(Concert Review): Elton and Billy Rocked! Tacoma Dome 1/24/2001 “Face To Face Tour”

The POP Music Journal :            By  Eric Turnbow

Note: E.T. (Professor Turnbow) will be uploading his journals which he has accumulated though decades of concert going. The following is the first of many instalments to come.

                                    Elton and Billy Rocked!

                     Tacoma Dome 1/24/2001 “Face To Face Tour”


(Yes, this is the actual ticket Folks)!

I Went to the Elton John and Billie Joel “Face To Face” tour at the Tacoma dome yesterday! Let’s just say that it was not disappointing! I had a ton of fun, with my good and faithful Karaoke co worker Joel. I was touched by the way they sang each others music and hid their egos behind their amps! They opened up with “Your Song” and “Just the way you are” as a DUO, which totally was cool seeing them perform together without the band. Then, after 2 full sets as a single and their own bands behind them, They blew everyone away, when at the encore of a long 3 plus hour night, They came back together to perform again as a twosome. This time they played 11 songs with BOTH BACK UP BANDS kicking it out. First song was Beethoven “Ode to Joy” of all things, followed by 2 Beatles songs, both written by John Lennon. (Come Together, and A Hard days Night). I did not expect that! Finally the band split again, and the last song of the night was “Piano Man” and they alternated singing the lead every other verse pretty much for the entire encore set! It was GREAT! Basically they jammed for some 4 hours with little break! Not even enough time to drain the lizard or get another “Electric Ice Tea”. My thumb is way up, which is the spirit the concert left me with! I am sure that the Portland show must have sold out big time, but tickets go for $93.00 and way up, no thanks to ticket master.


Elton John and Billy Joel
         Live: Tacoma Dome 1/24/2001
         "Face To Face Tour" (A 4 Hour Bonanza)

Opener: Your Song (duo, no band)
        I Love You Just The Way You Are (Duo, no Band)
        Funeral For a Friend (Solo ELTON JOHN AND HIS BAND:)
        Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
        Someone Saved My Life Tonight
        Philadelphia Freedom
        All The Girls Love Alice
        Rocket Man
        Tiny Dancer
        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
        Uptown Girl  (A Tribute Cover of a Billy Joel Song)
        Sad Songs
        I'm Still Standing
        Crocodile Rock
10 Minute Break

        Movin' Out  (Solo Billy Joel And Band)
        New York State of Mind
        Theme From an Italian Restaurant
        Good night My Angel  (For Daughter Alexis, With Christy Brinkly)
        River Of Dreams
        Take Me To The Pilot (A Tribute Cover of an Elton John Song)
        I Don't Know Why I Go To Extremes
        Don't Be Cruel (Billy moves to Lead Guitar)
        We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy still on guitar)
        Still Rock And Roll To Me
        Only The Good Die Young
(Encore)Ode To Beethoven (Totally Classical)
(Encore)My Life

At this point we all thought that it was over and that
Elton had left the
building many moons before, but we were totally wrong,
to our delight!

  I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
       (Together, with BOTH Bands!!)
  Come Together (Beatle Tribute)
  Hard Days Night (John Lennon Tribute)
  Bitch is Back
  You May Right
  Benee and the Jets
  Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis STOMPER)
  Candle In The Wind
  (Back to DUO Only, No Band Piano Man
  (Band Returns For The Final Song)

 I really enjoyed seeing such hot studio back up players
 together in the final ensemble bonus encores done
 together. We had Nigel Olsen on the drums AND Liberty
 Devito as well, sort of the best of the best as you will.
 The song writing was incredible, with Elton penning
18 tracks to Billys 15. Plus 4 Covers to round it off.
 They both parked their egos at the door and paid
tribute to each other with one cover for each.
They also sang back and fourth through the duo sections
one verse each, which I had never seen before. To make it
even cooler, they had Elton's image on the screen above
Billy, and Billy's image on the screen above Elton!

Talk about an even steven match up. They sort of paid
tribute to each other that night, and they did it
"FACE TO FACE", which incidentally was the name of
the tour! Now how hip is that? Steinway grand pianos
parked next to each cranking out rockin' classic rock
classics for an unbelievable performance spectacle.
My score would have to be a "10". I would highly
recommend you to go see
this one if the opportunity presents itself!
You can't LOOSE!

Be cool,
Keep on singing!


Note: Professor Turnbow may be reached at:
(360) 943-7039

            (Actual Picture from the Show Tacoma Dome 1/24/2001)

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