter”. There was only 5 days left on this leg of the tour, so they rocked hard and had rehearsed well. The light show was wicked, They played most the songs you expect. “Walk this way” was like second, and “Sweet Emotion”, “Dream On”, “Back in the saddle”, “Toys in the attic”, “Train Kept a rollin”, “Baby Please don’t go”, “no more no more” which they mentioned was recorded in 1975 for the “Toys in the attic” album, which came out 31 years ago when I was in the 8th grade. I find that mind boggling in itself.

There was lot of 80s stuff from “permanent vacation”, “Get a Grip” and “pumped” cd’s. They had the screen behind them, very high tech, and a ramp that went all the way out in the audience. They were electric and all over the place. They wandered out the ramp whenever they felt like and were absolutely mind blowing. There was funny spot in the show where Steven Tyler changed the words on “Janies got a gun” to “Cheney’s GOT A GUN!”. That was humorous and news timely, and of course dedicated to our poor excuse for a  vice president. Late night though.Traffic sucked, and I did not get home until about 1am. It was worth it though, because I was due for a decent rocking. They really came through for me too! I would recommend this live act with two thumbs up. Rock and roll medicine for sure.

The band played arenas in major North American markets, from October 30, 2005 to March 2, 2006. Lenny Kravitz opened.

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(Concert Review) Simon & Garfunkel “Old Friends Tour” Live in Seattle on 11-01-2003

                  The POP Music Journal Of Eric Turnbow

Simon & Garfunkel “Old Friends Tour” Live in Seattle on 11-01-2003

     (Yes, this is the actual ticket Folks Just as it appears @ My House       Framed with the Collectible Tour Poster!  So Sweet!)

Simon & Garfunkel Tour Hit Seattle Washington on Saturday, November 1st at The Key arena. Professor Turnbow was on board for a full review!

Simon & Garfunkel opened the “Old Friends” concert to a wildly appreciative audience. Surprise special guests the Everly Brothers were introduced mid-way and sang three of their classic hits before Simon & Garfunkel returned to the stage to sing “Bye Bye Love” with them.

Here a brief overview of the show Saturday! It was about the 9th stop on an a 30 plus date tour through December. They played Denver before it, and were moving on to Portland next. I bought a collectable poster on thick cardboard as my souvenir. There was no pins or necklaces. Just shirts, cd’s, and programs. My poster is wicked. I even sacrificed my ticket to display with it. It looks like this!

I left at about 5 minutes to 6pm I had smooth waters until about the Tacoma Mall. Half hour back up. Coming into the center was a good 15 minute back-up. Total travel time was a whopping 90 minutes. My usual spot was taken but there was a pay lot with only 5 cars in it only 3 blocks from the show, right across the street from the usual spot! One credit card swipe on the visa and it only costs $5.00. Things were looking my way.

In the door at 8pm. They did not start until 8:30. Opening number was an instrumental “America” with a ten minute film. Too dark to see the band. Then they were there under the lights with an acoustic only to sing “Old Friends”. The band had legendary Jim Keltner on drums (Neil Young, CSNY, Travelling Willbury’s). Two keyboards, two Guitars, bass, two drums, very full).


Big bonus came 20 minutes in when THE EVERLY BROTHERS came out and sand about 6 of their biggest hits like “Wake Up Little Suzie”, “Dreams”, and “Let It Be Me”. Rejoined by Simon and Garfunkle for a blasting version of “Bye Bye Love”. This was am unexpected and cool bonus. Really cool! (But too short!)

The show ran for 2 and a half hours and was over at 11 pm. Their first official last song was “Bridge over Troubled Water”. The firsts of 4 big encores was “Cecilia”, then “The Boxer” and finally “Feeling Groovy” the 59th street bridge song. They had a second film moment in the show where they played clips from “The Graduate” and hammered out a rousing rendition of “Mrs. Robinson”.

My two bests moments were when Paul sang my favourite Simon and Garfunkle tune, after I was all but certain he would not and it was to obscure. He explained that Artie fly out to film a movie in Mexico called “Catch 22″, way back in the year of 1969. He was left home all alone and felt like he was “The Only Living Boy In New York”. Here are the lyrics. It is an obscure one, but allays my favourite.

Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York From the album “Best Of Simon And Garfunkel”

Tom, get your plane right on time.
I know your part’ll go fine.
Fly down to Mexico.
Da-n-da-da-n-da-n-da-da and here I am,
The only living boy in New York.

I get the news I need on the weather report.
I can gather all the news I need on the weather
Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
Da-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-da-da here I am
The only living boy in New York

Half of the time we’re gone but we don’t know where,
And we don’t know here.

Tom, get your plane right on time.
I know you’ve been eager to fly now.
Hey let your honesty shine, shine, shine
Like it shines on me
The only living boy in New York,
The only living boy in New York.



  • Old Friends/Bookends
  • A Hazy Shade of Winter
  • I Am a Rock
  • America
  • At the Zoo –>
  • Baby Driver
  • Kathy’s Song
  • Hey, Schoolgirl
  • Everly Brothers (Short Set). What a surprise!!!!!!
  • Wake Up Little Susie
  • Dream
  • Let it Be Me
  • Bye Bye Love (with Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Homeward Bound
  • The Sound of Silence
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • Slip Slidin’ Away
  • El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
  • Keep the Customer Satisfied
  • The Only Living Boy in New York
  • American Tune
  • My Little Town
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Cecilia
  • The Boxer
  • Song for the Asking
  • The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)The second great moment for me was “Kathys Song”. Another obscure one about their hippie companion in London who collected the tips off the street when they were street musicians there and not so rich! It was beautiful! Art has a soft back off the mike pleasant tone that is unmatched. Remember that one? It started with the lyrics “I hear the dripping of the rain”.
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  •                     (Yes, this is the actual ticket Folks Just as it appears @ My House  Framed with the Collectible Tour Poster!  So Sweet!)

(Concert Review) The Eagles Live @ “The Rose Garden” in Portland Oregon 06-13-2002

                                     The Eagles Live @

             “The Rose Garden” in Portland Oregon      06-13-2002

                           The POP Music Journal of Eric Turnbow

            (This is the Actual Ticket From this very show is Portland!)

06-13-2002″The Eagles” is one of those Super Groups, that all song writers love to analyze and emulate. The combination of talent in that band is unbelievable, with the force of Don Henly, Glenn Fry, Joe Walsh, and yes even the bass man Timothy B. Schmidt. They compose slices of life, that the whole world can relate to. We are lucky that “Hell Finally Froze Over” in 1994, and the boys of summer were reunited to play music for the first time in some 14 years. If you get the opportunity to go to an Eagles Live Concert, you best better do it, just in case lightening refuses to strike again!

This reviewer was lucky enough to see the legendary band at the Tacoma Dome in Washington State, on November 3, 1994. Everything was $85 that night. The concert tickets, as well as the “Ramada Hotel” right next door that included FREE parking for my date as well as myself that night. Great cocktail lounge with the famous Electric Ice Tea to party at before and after the show, before retiring to your room…… So convenient! But that is another story. My job tonight is to review the most recent “Eagles 2002 Tour”.

Look at These sweet Eagles Autographs!

This one was in Oregon State, city of Portland at “The Rose Garden” where the “Portland Trailblazers” play Pro basketball. The show took place on June 13th 2002, about a two hour drive on beautiful Interstate Five Southbound, coming from home town of Olympia Washington. This was a three hour plus romp with a 20 minute break in the middle. A beautiful day, the sun was out and everything was glorious!

We arrived, parked, and entered the venue. The band came on and announced they were thrilled to be out on tour, and then proceeded to play almost all of their best hits, and some enticing solo gems as well. It’s amazing that Joe Walsh was able to cover songs the played with one of his early groups “James Gang” from the early seventies, and both Glenn Fry and Don Henly had allot of success in the Eighties when MTV was all the rage, they both were releasing relevant music, which they featured on tour this particular evening in Oregon.

