E.T.’s Music Appreciation list: Top 25 for now….


Eric Turnbow <etcosmic2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

So who are your top 25 artists? That is a tricky question. There are just so many. But we could take a stab at it perhaps!

Wow, This is great idea. As an all pro DJ it is all about having the right cut for the right occasion such as a wedding or toga party. This will be a very useful tool for me. Thank you, and what a great idea. I rather enjoyed Marilyn and Marc Lund’s lists, and have a lot of music in common with them. That is also a lot of hard work and time consumption. Job well done! I like so much stuff that a top 100 list would be a tough duty. I would have to pick almost all of the Beatles albums for one thing! So I am going to do this my own way. I prefer to mention Bands and not albums, but touch on my favourite work within the artist catalogue. Thanks again for this idea and opportunity. I love music! It makes my world go ’round. I also enjoy being online. Quite the hobby for me I must say.

E.T.’s Music Appreciation list:
Top 25 for now……. (March 22nd, 2006)

01. The Beatles:

I think my favourite song has to be “A Day in he Life”, followed by “Across The Universe”. I love the “golden Slumbers medley” from Abbey Road, “Julia”, and “The Long and Winding Road”. and if I had to pick a favourite album I may surprise you when I choose “Magical Mystery Tour”. I love that one, but I love ALL of them baby! I am into the art and poetic lyrics. I love to know what inspired the song, such as “Martha” was Paul’s sheep-dog, and the back ups on “Girl” were all about the female anatomy “tit tit tit tit tit”. Paul has confirmed this on the Anthology dvd’s. I know al ot more but this is just item number one!

02. Paul McCartney:

I have to say his solo work is some of my all time favourite stuff. I own EVERY cd, even the classical stuff. I really dig the early Wings stuff like “McCartney”, “Ram”, and “Red rose Speedway”. An overlooked gem, for me anyway is 1997′s “Flaming Pie”. I dig that album. I really miss Linda a whole lot. A great track that comes to mind for me is “Venus and Mars are all-right tonight”. My least favourite Paul song is “Silly Love Songs”. He did not need to go there. But Paul is definitely my favourite Beatles. 51% Paul to 49% John. Just my opinion,

03. Bob Dylan:

His song-writing is almost UN-matched. His body of work is terrifying, and still growing. I like it all. My favourite album though is still “Blood on The Tracks”, followed by “Desire” and then maybe “Highway 61″. I am in awe of his talent for creating words and music. Some of my all time favourites are “Forever Young”, one of my theme songs, and “I’ll be your baby tonight”, “Just like a Woman”, “Ride Me High”, and “Tonight I’ll be staying here with you”. Bob is just so great. I wish he still had his melody together when he plays live though. The records sound a lot better. I love it all.

04. Neil Young:
I have to go with “Harvest Moon”, “Comes a Time” and “Unplugged” as 3 of my favourites. It’s all good. Innovative and great. I like the country acoustic sounding Neil way more than grunge Crazy Horse Neil. Speaks to me a lot more. My favourite tour was Neil Solo all the way talking to the audience and playing his classic Martin and Gibson guitars. That is Neil in his best form, for me anyway. Let me just mention Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young here as well! Or even just CSN as a three some. Fantastic! Great stuff!

05. Eric Clapton:

I learned all his guitar licks when I was in high school. I dig the blues, and a really special record for me was “E.C. Was Here”. The one with the female boobs on it. I copied all those licks and learned the guitar that way. “We’re all the Way” is a sentimental song, and his unplugged album if just great. Won 6 grammy’s in fact. The record “Slow hand” is also a favourite of mine.

06. Pink Floyd

Wow they are way at the top, in the top five. I just overlooked them! “Dark Side of The Moon” is a masterpiece. Their spacey experimental music is just my cup of tea. It was nice to see them reunite for “Live 8″ last summer,. Sentimental and touching. Concept albums and great music. “Brain Damage” is a song that comes to mind. Wow. That cd “Echoes’, with the greatest hits all run together is one of my favourites. Great group.

07. Led Zeppelin

Also in my top five. My favourite cd is “Houses of the Holy” and I like “Physical Graphitti a lot as well. The acoustic stuff like “That’s the Way”, and “Going To California” are stand outs. That was one hell of a band! They still hold up today. Long live Led!

08. Tom Petty:

Petty all night. What a great writer and Rock Icon. I like everything he did. “Echoes” was one of his best for me. The song “Room at The Top of The World” is a really great tune. I love his attitude. Of course “Full Moon Fever” has to be mentioned. Incredible work.

09. Elvis Presley

Especially the later Vegas Elvis with James Burton on Guitar. What a band! Awe inspiring. I like the album “Moody Blue” a lot, and the “Aloha From Hawaii” ranks up there in live performances for me. I like the Mac Davis penned “Don’t Cry Daddy”. and his version of “Pledging my Love”. Elvis was way cool. His bass player Jerry Sheff was a monster, and Ronnie Tutt the drummers drummer. Quite a catalogue.

10. Moody Blues

I am a huge fan! I must single out “Days of Future Past” and “In Search of The Lost Chord”. I have sentimental memories attached to these albums. One stand out track for me is ” I never Thought I’de live To Be a hundred”, and another is “Are you sitting Comfortably”. Great band.

11. Fleetwood Mac:

Stand out albums “Rumours”, and the first album with the females together. “Landslide” is one of my favourite songs ever. I love Stevie Nicks. She is my favourite female rocker. This chemistry in this group works

12. Rolling Stones.
Bone turned me onto “Beggars Banquet”, and some of that old stuff really rocks. Especially the acoustic guitars. “Sticky Fingers” is a must for any collection. A stand out song for me is “Salt of the Earth”. They nailed it with Paul Shaffer Band on the New York 911 Tribute. “No expectations” is a stand out cut for me as well.

13. The Eagles

I love the harmony in this group. “7 Bridges Road” is a great song to learn harmony on. They are classics. I love the “Desperado” cd. It is like a concept album. Another stand out for me is “The Last Resort” from Hotel California. There is a lot of great tracks. Too many to list.

14. The Allman Brothers Blues Band

That Duane Allman and his slide guitar! I am hooked. The live album “Live at The Fillmore” still ranks as one of my top ten cd’s of all time. “Dreams I’ll Never See”, and “One Way Out”, Fabulous. That Southern music has a rocking kick and influenced my bass and guitar playing tremendously.

15. Merle Haggard

I know he is old and country, but man, Merle is my favourite good old boy. Just great. “That’s the Way Love Goes’, is a stand out track for me, as well as “Heaven is a drink of wine” and “Silver Wings”. He has lived his music and as far as country goes, he is the best for me.

16. Lynyrd Skynrd

Man I love the classic band before the plane crash. “Simple Man”, is one of my theme songs, and you can’t go wrong with “Free bird” as a rock anthem. I grew up with that group, and still listen to the street survivors to this day. They just made the hall of fame last week! About time!

17. Aerosmith

Americas Rolling Stones, but way hotter, live at least. They rock. My favourite record of theirs is “Pumped” with stand out tracks like “Other side” and “What it Takes”. Classic stuff is good and holding up well like “Seasons of Wither”. They are real comrades of rock.

18. Simon and Garfunkle

Wow. The songs are right on. “The Only Living Boy In New York” is a great track. I love that “Sounds of Silence” album. The chemistry and song writing was really spot on. No doubt. Terrific! “Kathy’s Song” another great one. All their music was fantastic come to think of it.

19. The Who

“Tommy” is still one the best concept albums to date. I love it. Great rocking band. Great songs. “Behind Blue Eyes” is a stand out song. “Guadrophenia” another great piece of work. Sad to say 2 are dead now. Their music will live on for eons.

20. Grateful Dead

“American Beauty” is my favourite record of theirs. I love “Ripple” and all the stuff that Robert Hunter wrote. Great jam band, and great music catalog.

21. Kansas

I have always been a huge fan. I guess “Left overture” and “Point of no Return” are stand outs for me. They are unusual and just great. “Magnum Opus” was a song I always liked.

22. Nora Jones

I gotta get a girlie here. “Come Away With Me” is a fine record. I just love it. Ravi Shankar is her dad so she has a Beatles connection as well. “Don’t Know way” is a stand out cut for me.

