Friends of Eric’s & Eric’s Friends




             (Eric and Friend “Nisquali Pauli” @ Lakefair  07-17-2019)


(My Facebook friends from 2010!)

(My Sister Katherine’s Facebook Friends in 2010)!

      (Even More Facebook Friends, this is the Evan Ogden Collection)

                   (Eric and Josh went to Kiss on 11-15-2009)

           (This is the late Ro Helke, who was my best friend of a life time)!


(RIP Great friend and Music Mentor Rick Riley)!

                                      (The Great Chuck West)…..


(Cayce Rodgers was in several bands with Me starting 1983)!

(Eric and his Friend Chris Ward @ The South Bay Pub in march 2012)!

(Class of Capital High School 1979 Reunion in 1999)! Many Friends!

(Old Friends since Kindergarten! Lance Campbell and Bruce Bassett)!

(Dale Shipman has been a cool friend since 2000)!

              (Beautiful school mate Julie in 2004 @ The Office Tavern)

(There is Bill Darkow @ The Office Tavern in 2004, Friends since the 70′s)

(Some great friends from the old days! Eric with Lynn Oleachea-ayala, Cayce Rodgers, and  the Late Rick Riley @ The Olympia Eagles on 12-31-1983). The Raging River Band!

                 (Classic late 70′s Stephan Aubuan and Dave Broyes)

   (Friends Lucky Loren and Frank Black in Packwood 1991 with “Sage”)

(Friends Rick Masters &The Late Rodger Lawson with “Midnight Riders” )

(Friends Clyde Landsaw in 1986 The Band leader of “Midnight Riders” )

(Talented singer Wanda West in 1986 Lead singer: “Midnight Riders” )

(My friend Brett McCarron with “Local Hero Band” in 1983 @ 4th Ave Tav)

(My friends Rick Dousette, and Dave Knowblock with “Local Hero Band” in 1983 @ 4th Ave Tavern)…..

(Classic “London”  Band with friends Evan Ogden, Dave Broyes, and David Sylverio in 1979)!

(“Feedback Band” with friends,  The late Jerry Rosenberg, Kerry Martin, and the great guitarist  Bill Garrick @ West Side Lanes in 1987)!

   (My Friend Matt Powell and I ran a “The Dynamic Duo” back in 1995)

(Friends and Band Mates Lynn Oleachea-ayala, Cayce Rodgers, chill out @ The Olympia Eagles on 12-31-1983). The Raging River Band!

     (Shanalee was lead singer with Me in “Hard Rain” Pictured in 1991)

                              (Alan Benner…. Friends since 1987)

           (Bill Endersby…. We met in 1980, and He is great guitarist)!

             (The great Bo Witmer, Friends and Musicians for Decades!)

           (Chris Ward and His Band. Friends for over 2 Decades)!

            (Doug Bremner…. Friends since 5th Grade @ Boston Harbour)

       (This is John Trendal from England. We call Him “Doogle”)!

     (Long Time Friends Maia Glover and Doreen Smith from 1978!)

(Beau Brennon, pictured left at a “Buddy Guy and George Thourougood concert back on 07-24-2008 @ The Tuallup Amphitheatre).

(Pictured Here with awesome Jamie Klontz @ Heroes lounge in 2011)!

       (Pictured here in the late 70′s with Kelda Gillis and Sue Mann)!

(Pictured with Friend Miriam Gash @ Ocean Shores summer of 2008)

                (Playing music with Rene Edmont in Spring 2011)

(My first Seattle concert (Bad Company and Kansas) with Robley Gillis in 1976). We were at the top of the Space Needle!

(Pictured Here in 1978 @ Capital High School with Vern Morgus, the shop teacher, scuba diver instructor, and great Harmonica Man)!

(Donna and Evan Ogden, Friends since Reeves Middle school in1974)!

                               (Evan Ogden, Olympia Friendly)!

                          (My Fantastic Facebook Friends of 2011)!

(The great Web-master and Friend Frank Davies Known since 2000)!

                             (More Facebook friends from 2010)!

          (Fellow Karaoke Hosts Gator and Julie! Since 1993)!

                      (Elvis Impersonator and Friend George Lahew)!

                                           (Glen the Gardener)!

(Friends Glen, Vic Horton, and the late Dewey Reed in the Fishtrap 70′s)

           (The great Gretchen Christopher of “The Fleetwoods”)

      (Here I am in 2000 with Friend Lori Phillips @ The Coors Brewery)!

       (Backing My friend Lary Glen Anderson @ The Tyee Mid 90′s)

                         (Amazing Kids, Jamie and Joshua Dobbs)!