EAGLES SET LIST SET ONE: Opener at 8:15 pm

  • The Long Run
  • New Kid In Town
  • Wasted Time
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling
  • Pretty Maids All In a Row
  • Love Will keep Us Alive
  • Boys Of Summer (Solo Henly Tune)
  • Take It To The Limit (One of Rocks best WALTZES!)
  • All ready Gone
  • In The City
  • One Of These Nights
  • (20 minute break)

SET TWO Opener at 9:35pm

  • Witchy Woman
  • Lyin’ Eyes
  • I Can’t Tell You Why
  • Walk Away (James Gang Gem by Joe Walsh)
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Down At The Sunset Grill (Another Henly Solo Tune)
  • We Belong To The City:(Glen Fry Solo gem from “Miami Vice” Sound track in 1985)
  • Dirty Laundry (Rocking Henly Solo Material)
  • Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh Solo Tune)
  • Funk 49 (Another James Gang Gem)
  • Heartache Tonight
  • Life In The Fast Lane


ENCORE #01 Hotel California (FM Radio Staple, their most famous to date)
ENCORE #02 Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh Classic)
ENCORE #03 All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Solo Henly)
ENCORE #04 Take It Easy (Co-written by Jackson Brown)
ENCORE #05 Desperado (Quiet Classic as sung by Glenn Fry, the co-writer).

This concert rocked! The songs all speck for themselves and remain classics to this day. Even country superstar Garth Brooks has said “The Eagles” were one of the most influential bands in the development of his musical style! High praise from a guy who has sold about the same amount of albums in his own right. Good song writing makes a good band, and tonight was no exception. I rate this one with a big fat “A”. I will try to catch them again, if we as a human race are lucky enough to have such a rare and outstanding moment to occur again! THUMBS UP…….. WAY UP!!!!!!!!!!

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(This is a killer shot from  The Eagles “Hell Freezes Over Tour in 01-10-1994, just outside The Tacoma Hotel I stayed at that Evening!)

Check out that Bottle of tequila @ The Tacoma Dome Hotel shortly after the Eagles show on 01-10-1994!

(Concert Review) Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young are Live Sunday April 28, 2002

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young are Live  Sunday April 28, 2002.

                   The POP Music Journal Of Eric Turnbow


    (Yes, this is the Actual ticket for the Actual CSNY show in 2000! Since the she show was rescheduled, it is printed for the wrong day! The red ink is my lame attempt to get the date right!)

 Never Mind that this concert was supposed to happen on Friday March 15th, 2002. Neil Young, the man who asked to regroup for a second CSNY tour in the last thirty some years, got the flu. We all know that it is next to impossible to perform when we are sick, so the show was “Rescheduled” for Sunday, 4/28/02. This worked out perfect or is reviewer, Mr. E.T., as it was a non-work night, and therefore easier to get away without a lot of pre-scheduled run-around! It was very convenient!

So, Reverend Lee and his wife, Lori Phillips, met me at “The Old Spaghetti Factory” in down-town Tacoma just before the show, for some delicious pasta, bread and spamonie ice cream, and even a cocktail. We were only minutes away from the Tacoma Dome where the legendary rockers, I often refer to as a law firm, (Get it? C.S.N.Y and Associates), were to perform in just a couple of hours! How exciting.

Parking was a blast, and we even skipped the customary Ramada Inn cocktail before the show, which is usually a long island ice tea. We had our cocktails at the restaurant, and were ready for some rock and roll, sensitive harmony, fantastic original songs, and a little legendary magic!

Our seats were fantastic. They cost about $92 which is kind of high, but this event only comes around an average of once per decade, so it was worth the price to us. Believe me. Neil Young is always good. I have been fortunate to see him now 6 times, including a rousing show with family members and historic players in Colorado “Red Rocks Amphitheatre” in September of 2000, but that is another story for another time! I was also lucky enough to catch CSN without Neil on the “Daylight Again” tour in Seattle 12/07/82 at The Key Arena, then named “The Seattle Coliseum”. That also is another story for another time! They were great though, I would like to mention, EVERY time I have been blessed enough to see them! So there you have it!