23. Billy Joel

Love the Piano Man. He has such a great volume of work that stands out. One of my favourite records of his is “Innocent Man’. The lyrics on “We didn’t Start the fire” are clever and really good. Great songs.

24. Elton John

“No Sacrifice” is one of my favourite songs. “Your Song” is another stand out. His partnering with Bernie Taupen came close to Lennon and McCartney and their work is just great. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is a classic and who does not like “Crocodile Rock”. Sir Elton. Go dude.

25. Shawn Mullins

A lot of people do not know him well, but he speaks to me. His album “Souls Core” is one of the best. Nice acoustic and mellow songs. His deep voice singing straight from the heart. “Gulf of Mexico” is a real stand out song for me. Check that album out.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, Top 25 for now.
There is much much more. I assure you. Look at (CCR,
John Mellencamp, The Doors, Hendrix, Stevie Ray
Vaughn, Gordon Lightfoot, Crosby Stills and Nash, Joan
Baez, Leonard Cohen, Bad Company,) and so many more to
come! Wow. This is fun. Thanks for indulging me.

Eric Turnbow
Music Lover…………..


The Great Marc Lund Responded to this cool list of Music Favourites!

Great list!  Obviously we have a lot of the same faves, but lots of differences, too.  Through your first 5, I’d say my only difference of note would be that I love Neil with Crazy Horse, in addition to the acoustic Neil.  I still think “Everybody Knows this is Nowhere” is a masterpiece that has easily stood the test of time.  Saw Neil at Farm Aid last fall.  He did a great version of Fats Domino’s “Walkin’ To New Orleans.”
Your Dylan picks are mine as well, along with the Bootleg Series cds I put on my list.
With Clapton, you didn’t mention Derek and the Dominos, but since you love Duane Allman’s slide (as do I, but only because he was JUST FUCKING GREAT!), you gotta love the Layla album.
In your next 5 we begin to go our separate ways a bit.  I like the Moodys, and specifically the 2 albums you mention.  I still love the “dinosaur” stereo effects on “In Search of the Lost Chord.”  Play that back to back with Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” for good laughs and good music.
I always thought Zep was a “good” band — until I heard the cd “How the West Was Won” — and then I realized they were one of the greatest bands ever.  I don’t know if you have their dvd “DVD,” but it’s spectacular and amazing.
Elvis???   Haven’t really listened to much of the King.  I first heard him do “Mystery Train” about 45 years ago.  I was impressed then, and I’ve never changed my mind about it.  I also have a Dylan cover album with Elvis doing “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” and it is a stunner!  So maybe you could point me towards listening to some particular album???
Artists 10-15    I’m with you all the way on the Allman Bros.  Their box set “Dreams” is a great one.  I like their early covers of Cream, Yardbirds, Jeff Airplane, etc.  Love their demo version of “Dreams” with wah-wah guitar thrown in.  I do admit to finding it impossible to explain how they continued to make great albums forever after Duane died, but they did.
Haven’t ever really heard any Merle other than “Okie from Muskogie.”  Fleetwood Mac is okay.  I know some think Stevie bleats rather than sings, but I always feel her tongue in my ear when I listen to her.
I guess I consider the Eagles somewhat of a guilty pleasure, but they put out a lot of good music that I really like.  As for the Stones, those geezers can still rock.  I love all their early covers, especially Slim Harpo’s “I’m a King Bee.”  If you listen to Slim and then Mick & the boys, then you can see they copied him note for note –don’t care–I love it.
Your next 5….Lynyrd Skynrd and Aerosmith have never been bands I’ve listened to much, tho’ I love Lynyrd Skynrd’s song “That Smell.”
I’ve already written you tons about Simon and Garfunkel, so I’m with you there…and I will admit that their album “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is growing on me.
I love the Who.  I od’d on Tommy a long time ago, but I can never get enough of “Who’s Next.”  Some Grateful Dead puts me to sleep, but some of it is just incredible.  “American Beauty” and “Workingman’s Dead” are great records.  Not sure which of their jam stuff I would say is their best.  Lord knows there is thousands of hours of that stuff available.  Don’t know if you saw the movie “Festival Express,” but the Dead were just fucking great in the movie, as were Janis Joplin, the Band, the Flying Burrito Bros., Buddy Guy, etc.  If you haven’t seen that movie, drop everything.  Is is just wonderful.
Your last 5 I gotta go a separate way.  I really like Elton’s “Tumble weed Connection” album, and to a lesser extent, “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road,” but most of the rest of his stuff I can easily do without.
The other 4 are pretty much unknowns to me.  Other than the few FM hits Kansas had, I’ve never really tuned into them.  Don’t know that I’ve ever heard any Nora Jones, tho’ the name rings a bell.  I think the only Billy Joel song I ever liked was “Allentown.”…and I’ve never heard of Shawn Mullen.
Here’s my 25 artists off the top of my head and in no particular order:
  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Richard Thompson/Sandy Denny/Fairport Convention
  3. Neil Young
  4. Van Morrison
  5. Beatles
  6. Stones
  7. Who
  8. Simon & Garfunkel
  9. Van Morrison
  10. Frank Zappa and the Mothers
  11. Allman Bros
  12. Jimi Hendrix
  13. Janis Joplin (especially when with Big Bro)
  14. The Band
  15. Santana
  16. Rod Stewart
  17. Doors
  18. Camper Van Beethoven
  19. Credence
  20. Talking Heads
  21. John Lennon
  22. Steely Dan
  23. Joe Cocker
  24. Tom Petty
  25. Delaney and Bonnie
I know I snuck in a couple extras by putting RT, Sandy Denny and Fairport on one line, but I couldn’t help myself,  Bad enough to have to leave the Eagles, Byrds. Velvet Underground, Elvis Costello and the Police off the list…. I just couldn’t bear leaving off Tom Petty and Delaney and Bonnie….
Keep on Rockin’


Top 1000 Classic Rock Songs of All Time….

