Eric Turnbow was featured in Michael Moore’s movie “SiCKO” June 28, 2007


Eric was featured in Michael Moore’s movie “SiCKO”. This is the article that The Daily Olympian, our local Newspaper published on the subject from June 28, 2007. Enjoy!
Moore’s movie ‘SiCKO’ spotlights Olympia man

Breanne Coats
The Olympian  June 28, 2007

OLYMPIA — When Eric “E.T.” Turnbow of Olympia videotaped himself doing a handstand on London’s Abbey Road in 1997, it had two unintended consequences: a fall that landed him in the hospital, and a role in director Michael Moore’s new movie, “Sicko.”

Turnbow, now 46, dislocated his shoulder and thought the resulting medical costs would ruin his vacation. He was surprised that during his hospital stay, which lasted several hours, he had to pay only for his medication. The cost was 5 pounds, the equivalent of less than $10 at the time.

“Sicko” will be in theaters Friday, including the Regal Martin Village 16 in Lacey. The film, Moore’s first since “Fahrenheit 9/11″ in 2004, is a documentary aimed at highlighting the faults of the U.S. health care system. Turnbow said his London experience is used as a bridge for Moore to go from North America to Europe in the film. He said Moore goes to England to see if health care there is really that inexpensive.

Turnbow never talked directly to Moore during filming but said that at a premiere of “Sicko” June 14 in Seattle, Moore recognized him immediately and mouthed “thank you.” “(Moore’s) sister (Anne Moore) made the comment, ‘You are the one that provided some comic relief in the middle of our little picture,’ ” Turnbow said about the premier.

Turnbow, a guitarist, singer and karaoke disc jockey, said he has been entertaining people since grade school. The passionate Beatles fan — his house is adorned with artefacts featuring the band — was in London to visit the place where The Beatles recorded. He was filming himself on the stretch of road immortalized on the cover of the Beatles album “Abbey Road” when he fell. He said about Moore, “I believe what he stands for. He’s kind of a rebel, and I’m kind of a rebel as well.”He agrees with Moore’s stance about socialized medicine.”What they need to do is take the profit factor out of medicine,” Turnbow said.
Turnbow works nights as a DJ at the Viking Lounge in Lacey and owns E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke. He said he surfs the Web as a hobby and subscribes to Moore’s e-mail list.

Picked from 25,000

Moore had sent a message to his e-mail group asking for medical-treatment stories. Turnbow said Moore picked his response from about 25,000. In his message to Moore, Turnbow mentioned his short experience with England’s socialized health care. “(Moore) just thought the thing on Abbey Road was funny,” Turnbow said. “I don’t mind a good laugh at my expense. I was honored to be a part of it.”

After dozens of phone calls with Moore’s assistants and turning over evidence to show his story was true, Turnbow received notification about a month ago that his story made it into the movie. Moore’s assistants sifted through four hours of Turnbow’s vacation footage and compiled a piece about two minutes long. Turnbow said it includes his arrival in London, singing an original song with a friend, the soon-to-be-famous fall and him on medication.

Turnbow took his sister, Katherine Peil, to the premiere. Other family members plan to see his big-screen debut Friday. “It’s fun,” said his mother, Jean. “Not everyone walks on their hands on Abbey Road.”  Besides VIP passes to the Seattle premiere, Turnbow did not receive compensation. “I didn’t ask for any money because I’m in it for the cause and to be immortalized,” he said.

Breanne Coats is a news intern at The Olympian. She can be reached at 360-704-6871 or Click HERE for Northwest Karaoke and Entertainment Guide News Stories about ET.



Sicko | 2007  Michaels commentary about Eric’s visit to England, and how it appears in the film! ENJOY!

  • That’s not hard to believe when you meet fellow Americans like Eric.

    # Oh, England, here we go

    Eric Turnbow of Olympia. Washington. Saved up his whole life

    so that he could visit the famed Abbey Road cross walk in London.

    But it wasn’t enough for Erik to just walk across the road like The Beatles did.

    He had to do it his own special way.

    Here’s Erik, about to walk on his hands across Abbey Road.



    Try it again.

    Are you in pain?


    The British hospital didn’t charge Erik anything for his stay.

    And only about ten bucks for all the way-cool drugs they gave him.

    You’re all slung up.

    I’m gonna be OK.

    I decided to go to Great Britain to find out how a hospital stay could be free.

    And drugs could cost only ten dollars.