The show kicked off just ten short minutes late of the show time @ 8:10 pm. sharp! Believe it or not, they opened up with THE SAME SONG they did on the CSNY2K Tour I saw just two short years earlier on 02/02/2000, and the was the fitting “Carry On”. Great harmony on that one, and it basically said the band was continuing its message of peace and love and hippie madness from the sixties and earl seventies. “Carry on……. Love is coming…… Love is coming to us all”. Boy were they right! Just for starters, their backup band was none other than the famous “Booker T. and The M.G’s” featuring the original drummer, Legendary Bass Player Donald “Duck” Dunn, and Keyboard whiz Booker T. Jones himself. You may remember this was also the nucleolus of the “Blues Brothers” band led by Paul Shaffer of Dave Letterman fame, and immortalized in two classic movies directed by John Landis that starred Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi (Who’s role was replaced by a new character in the 2nd film played by John Goodman). This is some history for a band, and the only notable absent players tonight was the fabulous sax-man (who was unavailable touring with James Taylor), and guitarist Steve Cropper who was not needed in a band that all ready has FOUR lead guitar players, two of which can double on keyboards! (That would be Graham Nash, and Neil Young).

The band proceeded to put on a show that consist of two sets, with a twenty minute break, consisting of OVER THREE LONG HARD HOURS OF MUSIC)! Here is how the set went down!

CSNY SET SET #01:Opener at 8:10 pm

  • Carry on
  • Military Madness
  • I’m Going Home
  • Wooden Ships
  • Meet The People
  • Your My Girl (New Neil Young Solo cd, just released this same month called “Passionate”. He affectionately explained this song was written for his daughter who is growing up too fast and moving on to college before he is ready to let her go! Very touching story)
  • I used to be a kid
  • Southern Cross
  • Almost Cut My Hair (David Crosby Gem)
  • Cinnamon Girl (Classic Neil Young Rocker)
  • (20 minute break) CSNY SET SET #01: Opener at 8:10 pm

2nd Set Opening song at 9:50 pm

  • Helplessly Hoping
  • Our House (Classic about Joni Mitchell and Grahm Nash’s home they shared together in the seventies)
  • Old Man (Young staple)
  • “Guinevere” (Acoustic Duet with Crosby & Nash)
  • Jam with Crosby and Neil on harmonica blues riffs
  • Harvest Moon (From Mr. Young’s 1992 masterpiece)
  • Steve Stills sings a classic Booker T. Jones song.
  • Suite To Judy Blue Eyes (Stills classic about the folk singer JUDY COLLINS) HOT GUITAR SOLO HERE!
  • Long Time Gone
  • More New Neal Young CD Songs
  • Woodstock (Group effort written by JONI MITCHELL)
  • Rockin’ In The Free World (A Rousing Rocker in overdrive, reminiscent of Neil’s other band “Crazy Horse”)


Encore #01 For What its Worth (Buffalo Springfield Classic)

Encore #02 Teach Your Children Well

It was a lot of music, they wanted us to get our moneys worth, which came to a little more than $30 per hour, and in my opinion worth every minute of it. Having seen them twice in the last two years, it was interesting to note that each time they did approximately 30 tunes, and only did about 10 of them twice between the two tours, Some of their classics MUST be played at every show, or it just is not an authentic CSNY Show. Last tour they were promoting a new album called “Looking Forward” and therefore played about half of its tracks, and this time they did not play a single one of those cuts, to my dismay. That was a GREAT RECORD. They had to make the cuts somewhere though. they have so many great songs out, they cannot do them all………UNFORTUNATELY!

Thumbs up from this reviewer on a great show. Neal Young did make a snide remark about the way the Tacoma Dome echoed, and he also mentioned this was the 2nd to the last stop on the tour, which would do its final show in Oregon at “The Rose Garden” in Portland. This venue is owned by our own Paul Allen, who also happens to own the “Seattle Seahawks”  football team, “Portland Trailblazers” basketball team, and is the founder of the EMP museum in Seattle!

Bottom line! This tour ROCKED and was well worth the wait. The song writing talents of these four individuals (David Crosby, Steven Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young) is astounding. Together they make music magic! I only hope they choose to tour again…… and again……. and again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Professor Turnbow may be reached at:
(360) 943-7039    Email:  etcosmic2000@yahoo.com