(This would be my great friend Jim Austin back in 2004)! Lets sing “For what It’s Worth” or maybe “Ballad of John and Yoko”)?

                          (This is Friend Robert Small in August of 2004)

                (Friend and Musical Colleague Heather Jane Ristow)

       (Ruby Jean Roberts is one special Friend I have known since 1993)!

           (Here is Tim Prellwitz, Computer Engineer and Friend)!


(Greg Ernst Taught Me Jazz Theory and lots of cool tricks on the guitar)!



(Eric on the phone is pictured with friends Rene and Carole Edmont, Josh Dobbs, and Miriam Gash @ Lakefair 07-16-2011)!

                         (Adam, Jamie, and Garrick Klontz in Seattle 2011)!

(Lovely Jess Mena, Daughter of the Late Rick Riley in summer of 2011)

                             (Friend Janis Smith in the Summer of 2007)

                                (Johnny Lewis and His Swing Band)

           (Here’s my friend Julie Evers feeding the ducks in 1994)!

                                      (Guitarist Johnny Lewis)

                     (Computer genius Frank Davies in 2001)

                                    (The great Lawyer So-Kiem)

                              (T. Lee Holmes and wife Kathleen)!

                                      (Bob Zilk with Merlin in 2007)

           (Wedding bells for Lee and Lori Phillips is September 2001)!

                            (The great Randy Linder and Band)!

                          (The Great Turnbow friend Mady Lund)…..

                  (Turnbow friends Marc and Mady Lund in 1994)

                                  (My Friend Marcella in 2012)!

                                              (Maia Glover and Son)

                      (Merle and Bev Thompson, friends since 1980)!

                                      (My Friend Mike McDuff)!

                 (Jamming @ South Bay Pub with Mitch Sloan in 2011)

                               (The Great Vern Morgus in 1982)!

                            (This is My friend Lorinda Lassich)

                                  (The great Nisquali Pauli Braget)!

                   (Charles “Ollie” Oliver. Karaoke Kind and wizz Kid)!


(Tim Prellwitz, friend and computer programmer)!

                                      (Teno Martinez in 1987)!

                                        (Paul Thompson in 1981)!

               (The Great Randy Linder and Bo Witmer)! Jam on Boys!

                             (Extraordinary Musician Phil Barnett)!

           (Beautiful Rebecca Cruise. Grade school Girl friend crush)!

                          (The Great Rene and Carole Edmondt in 2012)

                      (The Great Bob Zilk)! Bud light anyone????

          (Lori and Jim Howdeshell with Shirley and the Gang in 2007)!

                              (The Great Tim S. @ South Bay Pub)

                   (Local Musician Vicki Martinez with B/B. King)!

                                           (Here is Tiffany in 2008)!

                                         (The Thompson Family)

       (Jamming @ Bailey’s with the  Great Steve Mendoza (RIP) in 1994)!

   (Fellow Boston Harbor Studens Teddy Mills and Karl Crabs in 2004)!

                 (Lots of Friends at Various Karaoke Gigs over the Years)!


(Spiffy Lopez, Former Band Manger)

          (Eric jamming with The Great Gretchen Christopher 12-2011)

                                         (The Reverend Lee Phillips)

                             (Fantastic Guitarist Rolf Johnson)!

(This is my best Friend of all time Ro Helke (RIP)…. The good days)!

                  (Here is “Guy” my friend and fellow  Karaoke Host)

                     (Friend Miriam Gash Mirror Image from 2010)

                                               (Eric with friend Marc Simon in Israel 1981)

  (Deb and Paul Thompson in September 2011 @ Eric’s 8th Annual Party). I met Paul @ Living Water Church in 1980!

               (The Late “P.A. Bill, from Music 6000) we all miss Him!

           (Sleepy Nisqualli Paulie 09-2011 @ The Annual Yard Party)              (Friend Tom Debuque and His sister in law Janet Debuque 09-2011)                            (My Friend Young Josh Dobbs in 2009)

   (Billy Brewster has been a friend of the Turnbow’s since the early60′s)!

(This is My friend John Z. McCauley, and his wife @ Heroes Lounge)

   (This is My Friend Jeremy Dale Baker and Fiancé’ @ Heroes Lounge)

(This would be my Friend Daniel Arbogast Leading the charge @ Heroes Lounge Fort Lewis)

(Denise Cobb (third Girl) and Friend Cherie Deckert (5th Girl) @ The Whiskey in Olympia)!