Top 1000 Classic Rock Songs of All Time


1      Stairway to Heaven        Led Zeppelin
2      A Day in the Life     Beatles
3      Sympathy For The Devil     Rolling Stones
4      Another Brick in the Wall     Pink Floyd
5      Hotel California     Eagles
6      All Along the Watchtower     Hendrix, Jimi
7      Layla     Derek And The Dominos
8      Bohemian Rhapsody     Queen
9      Won’t Get Fooled Again     Who
10     Hey Jude     Beatles
11     Free Bird     Lynyrd Skynyrd
12     Black Dog     Led Zeppelin
13     Satisfaction     Rolling Stones
14     Dream On     Aerosmith
15     Back In Black     AC/DC
16     Tom Sawyer     Rush
17     House of the Rising Sun     Animals
18     Tush     ZZ Top
19     Funeral for a Friend     John, Elton
20     American Pie     McLean, Don
21     In The Air Tonight     Collins, Phil
22     Kashmir     Led Zeppelin
23     Purple Haze     Hendrix, Jimi
24     Space Oddity     Bowie, David
25     For What It’s Worth     Buffalo Springfield
26     Sweet Home Alabama     Lynyrd Skynyrd
27     Light My Fire     Doors
28     Crazy On You     Heart
29     While My Guitar Gently Weeps     Beatles
30     Over the Hills and Far Away     Led Zeppelin
31     Jump     Van Halen
32     Black Water     Doobie Brothers
33     Baba O’Riley     Who
34     Desperado     Eagles
35     Magic Man     Heart
36     Don’t Fear the Reaper     Blue Oyster Cult
37     Wish You Were Here     Pink Floyd
38     American Woman     Guess Who
39     You Can’t Always Get What You Want     Rolling Stones
40     Carry on Wayward Son      Kansas
41     Let It Be     Beatles
42     Brown Eyed Girl     Morrison, Van
43     Rock You Like a Hurricane     Scorpions
44     The Wind Cries Mary     Hendrix, Jimi
45     Twilight Zone     Golden Earring
46     Legs     ZZ Top
47     I’d Love to Change the World     Ten Years After
48     Do It Again     Steely Dan
49     Crazy Train     Ozzy Osbourne
50     Like A Rolling Stone     Dylan, Bob
51     Go Your Own Way     Fleetwood Mac
52     Down On The Corner     CCR
53     Sweet Emotion     Aerosmith
54     Bad Moon Rising     CCR
55     Every Breath You Take     Police
56     All Right Now     Free
57     Gimme Shelter     Rolling Stones
58     The Joker     Miller, Steve
59     Strawberry Fields Forever     Beatles
60     Born To Run     Springsteen, Bruce
61     L.A. Woman     Doors
62     Anyway You Want It     Journey
63     Burnin’ for You     Blue Oyster Cult
64     Highway To Hell     AC/DC
65     Money For Nothing     Dire Straits
66     Come Sail Away     Styx
67     Born To Be Wild     Steppenwolf
68     Behind Blue Eyes     Who
69     Dirty Laundry     Henley, Don
70     Take It Easy     Eagles
71     Blinded By The Light     Mann, Manfred
72     Free Fallin’     Petty, Tom
73     Rock And Roll All Night     Kiss
74     Cocaine (Live)     Clapton, Eric
75     Heart Of Gold     Young, Neil
76     Babe I’m Gonna Leave You     Led Zeppelin
77     Comfortably Numb     Pink Floyd
78     Time of the Season     Zombies
79     Jukebox Hero     Foreigner
80     Tiny Dancer     John, Elton
81     In My Life     Beatles
82     Moving in Stereo/All Mixed Up     Cars
83     We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions     Queen
84     Life’s Been Good     Walsh, Joe
85     Jumpin’ Jack Flash     Rolling Stones
86     White Wedding     Idol, Billy
87     Pretty Woman     Van Halen
88     Imagine     Lennon, John
89     Jack And Diane     Mellencamp, John
90     Frankenstein     Winter Group, Edgar
91     Dreams     Fleetwood Mac
92     Proud Mary     CCR
93     Sunshine of Your Love     Cream
94     Bad to the Bone     Thorogood, George
95     Simple Man     Lynyrd Skynyrd
96     Yesterday     Beatles
97     I Want You To Want Me     Cheap Trick
98     I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For     U2
99     Aqualung     Jethro Tull
100     Owner of a Lonely Heart     Yes
101     The Logical Song     Supertramp
102     Louie Louie     Kingsmen, The
103     When The Levee Breaks     Led Zeppelin
104     Limelight     Rush
105     Can’t You See     Marshall Tucker Band
106     Riders on the Storm     Doors
107     Paint It Black     Rolling Stones
108     No One Like You     Scorpions
109     Changes     Bowie, David
110     My Generation     Who
111     Reeling In The Years     Steely Dan
112     Peaceful Easy Feeling     Eagles
113     La Grange     ZZ Top
114     Karn Evil 9     ELP
115     Take the Long Way Home     Supertramp
116     Don’t Do Me Like That     Petty, Tom
117     Your Song     John, Elton
118     The Boys Are Back in Town     Thin Lizzy
119     Sweet Child O’ Mine     Guns ‘N’ Roses
120     Stranglehold     Nugent, Ted
121     Taxman     Beatles
122     Radar Love     Golden Earring
123     Stuck In The Middle With You     Stealers Wheel
124     Shine On You Crazy Diamond     Pink Floyd
125     Dancing in the Dark     Springsteen, Bruce
126     Dazed And Confused     Led Zeppelin
127     Lola     Kinks
128     Every Little Thing She Does is Magic     Police
129     After Midnight (1988)     Clapton, Eric
130     Walk This Way     Aerosmith
131     Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?     Rolling Stones
132     Band On The Run     McCartney, Paul
133     Little Wing     Hendrix, Jimi
134     China Grove     Doobie Brothers
135     In the Mood     Plant, Robert
136     More Than a Feeling     Boston
137     You Make Lovin’ Fun     Fleetwood Mac
138     Revolution     Beatles
139     Takin’ Care Of Business     BTO
140     Fly Like An Eagle     Miller, Steve
141     I Can’t Explain     Who
142     Touch Of Grey     Grateful Dead
143     You Shook Me All Night Long     AC/DC
144     Green River     CCR
145     Roadhouse Blues     Doors
146     Dream Weaver     Wright, Gary
147     Rocky Mountain Way     Walsh, Joe
148     Magic Carpet Ride     Steppenwolf
149     The Ocean     Led Zeppelin
150     Sky Pilot     Animals
151     Feel Like Making Love     Bad Company
152     Lonely is the Night     Squire, Billy
153     The Long Run     Eagles
154     Norwegian Wood     Beatles
155     Rocket Man     John, Elton
156     Photograph     Def Leppard
157     Brown Sugar     Rolling Stones
158     Panama     Van Halen
159     Just What I Needed     Cars
160     I Won’t Back  Down     Petty, Tom
161     Suite: Judy Blue Eyes     CS&N
162     Locomotive Breath     Jethro Tull
163     Misunderstanding     Genesis
164     Old Man     Young, Neil
165     I Thank You      ZZ Top
166     Time     Pink Floyd
167     With Or Without You     U2
168     Somebody To Love     Queen
169     Nights in White Satin     Moody Blues
170     Whole Lotta Love     Led Zeppelin
171     Don’t Stop Believin’     Journey
172     Rikki Don’t Lose That Number     Steely Dan
173     What’s Your Name?     Lynyrd Skynyrd
174     Who Are You     Who
175     Barracuda     Heart
176     Here Comes The Sun     Beatles
177     Black Magic Woman     Santana
178     Tumbling Dice     Rolling Stones
179     Lady     Styx
180     Cold As Ice     Foreigner
181     Crosstown Traffic     Hendrix, Jimi
182     Rhiannon     Fleetwood Mac
183     The Boys of Summer     Henley, Don
184     Sultans of Swing     Dire Straits
185     Let My Love Open The Door     Townshend, Pete
186     Travelin’ Band     CCR
187     Roundabout     Yes
188     Give A Little Bit     Supertramp
189     New World Man     Rush
190     Breakdown     Parsons Project, Alan
191     Break On Through     Doors
192     Fire on High     ELO
193     Layla (Unplugged)     Clapton, Eric
194     One Of These Nights     Eagles
195     Hurts So Good     Mellencamp, John
196     Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting     John,
197     Hungry Heart     Springsteen, Bruce
198     Immigrant Song     Led Zeppelin
199     Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds     Beatles
200     Turn the Page     Seger, Bob
201     King Of Pain     Police
202     Mama Kin     Aerosmith
203     Edge of 17     Nicks, Stevie
204     Young Americans     Bowie, David