  • **************************************************


“Sicko” is a Top Movie Documentary Money Maker!

“Sicko” in Top 5 Grossing Docs of All Time — This Weekend it’s “‘Sicko’ Night in America!”… from Michael Moore

Thursday, July 19th, 2007


Good news! “Sicko,” after less than three weeks in national release, has become one of the top five grossing documentaries of all time! So, this coming weekend, the distributor is expanding the movie by opening it in nearly 500 new theaters in small cities all over the country (for a total of nearly 1,200 screens nationwide)! From Rapid City to Carson City, from Gettysburg to Pearl Harbor, from Juneau to Battle Creek — they’re all getting “Sicko” tomorrow (Friday). Scores of cities that never have a documentary come to their local theater will now be able to see this one. It’s happening all thanks to you who live in the larger cities and have supported “Sicko” so strongly. It’s led the studio to say, “Let’s make more prints and ship them to Oshkosh (and Beaverton and Brattleboro and Sault Ste. Marie and…).” The entire country goes “Sicko” in less than 48 hours! (Check here for the complete list of theaters showing “Sicko” in North America.)

So, friends, this is it. This is the weekend to go see “Sicko” if you haven’t seen it. I get a lot of letters from people saying they plan to “get around” to seeing it “soon.” Well, soon is here! Trying to get theaters to give us screens when we are up against huge summer blockbusters is an almost impossible task. “Sicko” won’t be around forever. And if you’re waiting for the DVD, ask anyone who’s seen “Sicko” — this is a movie you want to see with a crowd of people in a theater.

So let’s pack the movie houses this weekend! Send an email to everyone you know, call your friends and tell them, “It’s ‘Sicko’ Night in America!”

And, to show my thanks to all of you who’ll go see “Sicko” this weekend, I’m going to send one of you and a guest on a free weekend to the universal health care country of your choice! That’s right. You’ll get to pick one of the three industrialized countries featured in the movie where, if you get sick, you get help for free, no matter who you are. All you have to do is send us your ticket stub (make sure it says “Sicko” on it and has the name of the theater and this weekend’s date on it — Friday, Saturday or Sunday – July 20th, 21st, 22nd). Attach the stub to a piece of paper with your name, address, phone number and email and send it to: ‘Sicko’ Night in America, 888c 8th Avenue, Suite 443, New York, NY 10019. (Yes, you have to use that old 18th century device called the U.S. Postal Service, and it has to be postmarked on or by Tuesday, July 24th). First prize is a weekend in the city of your choice: Paris, London or Toronto. This includes airfare, hotel, meals and, most exciting, a representative from their fine universal health care system who will give you a personal tour so you can see how they treat their fellow citizens. You’ll meet people who pay nothing for college and citizens who are in the fourth week of their six-week paid vacation. Oh, and you’ll have time to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or whatever they have in Toronto that is old and tall. (If you don’t have a passport, we’ll pay for that, too!)

Canadians who are reading this — you’re probably thinking, “Hey, what about us? Where do we get to go?” Quit complaining! You’re already there! But just to make it up to you — and to prove we don’t hold it against you for smugly walking out of a hospital with the same amount of money in your wallet that you went in with — we’ll let you participate in the drawing, too.

Thanks again to everyone who has gone to see “Sicko.” Take a friend or two this weekend and celebrate “‘Sicko’ Night in America.”


Michael Moore

P.S. I’ll be on “The Colbert Report” tonight (Thursday) on Comedy Central. On a sadder note, my appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer has been moved to a later date. Wolf just called to say he had a death in his family and that we would have to re-schedule. Our condolences to him and his family.


E-Mails from “Sicko” Movie Fans:

— Susan Graham <> wrote:

It was a powerful movie.  I, for one, am scared to death.

I have a friend that has her own story to tell -
Group Health basically told
her she had 2 years and to go home (she had a rare
cancer).  She fought them
and won and has been helping people win their
appeals to insurance companies
ever since.
She has written a how-to book on getting your insurance co to pay
( and would really like to help as many people as she can.  She’s begun training people, gives
lectures, interviews, etc. Can you suggest a way of getting this information to Michael Moore’s webmaster so she might be listed as a resource?
Susan Graham

Eric has responded to Susan:

Thank You Susan….