      (4th of July Jam on Black Lake 2011 with Rene Edmondt and Eric)

    (Chris Ward Fans (or Groupies?) Denise Cobb and Cheri Deckert)!

                                (The great Lori Leonard Phillips)!

(Lori Number One Howdeshell and Eric jam @ Heroes Lounge 03-2012)

(In 1977 Eric, Evan Ogden, and Dave Broyles were the Band “London”)

                                     (Friends and Family 04-01-2012)

                               (Friends Ashlyn and Denise Cobb)

     (Some of My friends from South Bay Pub Thursday Karaoke @ 7pm)

                    (My Friends Liana and Jamie from “Heroes Lounge”)

             (My Group of cool friends @ “Heroes Lounge 03-17-2012)

(Marci, Ashlyn, Denise, Cheri, Tim S., Chris Ward and more friends from South Bay Pub Thursday Karaoke @ 7pm)!

     (My friend, Guitarist Louis Van Camp Jamming @ South Bay Pub)

             (Singing @ South Bay Pub with Friend Denise Cobb)!

(My Friend Boyd from the Band “Good Wood” Live  @ Charlie’s2011)

     (Mark Hopkins has known Me since I was 13! What a great Friend!)

                      (Friend and Nephew Jesse Peil in 2004)

                 (My all Time Best Friend Ro Helke (RIP) in 2004 )

                              (Janis Smith in Shelton 06-08-2005)

               (Friends Jim and Lori Howdeshell @ The Red Barn 2004)

                      (With Friend Don Wood in 2007 @ The Viking)

              (Greg Crawford @ Ro’s Memorial on Oct. 12, 2009)

            (Beth and Jeff Glander @ Ro’s Memorial on Oct. 12, 2009)

                      (Elvis crooner John Swales with His wife Linda)

                             (This is My friend Ray Gillespie in 2010)

                   (Here is My boating Friend, The great Terry P. Lee)

   (Eric with Manager Lori Howdeshell @ The Heroes Lounge in 2010)

                                (Chillin’ with Bo Witmer in 2010)

                                        (It’s a pile of Face Friends)!

                                  (My stylish Friend Roxanne)!

          (This is April Small. She is My friend and sometimes Neighbour)

(Ann Ogden Chapell, The Late Jeff Thompte, and Maia Glover in 1978)!

      (Vintage Bremner Family, Friends to The Turnbows for 5 Decades)!

(Steve Bremner pictured with Jean Turnbow and Marc Hiopkins @ beautiful  Fishtrap)!

          (Chuck West and Eric Performing at Cedars Inn in 2008)!

             (Eric and Handyman Friend  Bill Wake @ Black Lake 2008)

               (My friend Brittany, pictured here @ The Viking on 10-2007)

            (My friend, singer Carole Kapeliela, pictured here in 2008)

                                                 (This is Diana)

           (This is a crazy group of Karaoke Viking Friends from 2007)

          (My friend Dr. Hipp did surgery on me in 1997 that saved My Life)!


          (Friend Dr. Carole Bucker, diagnosed Me and saved my life in 1997)

         (Classic shot of Eric and Lori Number One in 2007 @ The Viking)

                              (This is my Friend “Female Joey”)!

                                   (My friend Helen is a cool chick)!

(James is an awesome Dude)!

(Friend Larry, pictured with My Brother Tom)

                       (Kris Lockrem is a great friend and Sound man)!

                        (Jack is a talented entertainer and a lot of fun)!

                                 (Kendall is a good friend to have)!

                                  (Melissa is a talented and fun girl)!

                                       (Kim is an Interesting Lady)

(Ruth Osberg was a lot of fun. Pictured Here with Vikki T. and E.T. in 1984)

   (I have known Randy Sloan since the 70′s and my High school days)

      (Robert Ayers and Family were friends of The Turnbow’s for Years)!

            (I have always had a lot of respect for Guitarist Rolf Johnson)!

(Marc Morris has been a Family friend for Decades! Pictured here in the 70′s with the late Sam Miller, and Brother Marc Turnbow)!

                        (DJ Scott Davis is a friend and colleague)

    (Beautiful Sheila Hendricks Roy was My sisters best friend, and mine)!

             (Shirley Driggers is a cool broad and great friend to have)!

                                                            (Tammi Westby is a good egg)

              (Tim Prezzwitz and Eric in the cowboy mode in 2009)

           (Tom Wasnock is one cool dude!  Fun duet partner as well)!

                       (I have know Tanya Hird since the late 80′s)

(This is “Turner’ but his friends call Him “Moses”). One cool Dude!

          (My Friend Wendy from Yelm can really sing a song or two)!