205     Mary Jane’s Last Dance     Petty, Tom
206     White Room     Cream
207     No Time     Guess Who
208     Wild Horses     Rolling Stones
209     Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door     Dylan, Bob
210     Shooting Star     Bad Company
211     Substitute     Who
212     Domino     Morrison, Van
213     Forty-Nine Bye-Byes     CS&N
214     Hocus Pocus     Focus
215     Ticket to Ride     Beatles
216     Brain Damage/Eclipse     Pink Floyd
217     Paranoid     Black Sabbath
218     Peace of Mind     Boston
219     Burning Down the House     Talking Heads
220     Me and Bobby McGee     Joplin, Janis
221     Rock’n Me     Miller, Steve
222     The Rain Song     Led Zeppelin
223     Gimme All Your Lovin’     ZZ Top
224     Do You Feel Like We Do     Frampton, Peter
225     Hells Bells     AC/DC
226     Dance the Night Away     Van Halen
227     One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer Thorogood,
228     The Chain     Fleetwood Mac
229     Touch Me     Doors
230     Living In The Past     Jethro Tull
231     Who’ll Stop The Rain     CCR
232     Castles Made of Sand     Hendrix, Jimi
233     Beast Of Burden     Rolling Stones
234     You Really Got Me     Kinks
235     Bennie and the Jets     John, Elton
236     Come Together     Beatles
237     Victim of Love     Eagles
238     Hey Nineteen     Steely Dan
239     Listen To The Music     Doobie Brothers
240     Good Times Roll     Cars
241     Jessica     Allman Brothers
242     Heartbreaker     Benatar, Pat
243     Sunday Bloody Sunday     U2
244     Slow Ride     Foghat
245     Caught Up in You     Thirty-Eight Special
246     Communication Breakdown     Led Zeppelin
247     Truckin’     Grateful Dead
248     I Shot The Sheriff     Clapton, Eric
249     Lunatic Fringe     Red Rider
250     Night Moves     Seger, Bob
251     Bang A Gong     T. Rex
252     Question     Moody Blues
253     Eminence Front     Who
254     Refugee     Petty, Tom
255     Cinnamon Girl     Young, Neil
256     Werewolves of London     Zevon, Warren
257     Love Alive     Heart
258     Evil Ways     Santana
259     Saturday Night Special     Lynyrd Skynyrd
260     Maybe I’m Amazed     McCartney, Paul
261     Paperback Writer     Beatles
262     Dust in the Wind     Kansas
263     Ruby Tuesday     Rolling Stones
264     Another One Bites the Dust     Queen
265     Money     Pink Floyd
266     Brilliant Disguise     Springsteen, Bruce
267     Just A Job To Do     Genesis
268     Smoke on the Water     Deep Purple
269     Don’t Stop     Fleetwood Mac
270     I Hear You Knocking     Edmunds, Dave
271     Carry On     CSN&Y
272     I Just Want To Celebrate     Rare Earth
273     Heartbreaker/Livin’ Lovin’ Maid     Led Zeppelin
274     The Spirit of Radio     Rush
275     There’s No Way Out Of Here     Gilmour, David
276     Bad Company     Bad Company
277     The End      Doors
278     Thirty Days In The Hole     Humble Pie
279     Magical Mystery Tour     Beatles
280     Goodbye Yellow Brick Road     John, Elton
281     Roxanne     Police
282     Mississippi Queen     Mountain
283     Back In The Saddle     Aerosmith
284     Turn, Turn, Turn     Byrds
285     Lookin’ Out My Back Door     CCR
286     Those Shoes     Eagles
287     Rock On     Essex, David
288     Double Vision     Foreigner
289     Dreamer     Supertramp
290     Stone Free     Hendrix, Jimi
291     Honky Tonk Women     Rolling Stones
292     Sharp Dressed Man     ZZ Top
293     Take Me Home Tonight     Money, Eddie
294     You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet     BTO
295     Small Town     Mellencamp, John
296     I Can See For Miles     Who
297     Lovin’ Touchin Squeezin’     Journey
298     Teacher     Jethro Tull
299     In Your Eyes     Gabriel, Peter
300     Down by the Seaside     Led Zeppelin
301     Walk Of Life     Dire Straits
302     Renegade     Styx
303     Nowhere Man     Beatles
304     Walk Away     James Gang
305     The Waiting     Petty, Tom
306     Against The Wind     Seger, Bob
307     Don’t Bring Me Down     Animals
308     Ramblin’ Man     Allman Brothers
309     End Of The Innocence     Henley, Don
310     Back On The Chain Gang     Pretenders
311     Rock ‘n Roll Band     Boston
312     Suffragette City     Bowie, David
313     Stop Dragging My Heart Around     Nicks, & Petty,
314     Peg     Steely Dan
315     I’ll Wait     Van Halen
316     Hot Rod Lincoln     Commander Cody
317     Lucky Man     ELP
318     Take The Money And Run     Miller, Steve
319     Wonderful Tonight     Clapton, Eric
320     T. N. T.     AC/DC
321     Street Fighting Man     Rolling Stones
322     Feeling Alright     Cocker, Joe
323     Piece of My Heart     Joplin, Janis
324     Evil Woman     ELO
325     New Year’s Day     U2
326     Us and Them     Pink Floyd
327     Landslide     Fleetwood Mac
328     Get Back     Beatles
329     Candle in the Wind     John, Elton
330     Badge     Cream
331     People Are Strange     Doors
332     Let’s Go     Cars
333     Maggie May     Stewart, Rod
334     Tangled Up In Blue     Dylan, Bob
335     Heartache Tonight     Eagles
336     Big Log     Plant, Robert
337     Hey Hey What Can I Do     Led Zeppelin
338     I’ve Seen All Good People     Yes
339     Summertime Blues     Who
340     Up Around The Bend     CCR
341     Wooden Ships     CS&N
342     I’m Just A Singer     Moody Blues
343     Hard To Handle     Black Crowes
344     Foreplay Longtime     Boston
345     If Six Was Nine     Hendrix, Jimi
346     Oye Como Va     Santana
347     I’m On Fire     Springsteen, Bruce
348     Rock Steady     Bad Company
349     Mistral Wind     Heart
350     Lovely Rita     Beatles
351     Angie     Rolling Stones
352     Don’t Ask Me No Questions     Lynyrd Skynyrd
353     Hold The Line     Toto
354     Rockin’ In The Free World     Young, Neil
355     The Pusher     Steppenwolf
356     Cheap Sunglasses     ZZ Top
357     All Day and All of the Night     Kinks
358     Misty Mountain Hop     Led Zeppelin
359     Runnin’ Down a Dream     Petty, Tom
360     Hollywood Nights     Seger, Bob
361     Long Train Running     Doobie Brothers
362     Killer Queen     Queen
363     Green Eyed Lady     SugarLoaf
364     Casey Jones     Grateful Dead
365     Wrapped Around Your Finger     Police
366     Pride and Joy     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
367     What It Takes     Aerosmith
368     Free Ride     Winter Group, Edgar
369     Golden Slumbers Medley     Beatles
370     Crocodile Rock     John, Elton
371     Gold Dust Woman     Fleetwood Mac
372     Welcome to the Machine     Pink Floyd
373     Who Do You Love     Thorogood, George
374     Thick As A Brick     Jethro Tull
375     Surrender     Cheap Trick
376     Let It Bleed     Rolling Stones
377     Midnight Rider     Allman, Gregg
378     Working Man     Rush
379     Gettin’ In Tune     Who
380     When The Music’s Over     Doors
381     Lay Down Sally     Clapton, Eric
382     Love The One You’re With     Stills, Stephen
383     Watching the Wheels     Lennon, John
384     New Kid In Town     Eagles
385     Deacon Blues     Steely Dan
386     D’yer Maker     Led Zeppelin
387     Home By The Sea, Parts 1&2     Genesis
388     Goodbye Stranger     Supertramp
389     Woman From Tokyo     Deep Purple
390     Low Spark of High Heeled Boys     Traffic
391     Fortunate Son     CCR
392     The Cowboy Song     Thin Lizzy
393     Cat Scratch Fever     Nugent, Ted
394     No Sugar Tonight     Guess Who
395     Jamie’s Cryin’     Van Halen
396     Hot Blooded     Foreigner
397     Jane     Jefferson Starship
398     Live and Let Die     McCartney, Paul
399     Back In The USSR     Beatles
400     Ohio     CSN&Y
401     Wild Night     Morrison, Van
402     Manic Depression     Hendrix, Jimi
403     I’m Eighteen     Cooper, Alice
404     Start Me Up     Rolling Stones
405     What I Like About You     Romantics
406     Jungle Love     Miller, Steve
407     I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You     Parsons, Alan,