I am sure your story would be of interest to Micheal
Moore. He is compassionate man who takes his causes
seriously. I am so glad you saw the film! I really
think is powerful as well. Such a good cause that
would benefit all Americans. I have forwarded this
letter to my contacts for Micheal Moore. There is no
guarantee he will be able to help, but I have sent
your request to him all the same. Good luck. I am sure
he would love to hear your feedback. Just remember
that he is a busy man! be patient.


This is Guy named Justin that was there in London when the  original home made video was shot in 1997. We met through the internet some 10 years later and this is our dialogue!

Wow.  I just saw “Sicko,” and to my surprise I sawon the big screen my
encounter with you at Abbey Road from ten years ago. That was great!
Congratulations on making the film!!

I am the one-handed, fellow American there that day who was taking your picture.  Your hand-walking experience, while quite  painful to watch, definitely gave me a vivid lasting memory and story from my visit to Abbey Road, and I’ve told the story many times to my friends.  I always wondered how your shoulder turned out, and I’m glad everything was taken care of by the English medical system and that you are ok. Is there any way you make me a copy of the original footage from your trip…at least of that day at Abbey Road?  Or is there somewhere I could find it online?  I would really appreciate it.  Just let me know if you need me to somehow verify that it’s me.  I now live in San Francisco.  Hope all’s well,

Justin Wiener
PS: I don’t know if you remember or have it on  video, but that day I was
there with a girl.  I happened to see “Sicko”  tonight with her!

(And Here is My Response to Justin)


Wow what a small world we live in! We met in London, and because of “Sicko” we connect via San Francisco.Olympia and the internet! That is way cool! You must have been in the picture to! I will let Micheal Moore’s office know that we connected like this. Itmakes a great footnote.

As for your request, there is a video posting of the event online. Here is the link. Just click the little movie icon below my picture. Let me know if that is good enough. I could possibly send you a vhs copy of the original shot. The paper copied it from my dvd and made a collage with an interview. Lot’s of people have seen it. I am getting a ton of feedback.


– Justin <> wrote:

That sounds fine, Eric.  Gash…if only you had a
DVD!  I don’t even have VHS
player here…but I think Sarah might have one.

So where can i send you the 10 bucks?

On 7/11/07, Eric Turnbow (E.T.)

I would need to bill you for shipping and a tape, Maybe ten bucks to cover my trouble?


Justin <> wrote:
I guess a watered down copy will do if you can’t
get a DVD.
Thanks! -Justin
On 7/10/07, Eric Turnbow (Responded)
I have it on dvd and vhs. The vhs will be a little watered down since I sent Michael Moore the originals. and he sent me back the dvd and kept the originals. I am not burning dvd’s yes, but could probably make you a watered down copy of all the Abbey Road stuff. I am glad you enjoyed the links. A lot of people have seen me in this flick! Incredible.
So  stay in touch check out the sign my boss put out at the club
I work at! Kind of cool……..
You may also want to read my report online! Check out
this link. Click the read more to see the whole story!
Thanks a lot, and great to hear from you. My shoulder
is fine.

Mr. Eric Turnbow


More Fan Emails: From 2007

— Judy Ubusted <> wrote:
WOW!  I just watched the movie you attached to this email.  Are you interviewed in all the papers or just the Olympia one?  What were you doing on Abbey road that led to the hospital?? Michael Moore! Wow. Is he a cool person?  There’s quite a bit of controversy about him. He has some pretty good  thoughts about a lot of things.   I bet it was pretty awesome to actually be where the Beatles were.  Is there a lot of memorabilia of them?  So did you take your family over there on vacation, or did you go by yourself?  You are on home movies, so I was wondering.   So you do a show every night at the Viking??  Not real familiar with that area.  Is is a good place to go?    Let me know ok?
(And I Responded Here:)

Yes…. HUGE Beatles fan. That is what led to my part in “Sicko” in fact. Takes     place in London at Abbey Road!

We work at The Viking every night singing Karaoke and dancing and having a great time. You should drop in sometime.

I went to England twice. Once in 1992 for 21 days,which also included a 3 day stint in Paris France. Itravelled alone on that one. The second trip in 1997 I travelled with a friend of mine. I liked this waybetter so you can share the experience. We were in London for about 9 days and took a few days off tgo to Amsterdam! The music history in London is cool.There is plenty of memorabilia to buy there trust me! Yes, Michael Moor is a great man. I admire his work. It was thrill to meet him and be in his movie! Any more questions?


