RIP The Great Jean Turnbow 09-30-1932 to 06-02-2015. A Mom’s Mom!

RIP The Great Jean Turnbow 09-30-1932 to 06-02-2015. A Mom’s Mom!

So, part of My grieving process involves a walk down memory lane and mass amounts of “Archiving”. May Her memory live on for all eternity. She was a very wise women that taught me a whole lot about life. I can hardly believe I cannot pick up the phone or drive out and speak to her. It is kind like a “Nightmare” that will pass in time. I love the Family I was born into but we definitely took a big hit this year. She promised to haunt me in My dreams, and yes, she has come through! I always wake up with a smile on My face when this happens.

Jean Turnbow, 82, passed away June 2, 2015 in Olympia, WA, her home for the last 57 years.  She was born September 30, 1932 to John and Wilna Janzan in New York, NY.  A graduate of the University of Nebraska in Omaha, Jean was a teacher, homemaker, poet, artist and actress.  She married A.W. Turnbow in 1953 in Omaha. Over the years, she also lived in South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Jean was intrigued and delighted with life.  Friends and family were foremost with her.  She is greatly loved and will be greatly missed.

She is survived by her partner, Mark Hopkins; sons, Jon Strongbow, Marc Turnbow, Tom Turnbow and Eric Turnbow; daughters, Katherine Peil Kauffman and Marilyn Turnbow; eight grandchildren; and six great grandchildren.

Baby Eric with His Mom Jean in 1961