408     Where The Streets Have No Name     U2
409     It’s A Long Way to the Top     AC/DC
410     Pink Houses     Mellencamp, John
411     Learning To Fly     Petty, Tom
412     Keep Your Hands to Yourself Georgia Satellites
413     Ramble On     Led Zeppelin
414     Silver, Blue and Gold     Bad Company
415     Bad Case Of Lovin’ You     Palmer, Robert
416     We’ve Got Tonight     Seger, Bob
417     Daniel     John, Elton
418     Rocky Racoon     Beatles
419     Fame     Bowie, David
420     Don’t Look Back     Boston
421     Going Mobile     Who
422     Bye Bye Love     Cars
423     My Hometown     Springsteen, Bruce
424     Cold Shot     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
425     Oh Well     Fleetwood Mac
426     She’s Not There     Zombies
427     Waitin’ For The Bus/Jesus Just Left     ZZ Top
428     Have a Cigar     Pink Floyd
429     Back Door Man     Doors
430     Your Wildest Dreams     Moody Blues
431     Who’s Crying Now     Journey
432     Take It To The Limit     Eagles
433     Cry Baby     Joplin, Janis
434     Under My Thumb     Rolling Stones
435     Get Together     Youngbloods
436     Everybody’s Everything     Santana
437     Time Has Come Today     Chambers Brothers
438     Alone     Heart
439     Blue Collar Man     Styx
440     So Far Away     Dire Straits
441     In Memory of Elizabeth Reed     Allman Brothers
442     End Of The Line     Traveling Wilburys
443     Hold Your Head Up     Argent
444     Closer to Home/I’m Your Captain Grand Funk
445     You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away     Beatles
446     Have You Ever Seen the Rain     CCR
447     All She Wants To Do Is Dance     Henley, Don
448     What Is and What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin
449     You Got That Right     Lynyrd Skynyrd
450     After Midnight     Clapton, Eric
451     My Sweet Lord     Harrison, George
452     Skating Away     Jethro Tull
453     Don’t Bring Me Down     ELO
454     The Load Out/Stay     Browne, Jackson
455     Don’t Stand So Close To Me     Police
456     Last Child     Aerosmith
457     Crossroads     Cream
458     FM     Steely Dan
459     Red House     Hendrix, Jimi
460     Mama Told Me Not To Come     Three Dog Night
461     I Know I’m Losing You     Stewart, Rod
462     Southern Man     Young, Neil
463     Subterranean Homesick Blues     Dylan, Bob
464     Let It Ride     BTO
465     Levon     John, Elton
466     Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)     Rolling Stones
467     Five Fifteen     Who
468     Penny Lane     Beatles
469     Teach Your Children     CSN&Y
470     Breakdown      Petty, Tom
471     Fat Bottomed Girls     Queen
472     Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress     Hollies
473     Hitch A Ride     Boston
474     Young Man Blues     Who
475     Rock and Roll     Led Zeppelin
476     Baby I Love Your Way     Frampton, Peter
477     Piano Man     Joel, Billy
478     Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man     Seger, Bob
479     We Gotta Get Out Of This Place     Animals
480     Gypsy     Fleetwood Mac
481     Ice Cream Man     Van Halen
482     Brass in Pocket     Pretenders
483     Never Been Any Reason     Head East
484     Closer To The Heart     Rush
485     Walk On The Wild Side     Reed, Lou
486     Twentieth Century Fox     Doors
487     Lyin’ Eyes     Eagles
488     Voodoo Chile     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
489     Spirit In The Sky     Greenbaum, Norman
490     Tired Of Waiting     Kinks
491     Pigs     Pink Floyd
492     Jesus Is Just Alright With Me     Doobie Brothers
493     Bloody Well Right     Supertramp
494     Movin’ On     Bad Company
495     Sgt. Pepper/With A Little Help     Beatles
496     Sugar Magnolia     Grateful Dead
497     Godzilla     Blue Oyster Cult
498     Miss You     Rolling Stones
499     Pride     U2
500     Born on the Bayou     CCR
501     Got Me Under Pressure     ZZ Top
502     Long Distance Runaround     Yes
503     Point of Know Return     Kansas
504     Fool In the Rain     Led Zeppelin
505     Rebel Yell     Idol, Billy
506     Dirty Deeds     AC/DC
507     Born in the USA     Springsteen, Bruce
508     That’s All     Genesis
509     I’m No Angel     Allman, Gregg
510     Hush     Deep Purple
511     The Real Me     Who
512     I Know I’m Losing You     Rare Earth
513     Madman Across the Water     John, Elton
514     A Hard Day’s Night     Beatles
515     Centerfold     J. Geils Band
516     Eight Miles High     Byrds
517     Let It Rain     Clapton, Eric
518     Rock ‘n Roll Hootchie Koo     Derringer, Rick
519     Feels Like The First Time     Foreigner
520     You’re All I’ve Got Tonight     Cars
521     Hey Joe     Hendrix, Jimi
522     I Need To Know     Petty, Tom
523     On The Road Again     Canned Heat
524     The Story In Your Eyes     Moody Blues
525     Instant Karma     Lennon, John
526     Addicted To Love     Palmer, Robert
527     Shattered     Rolling Stones
528     Twenty-Five Or Six To Four     Chicago
529     Cross-Eyed Mary     Jethro Tull
530     Cherry Bomb     Mellencamp, John
531     She’s Not There     Santana
532     I Drink Alone     Thorogood, George
533     Gimme Some Lovin’     Davis Group, Spencer
534     Solsbury Hill     Gabriel, Peter
535     Tusk     Fleetwood Mac
536     Stand Back     Nicks, Stevie
537     Good Times Bad Times     Led Zeppelin
538     Woodstock     CSN&Y
539     Hello, I Love You     Doors
540     Funk 49     James Gang
541     Tequila Sunrise     Eagles
542     Old Time Rock ‘n Roll     Seger, Bob
543     Some Kind of Wonderful     Grand Funk Railroad
544     Even It Up     Heart
545     Black Friday     Steely Dan
546     Rebel, Rebel     Bowie, David
547     From the Beginning     ELP
548     Eleanor Rigby     Beatles
549     With A Little Help From My Friends     Cocker, Joe
550     Superstition     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
551     Call Me The Breeze     Lynyrd Skynyrd
552     Don’t Try and Lay No Boogie Woogie…Baldry, Long
553     Breathe     Pink Floyd
554     Get It While You Can     Joplin, Janis
555     I Can’t Drive 55     Hagar, Sammy
556     Same Old Song And Dance     Aerosmith
557     Jet     McCartney, Paul
558     De-Do-Do-Do, De-Da-Da-Da     Police
559     Baby Hold On     Money, Eddie
560     Tall Cool One     Plant, Robert
561     Run Through The Jungle     CCR
562     Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)     Travers, Pat
563     Bargain     Who
564     Radioactive     Firm
565     Waiting On A Friend     Rolling Stones
566     Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters     John, Elton
567     The Weight     Band, The
568     Dancing Days     Led Zeppelin
569     Bridge of Sighs     Trower, Robin
570     Rock and Roll Fantasy     Bad Company
571     Something     Beatles
572     Can’t Find My Way Home     Blind Faith
573     Ah! Leah!     Iris, Donnie
574     Runnin’ With The Devil     Van Halen
575     My My, Hey Hey     Young, Neil
576     She Loves My Automobile     ZZ Top
577     Smokin’     Boston
578     Wheel in The Sky     Journey
579     Keep Yourself Alive     Queen
580     Room To Move     Mayall, John
581     Listen To Her Heart     Petty, Tom
582     Bad     U2
583     One Way Out     Allman Brothers
584     Skateaway     Dire Straits
585     Fooling Yourself     Styx
586     Foxey Lady     Hendrix, Jimi
587     Love Hurts     Nazareth
588     Good Lovin’     Rascals
589     The Heart of The Matter     Henley, Don
590     Already Gone     Eagles
591     Subdivisions     Rush
592     Hypnotized     Fleetwood Mac
593     Hello Goodbye     Beatles
594     Tears In Heaven     Clapton, Eric
595     Love Her Madly     Doors
596     Old Man Down The Road     Fogerty, John
597     She’s So Cold     Rolling Stones
598     Do Ya     ELO
599     Day After Day     Badfinger
600     Give It To Me     J. Geils Band
601     Tunnel Of Love     Springsteen, Bruce
602     Going To California     Led Zeppelin
603     Breakfast In America     Supertramp