More Fan E-Mails:


I saw Sicko today – my birthday gift to myself!!  – and really enjoyed your story.  I LOVE the Beatles, and if I could, I would spiderwalk  backwards toward Abbey Road Studios.  Sorry that you hurt your shoulder – but it was really funny, too.

 Best of luck
Barbara Pomer

(Eric’s Response)

Thanks Barbara

I am glad you liked it! Amazing to have my story chosen from 25,000 potential subjects! He had 500 hours of film to cut to 2 hours and he kept in my part! AMAZING!
Oh and happy birthday!



Bill and Julie Brewster <>

Hey Eric,
Billy Brewster here. Heard the news on NPR the other day, Google news…
you, and there you were!Standing on your hands again.  You’re not as
young as you used to be young man.  I tore my rotator cuff body surfing in Mexico but the pain wasn’t bad enough to go to the hospital.  I don’t think I would want to land in a hospital in another country than my own, but I
have heard a few success stories.  I still have clear memories of you walking up and down those stairs in your home as a kid.  Did you ever get an entry in the Guinness  World Book of Records for most consecutive days living life completely from hand stands? Well, I guess I have a reason to see “Sicko” now. It would be good to see it so I can have an intelligent conversation with my brother.  We failed miserably after F-9-11 came out.  I didn’t have a clue and he was all over it.

see you, Billy Brewster
currently residing in Gig Harbor,

(And My Response)On 7/4/07, Eric Turnbow (E.T.)

Thanks Bill! Great to hear from you my friend! And give me a ring when you are down this way. I will have you over. My house rocks! I also work in a club on Martin way almost every night, It is called The Viking. Come check it out sometime.Your Mom, Mary used to babysit me all the time when I was a little squirt. I would love to see her as well sometime.  Happy 4th!

My appearance in the major motion picture “Sicko” has brought me a lot of notoriety and fame. I have been in the paper (front page), online, video interviewed by the Olympian, on am radio komo 1000, and even linked to Micheal Moore’s site in new York. It has been great for business too, I am swamped,and loving it, Lots of $400 and upwards weddings right now. Viking is rocking better than ever, Over 85,000 songs. My cd has seen a new resurgence as well, Lots of interest since I sing a bit in the movie. It is crazy. It has been a lot more than just 15 minutes of fame…… Still counting.


hosshoss@comcast.netwrote:  Monday, June 18, 2007 11:35 PM

I’m happy for you Eric !!!….good job…

Barton l Herigstad

  • abbyroadhands.jpgabbyroadhands.jpg

My sister said she has communicated with you by email. She is one hot smart cookie. Allays gives grea tadvice and is educated to the hilt. I am glad you connected in what little way possible. I admire her a lot, and am one damn proud brother, that is for sure!She has always supported me in whatever I try to do in life. That is a cool thing about her.

I also appreciate your support and assume that you are not the biggest Michael Moore fan out there, just like I am not a big George Bush fan. You know what I mean. I can agree to disagree. I have decided not to voice my politics at work in the future. It seems to have a conflicting effect! I will sort of just be “Politically correct” and conduct my duties as an all pro DJ! Sound good?

Good luck with your music. I have always admired your booming full voice. You have unmistakable raw talent. I can really see it in your performances! Stop by some night and sing one with me at The Viking, We will welcome you with open arms.

And remember, we all should walk down Abbey Road on ourhands, Hell, why not? They have free health care and cheap meds in Briton!



(Another Fan Email from a Capital High Class Mate)

Subject: Re: [capitalhs79] Saw Eric’s & Michael’s Movie!
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 10:27:19 -0700 (PDT)

Here is my review:   So, I rarely see movies any more before they come out on video – especially documentaries – but I had to make an exception to see our infamous classmate.  I saw “Sicko” Friday night, and in Canada, no less, while at a conference in Vancouver, so the crowd reactions were also quite interesting (puzzlement at the descriptions of US plans, deductibles, excluded pre-existing conditions, gasps for the poor cancer survivor who had to move in with her daughter, etc.).  Eric, your part was great
but painful to watch you fall.  Ouch, and your cameraman wanted you to do it again.  . . .    Do you have any plans to go back there now?   . . .   Your scenes drew many laughs, mine included.  Afterwards, I stayed and watched all the credits – I saw your name (right above Eddie Vedder’s actually).  I bragged to several strangers that I knew you.  Separate from the politics of it all, it was a very funny movie to see. I recommend it.
Hi to everyone.  Two more years until the 30th. Yikes.
Take care, Linda