604     Dear Mr. Fantasy     Traffic
605     Iron Man     Black Sabbath
606     Mainstreet     Seger, Bob
607     I Feel Free     Cream
608     Undun     Guess Who
609     Twistin’ The Night Away     Stewart, Rod
610     Rainy Day Women #12 & 35     Dylan, Bob
611     Take Me To The River     Talking Heads
612     Crossfire     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
613     You Better You Bet     Who
614     Southern Cross     CS&N
615     Mother     Pink Floyd
616     Moondance     Morrison, Van
617     Gloria     Them
618     Flirtin’ With Disaster     Molly Hatchet
619     Somebody To Love     Jefferson Airplane
620     Journey To The Center Of The Mind     Amboy Dukes
621     School’s Out     Cooper, Alice
622     Shoot To Thrill     AC/DC
623     Whiter Shade Of Pale     Procol Harum
624     Swingtown     Miller, Steve
625     Hello, It’s Me     Rundgren, Todd
626     Bungle in the Jungle     Jethro Tull
627     Two Tickets To Paradise     Money, Eddie
628     If Yu Wanna’ Get To Heaven  Ozark Mountain
629     All the Girls Love Alice     John, Elton
630     The Ballad of John And Yoko     Beatles
631     Pretzel Logic     Steely Dan
632     I Heard It Through The Grapevine     CCR
633     Victoria     Kinks
634     Low Rider     War
635     Stay With Me     Faces
636     My Best Friend’s Girl     Cars
637     Rockin’ Down The Highway     Doobie Brothers
638     I Just Wanna Make Love To You     Foghat
639     Ain’t Too Proud To Beg     Rolling Stones
640     Houses of The Holy     Led Zeppelin
641     Tuesday Afternoon     Moody Blues
642     Green Grass and High Tides     Outlaws
643     No One To Depend On     Santana
644     Angry Eyes     Loggins and Messina
645     Straight On     Heart
646     Loco-Motion     Grand Funk Railroad
647     I Got A Line On You     Spirit
648     Highway Star     Deep Purple
649     All The Young Dudes     Mott The Hoople
650     Turn It On Again     Genesis
651     Here Comes My Girl     Petty, Tom
652     Lady Madonna     Beatles
653     Ready For Love     Bad Company
654     For Your Love     Yardbirds
655     Running On Empty     Browne, Jackson
656     Stealin’     Uriah Heep
657     Life In The Fast Lane     Eagles
658     Train Kept A Rollin’     Aerosmith
659     Gimme Three Steps     Lynyrd Skynyrd
660     Love Me Two Times     Doors
661     Sara     Fleetwood Mac
662     Long Long Way From Home     Foreigner
663     Fire     Hendrix, Jimi
664     Black Betty     Ram Jam
665     Synchronicity 2     Police
666     Friend of the Devil     Grateful Dead
667     I’m Bad I’m Nationwide     ZZ Top
668     Blue Collar     BTO
669     Pinball Wizard     Who
670     Beginnings     Chicago
671     Crumblin’ Down     Mellencamp, John
672     Get Off My Cloud     Rolling Stones
673     Whippin’ Post     Allman Brothers
674     In The Evening     Led Zeppelin
675     Bell Bottom Blues     Derek And The Dominos
676     Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood     Animals
677     You’ll Accomp’ny Me     Seger, Bob
678     You Really Got Me     Van Halen
679     Let’s Dance     Bowie, David
680     Run Like Hell     Pink Floyd
681     Middle of The Road     Pretenders
682     Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me     John, Elton
683     Running On Faith     Clapton, Eric
684     The Sky Is Crying     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
685     Goin’ Up the Country     Canned Heat
686     Got To Get You Into My Life     Beatles
687     Long As I Can See The Light     CCR
688     Mercedes Benz     Joplin, Janis
689     One      U2
690     The Witch     Sonics, The
691     Changes     Yes
692     Long Time Gone     CS&N
693     Immigration Man     Nash & Crosby
694     Let Me Take You Home Tonight     Boston
695     Prove It All Night     Springsteen, Bruce
696     Magic Bus     Who
697     After The Goldrush     Young, Neil
698     How Many More Times     Led Zeppelin
699     Monkey Man     Rolling Stones
700     In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida     Iron Butterfly
701     Jump Into The Fire     Nilsson, Harry
702     I Am The Walrus     Beatles
703     Nothing Is Easy     Jethro Tull
704     Crazy Little Thing Called Love     Queen
705     Keep Playin’ That Rock ‘n Roll     Winter Edgar
706     Cover Of The Rolling Stone     Dr. Hook
707     I Love The Night     Blue Oyster Cult
708     Ain’t That A Shame     Cheap Trick
709     In The City     Eagles
710     Move It On Over     Thorogood, George
711     You Wreck Me     Petty, Tom
712     Squeeze Box     Who
713     The Trees     Rush
714     You’re Lost Little Girl     Doors
715     My Old School     Steely Dan
716     Incense and Peppermints Strawberry Alarm Clock
717     Say You Love Me     Fleetwood Mac
718     Right Place, Wrong Time     Dr. John
719     School     Supertramp
720     I Don’t Need No Doctor     Humble Pie
721     Hey Baby     Nugent, Ted
722     Jailbreak     Thin Lizzy
723     Leather and Lace     Nicks, Stevie & Henley,
724     Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five McCartney,
725     Voodoo Chile     Hendrix, Jimi
726     Ride On     AC/DC
727     Livin’ In The USA     Miller, Steve
728     Rock And Roll Music     Beatles
729     Burn Down The Mission     John, Elton
730     Good Lovin’ Gone Bad     Bad Company
731     Gallows Pole     Led Zeppelin
732     It’s Only Rock And Roll     Rolling Stones
733     Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Forgets     Seger, Bob
734     Young Lust     Pink Floyd
735     The House Is Rockin’     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
736     Tubesnake Boogie     ZZ Top
737     Dangerous Type     Cars
738     Ride My See-Saw     Moody Blues
739     Lights     Journey
740     Well All Right     Santana
741     Revival     Allman Brothers
742     Love Stinks     J. Geils Band
743     Suzie Q     CCR
744     Suite Madam Blue     Styx
745     Romeo and Juliet     Dire Straits
746     We’re An American Band     Grand Funk Railroad
747     Heartless     Heart
748     The Last Worthless Evening     Henley, Don
749     Strange Magic     ELO
750     No Matter What     Badfinger
751     Forever Man     Clapton, Eric
752     Janie’s Got A Gun     Aerosmith
753     Drive My Car     Beatles
754     Helplessly Hoping     CS&N
755     Strange Brew     Cream
756     Every Picture Tells A Story     Stewart, Rod
757     Message In A Bottle     Police
758     Needle And The Spoon     Lynyrd Skynyrd
759     We’re Not Going to Take It     Who
760     Show Me The Way     Frampton, Peter
761     Maggie’s Farm     Dylan, Bob
762     Tuff Enuff     Fabulous Thunderbirds
763     Traveling Riverside Blues     Led Zeppelin
764     Witchy Woman     Eagles
765     Happy     Rolling Stones
766     I Ain’t Superstitious     Beck, Jeff
767     And the Cradle Will Rock     Van Halen
768     Moonlight Drive     Doors
769     Into The Great Wide Open     Petty, Tom
770     Silver Springs     Fleetwood Mac
771     Destroyer     Kinks
772     Uncle John’s Band     Grateful Dead
773     Ukiah/The Captain and Me     Doobie Brothers
774     One     Three Dog Night
775     I Saw The LIght     Rundgren, Todd
776     In God’s Country     U2
777     Take Me To The Pilot     John, Elton
778     Fooled Around and Fell In Love     Bishop, Elvin
779     Portrait     Kansas
780     Dizzy Miss Lizzy     Beatles
781     Fire     Springsteen, Bruce
782     Lazy     Deep Purple
783     Get Ready     Rare Earth
784     Abacab     Genesis
785     Mr. Tambourine Man     Byrds
786     Blue Morning Blue Day     Foreigner
787     Angel     Hendrix, Jimi
788     A New Day Yesterday     Jethro Tull
789     I’m A Man     Chicago
790     Amie     Pure Prarie League
791     Shakin’     Money, Eddie
792     Sledgehammer     Gabriel, Peter
793     The Bomber     James Gang
794     All My Love     Led Zeppelin
795     Authority Song     Mellencamp, John
796     Learning to Fly     Pink Floyd
797     Shapes of Things     Yardbirds
798     Don’t Take Me Alive     Steely Dan
799     Travelin’ Man/Beautiful Loser     Seger, Bob
800     Ziggy Stardust     Bowie, David
801     The Letter     Cocker, Joe
802     Still You Turn Me On     ELP
803     Time Is On My Side     Rolling Stones
804     Little Wing     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
805     Feelin Satisfied     Boston
806     Summertime     Joplin, Janis
807     Lodi     CCR
808     Best Of My Love     Eagles
809     Love Reign O’er Me     Who
810     Ship Of Fools     Plant, Robert
811     Oh, Atlanta     Little Feat
812     Can’t Get Enough     Bad Company
813     Satisfaction Guaranteed     Firm
814     Sin City     AC/DC
815     The Needle And The Damage Done     Young, Neil
816     Fool For Your Stockings     ZZ Top
817     Glass Onion     Beatles
818     Statesboro Blues     Allman Brothers
819     Children of the Sun     Thorpe, Billy
820     You’re My Best Friend     Queen
821     Centerfield     Fogerty, John
822     World Turning      Fleetwood Mac
823     Trampled Underfoot     Led Zeppelin
824     Red Barchetta     Rush
825     Feelin’ Alright     Traffic
826     Rough Boys     Townshend, Pete
827     These Eyes     Guess Who
828     Pretending     Clapton, Eric
829     Marakesh Express     CS&N
830     Soul Kitchen     Doors
831     Rudy     Supertramp
832     Girls Got Rhythm     AC/DC
833     American Girl     Petty, Tom
834     White Bird     It’s A Beautiful Day
835     Grey Seal     John, Elton
836     Tupelo Honey     Morrison, Van
837     Europa     Santana
838     Wild Mountain Honey     Miller, Steve
839     Oh Darling     Beatles
840     Conquistador     Procol Harum
841     White Rabbit     Jefferson Airplane
842     No More Mr. Nice Guy     Cooper, Alice
843     Take The Highway     Marshall Tucker Band
844     The Voice     Moody Blues
845     It’s All Over Now     Rolling Stones
846     Not Fade Away     Rolling Stones
847     Drive       Cars
848     Go All The Way     Raspberries
849     Foot Stompin’ Music     Grand Funk Railroad
850     Do You Know What I Mean     Michaels, Lee
851     Doctor My Eyes     Browne, Jackson
852     Sunshine Superman     Donovan
853     Kick It Out     Heart
854     Roll On Down The Highway     BTO
855     Dolly Dagger     Hendrix, Jimi
856     Walkin’ The Dog     Aerosmith
857     Happy Jack     Who
858     On the Turning Away     Pink Floyd
859     Walking on the Moon     Police
860     A Horse With No Name     America
861     Blackbird     Beatles
862     Thank You     Led Zeppelin
863     It’s My Life     Animals
864     Hair Of The Dog     Nazareth
865     Her Strut     Seger, Bob
866     I’m Going Home     Ten Years After
867     Beautiful Girls     Van Halen
868     On The Hunt     Lynyrd Skynyrd
869     I Put A Spell On You     CCR
870     My City Was Gone     Pretenders
871     Yours Is No Disgrace     Yes
872     Tightrope     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
873     Mysterious Ways     U2
974     Dancing In The Dark   Springsteen
875     Stone Cold     Rainbow
876     I Can’t Tell You Why     Eagles
877     Bouree     Jethro Tull
878     Tie Your Mother Down     Queen
879     Darkness Darkness     Youngbloods
880     It Wasn’t Me     Thorogood, George
881     Crystal Ship     Doors
882     The Rover     Led Zeppelin
883     Honky Cat     John, Elton
884     Happiness Is a Warm Gun     Beatles
885     Let Me Roll It     McCartney, Paul
886     Never Going Back Again     Fleetwood Mac
887     Burnin’ Sky     Bad Company
888     Baby Please Don’t Go     Amboy Dukes
889     A Woman In Love     Petty, Tom
890     The Zoo     Scorpions
891     Feelin’ That Way/Anytime     Journey
892     Pearl Necklace     ZZ Top
893     Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More     Allman Brothers
894     Heart Of Stone     Rolling Stones
895     The Grand Illusion     Styx
896     Come And Get It     Badfinger
897     Industrial Disease     Dire Straits
898     Sunset Grill     Henley, Don
899     E.T.I.     Blue Oyster Cult
900     Dark Star     CS&N
901     Lay Lady Lay     Dylan, Bob
902     It’s In The Way     Clapton, Eric
903     Born Under A Bad Sign     Cream
904     Can’t Get It Out Of My Head     ELO
905     Mandolin Wind     Stewart, Rod
906     I’m Free     Who
907     Spill The WIne     War
908     Don’t Let Me Down     Beatles
909     Rock Candy     Montrose
910     Good Lovin’     Grateful Dead
911     Jukebox Music     Kinks
912     It Don’t Come Easy     Starr, Ringo
913     Another Park Another Sunday     Doobie Brothers
914     Heart Full of Soul     Yardbirds
915     Dreams I’ll Never See     Molly Hatchet
916     Wait Until Tomorrow     Hendrix, Jimi
917     Follow You Follow Me     Genesis
918     Kentucky Woman     Deep Purple
919     Time Stand Still     Rush
920     Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Chicago
921     Urgent     Foreigner
922     Bring It On Home     Led Zeppelin
923     Couldn’t Stand the Weather     Vaughan, Stevie
924     Golden Years     Bowie, David
925     Move Over     Joplin, Janis
926     I Need A Lover     Mellencamp, John
927     Beth     Kiss
928     Fire Down Below     Seger, Bob
929     Love Is Alive     Wright, Gary
930     Hurdy Gurdy Man     Donovan
931     Jim Dandy     Black Oak Arkansas
932     Midnight Special     CCR
933     Seven Bridges Road     Eagles
934     Play With Fire     Rolling Stones
935     Down By The River     Young, Neil
936     Live Wire     AC/DC
937     Someone Saved My Life Tonight     John, Elton
938     She Said, She Said     Beatles
939     Under Pressure     Queen
940     The Alabama Song     Doors
941     Mercury Blues     Miller, Steve
942     Fly By Night     Rush
943     You’ve Got Another Thing Coming Judas Priest
944     Only Time Will Tell     Asia
945     Even In The Quietest Moments     Supertramp
946     Legend of a Mind     Moody Blues
947     Samba Pa Ti     Santana
948     Over My Head     Fleetwood Mac
949     Tight Rope     Russell, Leon
950     You Might Think     Cars
951     Big Ten Inch Record     Aerosmith
952     Time Machine     Grand Funk Railroad
953     Dog And Butterfly     Heart
954     Amazing Journey/Sparks     Who
955     How Long     Eagles
956     Boogie With Stu     Led Zeppelin
957     Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love     Van Halen
958     Farm on the Freeway     Jethro Tull
959     I Love Rock and Roll     Jett, Joan
960     Thunder Road     Springsteen, Bruce
961     Tomorrow Never Knows     Beatles
962     Far Away Eyes     Rolling Stones
963     Beautiful Day     U2
964     Dirty Work     Steely Dan
965     Heard It On The X     ZZ Top
966     Great White Buffalo     Nugent, Ted
967     Seagull     Bad Company
968     Melissa     Allman Brothers
969     Sugaree     Garcia, Jerry
970     Tell Her No     Zombies
971     Déjà Vu      CSN&Y
972     Wishing Well     Free
973     Before You Accuse Me     Clapton, Eric
974     Hey You     Pink Floyd
975     Harmony     John, Elton
976     Good Golly Miss Molly     CCR
977     Outlaw Man     Eagles
978     Bron-y-aur Stomp     Led Zeppelin
979     Empty Arms     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
980     Third Stone From The Sun     Hendrix, Jimi
981     I’m Looking Through You     Beatles
982     Get Out Of Denver     Seger, Bob
983     Too Rolling Stoned     Trower, Robin
984     WASP     Doors
985     The Song Is Over     Who
986     Signs     Five Man Electrical Band
987     I Don’t Wanna Know     Fleetwood Mac
988     Mother’s Little Helper     Rolling Stones
989     Freeway Jam     Beck, Jeff
990     Even The Losers     Petty, Tom
991     Life During Wartime     Talking Heads
992     Hey Bulldog     Beatles
993     Moonlight Mile     Rolling Stones
994     Paradise by the Dashboard Lights Meatloaf
995     Train Train     Blackfoot
996     Into The Mystic     Morrison, Van
997     That’s The Way     Led Zeppelin
998     Across the Universe     Beatles
999     Whammer Jammer/Hard Drivin’ Man J. Geils Band
1000   Flying High Again     Ozzy Osbourne