(Eric Turnbow (E.T.) Responds)

A lot of people have heard me on komo radio. I found it ion the web. I had not heard it myself since it was originally broadcasted  in the wee hours when shut eye was still in effect. I got a kick out of finally hearing it online. I hope you will as well. And go see the flick if you have not yet! I saw it twice. Once in Seattle, and once in Lacey. During my part the audience shouted in recognition of an Olympia man being showcased. the girl that sold me my ticket did not believe me when I mentioned I was in the film.Fine with me. You cannot change the reality of it all! A very specific, and moving for for sure. Enjoy. And never take yourself all that seriously. It’s all good though.

(Another Fan Email from a Capital High Class Mate)

Got back from AK and saw this little tempest.  I know I’m late with my comment here, but I got to say it. Eric, you’re just great! Gonna’ go see the movie now. Checked out the Olympian link, and love the footage. Hope we can meet up, maybe at one of Greg’s shows.


(And My Response to class mate Joe)

Thanks Joe. I really appreciate it. There has been a lot of feed back and I love every bit of it. I am glad a lot of people have seen the film. It is a great piece if work. I predict it will win the Oscar for best documentary. I look forward to seeing every one soon. I have had a busy summer to say the least. My involvement in the movie has been fabulous and led to
more work and exciting stuff. I think it may just follow me around for the rest of my life. Permanent, on the resume and all. I am very proud of it. Sort of kicks my career to a whole new level! Stay cool everyone, because life is good. You do not HAVE to CONFORM! Just be yourself.


(This letter came from a Facebook Fan, and Family Friend, Valerie….)

Congratulations Eric!
That is so cool.  Remind me to tell you about our experience in England with taking Paige to the doctor there.
Long story short:  Paige was 2, before our trip I had been trying to get her treated through Group Health and they kept putting us off.   She was feeling a little better so we left for our planned trip to England.  After 2 days Paige fell ill again.  Instead of goofing around getting put off with an HMO — the English doctor admitted her to the hospital, actually gave her care, kept her in there for 3 days — and it didn’t cost anything.  They couldn’t understand why I was so worried about cost, they were focused on Paige not money.  They couldn’t understand why I kept trying to give them our insurance cards.  Then it dawned on me — they were concerned about my child’s health and not the MONEY.  We ended up making a donation to the hospital.
Paige had the best medical care in England — better than anything here.  So what we hear about their system being no good is just a bunch of crap.
Thanks Eric for sharing your story.

(Another Fan Email from a Capital High Class Mate Monday, July 9, 2007

Greg Roth <> wrote:

This is very cool! This is one movie I am not going to miss. I can’t  think of much more important subject then this. The Medical industrial complex and insurance companies are out of control. This  is the most prosperous nation in the world and yet we rank in the  high 30′s in medical coverage for our citizens. I feel fortunate to be covered but it is scary to know that certain treatment decisions are made as business decisions instead of medical ones. Thank you for  your contributions and passion for this subject.

(And Fellow Capital High Graduate Eric Responds)

Thanks Greg…

It has been a whirlwind of press and feedback for me.The Olympian interviewed me 3 times and posted the article and video online. Then I went on the radio and KIRO am1000 last Friday. My boss at The Viking is
digging the exposure. He put a congratulation’s to “Sicko Star” E.T. on the board outside, and encouraged people to stop in and meet me. They sure have!

I am glad you liked it! Amazing to have my story chosen from 25,000 potential subjects! He had 500 hours of film to cut to 2 hours and he kept in my part! AMAZING! I am proud to make that cut for sure!
Yes, it has been great for business as well.

And I enjoyed seeing your Band spread of pics back at the mother yahoo site. Way to go. Rock and Roll with tons of personality. When I saw you in High school starring in “God-spell” I knew you would get into the live performing arts! I ended up doing the same. but along the way ended up as more of a DJ Personality, and playing my guitar and writing songs more for the passion of it all. I guess I can make a better living as a D.J. and that is why I decided to go that route.I am a live musician at heart for sure. A bad-ass singer/songwriter inspired by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and Neil Young among others.

Maybe I will see you again at Lakefair? It is just around the bend. I will keep an eye out for ALL fellow Class of “79graduates. They all seem to rock!


(Another Fan Email from a Capital High Class Mate), Kimberly Wakefield
Hey Eric,  How awesome is this?  Your email was great to
read and cant wait to see this movie.
Kim (Carroll) Wakefield

(My Response)….thanks Kimberly!