Steve Slayton is The Best Radio DJ in The Business!

KZOK Rocks man! You are the HOTTEST for sure. I listen online sometimes, and just about any time in my car while driving to work, or catching a cool rock show. I saw my all time favourite, Paul McCartney 5 times, and The Stones 5 times as well!  I wrote my first album When I got sick from paratanitous in 1997, and spent about 28 days in the hospital with major surgery’s. It includes the song “Radio Man” which I wrote for your Former  DJ Man  and trivia Rock King, Mr. Steve Slayton, Now relocated to 95.7 KJR Oldies Station. He is the best in the business you know!  It appears on my “I’m Alive’ cd that I wrote and produced. Here are the lyrics:

Radio Man      (Written by Eric “E.T.” Turnbow)

(Dedicated to Steve Slayton of KZOK Radio.) copyrite 1998 (Key of A minor)  All Rights Reserved.

SteveSlaton2011.jpg SteveSlaton2011.jpg SteveSlaton2011.jpg SteveSlaton2011.jpg

Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

Music make the world go ’round
Dollar for dollar, pound for pound
So sing a sweet song when you know I’m down
Oh Radio man , wipe off this frown, wipe off this

Keep playing your music, don’t stop too soon
Radio rocket shoot me up to the moon
Oh Radio man, come on and keep me in tune
Come on and keep me in tune
(Repeat chorus)

Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

A.M. F.M. whatever it takes
Crank up the music end keep me awake
Oh Radio man I dig the music you make,
I dig the music you make
A Flugelhorn or a Bass Guitar
Maracas, piano, exotic sitar
Oh Radio man I think you’re a star, think you’re a
(Repeat chorus)

Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

My radio’s blasting, mile after mile
Thanks to you brother I’m cruising in style
Oh Radio man, let’s rock for a while, let’s rock for a

Oh Radio man, keep on singing
I feel your vibrations, my ears are still ringing
You’re part of the plan, my Radio man, my Radio man
Yes you’re part of the plan, my Radio man,
my Radio man
Keep on, keep on giving,
so I’ll have reason to keep on living
You’re part of the plan
My Radio man, My Radio man
My Radio man, My Radio man

Written by Eric Turnbow (Extraterrestrial Music, Copyrite 1998 )

Steve Slayton has to be  My favourite Radio D.J. of all time! He recently has relocated to KJR 95.7 Radio in Seattle!  I have grown up with your killer classic rock and roll stories and various attributes. His “Breakfast with the Beatles” specials have always been  incredible! I am thrilled to see that He is back on the air! Very cool!

I also got to see Steve  broadcast live at some bar in down town Tacoma in 2002 when Paul McCartney was doing his “Driving Rain” tour at the Tacoma dome. It was awesome! He gave away a ton of cool gifts, and was broadcasting live from the venue just before the shoe. Then I took the Radio Station sponsored bus over to the Tacoma Dome to see the show!

I travelled to England twice to see The Beatles sacred stomping grounds. The first time was in 1992 where I stayed about 21 days, 3 of the in Paris though. I spent 10 days in Liverpool and the rest in London which I loved so much that I went back for another 9 days in 1997, I love Abbey Road and sniffing that Beatles air! Really! In fact Michael Moore is going to put me in his movie “Sicko” and use footage of me walking on my hands across Abbey Road in 1997, and falling down, dislocating my shoulder, but receiving FREE medical attention through their International healthcare plan. So look for me in Hollywood soon, or at least on the big screen!

So here is more about me. I am lucky to make a great living in the music field for a solid 14 years as a Music DJ and Karaoke consultant. Feel free to use it as you like and edit if for content. Here is my website!


“E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke and D.J.” is owned by Eric Turnbow of Olympia Washington. Since March of 1993, “E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke and D.J.” has provided entertainment locally at parties, weddings, lounges, High schools, and various functions. As business manager, Eric, known professionally as “E.T.”, is required to set up and operate the karaoke equipment, and encourage audience members to participate and perform. He is also responsible for training and supervising a staff of trained professional karaoke hosts. He is actively involved with the marketing, advertising, phone sales, maintaining and updating equipment, as well as signing Performance contracts for his business. He is currently operating with several systems, providing the community with quality Live Entertainment, Karaoke, and D.J. services. He also offers party rentals, which can be ordered with all the extras including: Pro Audio, Multiple Laser Discs, cdg’s, and audio cd’s, complete with party lights and speaker stands. He welcomes new accounts and enjoys meeting new business contacts that love music as much as he does. He literally has years of experience, and customer service is his middle name!
E.T. has worked worked as a professional Entertainer for rock and roll and country variety bands [singles, duo’s, trio's, and combos], including; London, Local Hero, The Raging River Band, The Midnight Riders, Feed-Back, Sage, Hard Rain, Side-Kick, The Dynamic Duo, and most recently by using sequences, drum machines, piano, guitar, harmonica, and karaoke performance tracks, he has created “E.T.’s One Man Wonder Band”, which continues to perform and tantalize a worldwide audience!

In 1998 he fulfilled a life long dream by producing, writing, and singing his own CD of all original music entitled: E.T. “I’m Alive”, a conceptual album which celebrates life. This fifteen song set remains his most personal and ambitious work yet accomplished. This product is available at his web site

or you can buy it locally at selected stores and live performances.You can order yours directly by phoning him at (360 943-7039). To date he has written some 100 plus songs, and would love to sell his work to established artists! Feel free to inquire. He has taken the opportunity to copyright his original songs with the federal government, obtaining one hundred percent ownership.  On 03/03/03 E.T. produced and released his second album entitled “Generic Eric”. This 21 song super CD is a highly personal and intimate tribute to some of his favourite song writers such as “Bob Dylan”, “Neil Young”, “The Beatles”, “The Moody Blues” and “Tom Petty”. He also included one original track “Napoleon” to fit into the mix. This hour of music was producedat Little Rock Studios with engineer Tim Prellwitz.
His current project is coming along as well. This is a karaoke compilation of some of his best original songs. This collection includes all the words on the screen in CDG format with a bonus guide vocal track with E.T. singing the songs so that you can easily learn them as well.There is a plan in motion now to add up to 15 original karaoke songs to the volume four master book in the ETCDG library. We have checked other karaoke company’s song selection and to date have not found anything like this! E.T. truly is a pioneer in this field!
E.T.s other interests include travelling, (He has been to England twice, focusing on London and Liverpool for the cool Beatles history), as well as taking vacations in exotic countries such as: France, Belgium, Holland,Mexico, Canada, and yes, even five weeks in Israel, dodging bullets in the Middle East! He especially enjoys documenting road trips with video journals,snapshots, and poetry books! He loves to play chess, surf the web on his computer, burn CD’s, update the websight, play computer pinball, take nature walks, or simply a take a romantic stroll down the Pacific Ocean on a weekend getaway. He loves to dine out, go skating, read novels, watch movies, ride his motorcycle, dancing, and dating. (He’s single girls!).
One major passion he has is attending major concert events, having recently attended many legendary performances including: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, CSNY, Tina Turner, Elton John, Shaun Mullins, Jackson Browne, The Moody Blues, Rodger Waters, and “Kansas”, to name just a few! Recently he has began writing an assortment of new songs for his next cd project, which he hopes to deliver sometime in the near future. Yes, Eric “E.T.” Turnbow is enthusiastic and full of life. He shows no signs of slowing down in the new millennium, or possibly even the next one!

Eric Turnbow

  • Also beginning MONDAY, SLATON’s show can be heard on the Internet at www.oldiesseattle.com and at www.iheartradio.com, as well as via the iheartradio mobile application on iPODS, BLACKBERRY, DROID and other smartphones.”It is a dream fulfilled to join BOB RIVERS at the station I grew up listening to and always wanted to be at!” SLATON said. “THE BEATLES, STONES and even MUNGO JERRY just sound better on Oldies 95.7 SEATTLE, the Greatest Hits of All Time Baby!”"There was an incredible outpouring of enthusiasm and support when STEVE’s fans across SEATTLE heard he’d be back on the air with us,” OM and KJR PD JOHN PEAKE said. “We’re delighted to have STEVE SLATON as part of our Oldies 95.7 family.