I hope you saw the article and video in The Olympian paper and online as well. It was posted at Micheal Moore’s website and picked up just about everywhere. Stay in touch….
Ps I will be on the radio, komo 1000 on Tuesday afternoon. I did a phone interview with them about my involvement in the movie. Crazy strike of luck eh?

This cool photo was taken at The Seattle Premier of “Sicko” with Michael Moore in attendance!

This next piece was Published in a local Aberdeen Newspaper

Harbor man appears in Michael Moore’s ‘SiCKO’
By Callie White – Daily World Writer Thursday, July 12, 2007 10:54 AM

Aberdeen native Ken Aronson has a passion for music and entertainment. So it should be a dream come true to him that he and a song he wrote are very briefly featured in Michael Moore’s new movie “SiCKO,” a documentary about the American healthcare system. But the part-time karaoke jockey said he doesn’t feel he has received his due for the part he played in the movie.

Aronson’s story, the one told in “SiCKO,” starts with his love of the Beatles. He and his fellow Beatle-loving friend Eric Turnbow went together to England in April of 1997, they did the obligatory pilgrimage to Abbey Road, home to the studio that recorded the seminal “Abbey Road” album. Aronson videotaped the entire trip, starting with boarding the plane to get there.

So, of course, Aronson caught Turnbow doing the kind of stunt that tourists, intoxicated by being in an unfamiliar place, sometimes attempt. He started
walking across Abbey Road on his hands.

Paul McCartney’s bare feet may have been a “clue” to teenage conspiracy theorists back in the day that he was dead; Turnbow, crossing the street on
his bare hands, may have thought he was about to die when he came down, hard, putting his shoulder out of joint.

“We knew we had to take him to a hospital,”Aronson said. When they got there, Turnbow handed a credit card to the staff on duty, telling them they
could charge him for healthcare.

Socialized medicine:

But, Aronson said, that didn’t happen. Instead, Turnbow got some odd looks. Because of England’s socialized medical system, it cost Turnbow almost nothing. In the movie, Moore contrasts that with the American medical system.

“In the U.S., he’d have been out $2,000 at least,” Aronson said. In Britain, Turnbow had his arm reset for free; he was charged “three or four
pounds” for painkillers, about $6 at the time.

Aronson said the two were concerned they’d miss a tribute concert to Buddy Holly that was only a few hours from the time they got to the hospital. “We were out of there fast,” Aronson said. They didn’t miss a moment of the show, which Aronson said was “great.”

Aronson contrasted his friend’s experience inBritain with his here; not only has Aronson spent timein hospital waiting rooms, he is only now going in for surgery on his jaw and teeth, which were badly damaged when he was hit by a vehicle while working on the side
of his house.

Song in the movie:

“Before we left (for England), I came up with a song, ‘Oh England,’ ” Aronson said. He taped the two of them doing an acapella version, which was used in the movie. (About 3 seconds).

Aronson is miffed that he did not control Moore’s access to the video and song he claims are his work. Would he feel better if his name was in the credits? “I think so,” Aronson said. He added that he would
not mind a share of the royalties for the use of his song.

RE Ken Aronson article about “Sicko”…. My responce!

Sunday, July 22, 2007 4:33 PM
“Eric Turnbow (E.T.)” <>
“Aberdeen news” <>

Letters to the editor:

RE: Harbor man appears in Sicko…..

My name is Eric Turnbow, and I am responding to the article you published about my involvement in the Micheal Moore feature “Sicko”. Feel free to print any of this in your paper as a letter to the editor!

First of all, I would like to be known straight up that there was no royalty or money payed out to me for the use of any info that was included in the film
“Sicko”. I signed a waiver allowing the film makers to use any material they needed for the movie.

I am miffed by the fact that Ken said he wanted “Control” over the use of the song “Oh England”, that we co-wrote together in the spirit of a Lennon/McCartney collaboration. In fact, I came up more than half the lyrics, and ALL the music to the song. Therefore it is “OUR” song. A joint venture. Let me point out that they never really used the song in the film. There is only a 4 second clip of both of ussinging a couple bars of it “Oh England Oh, oh, Oh England Here we go” while we were at the hotel room in London. That is it. The actual track is about 3 minutes and 54 seconds in length! I had given Micheal Moore a copy of my original cd “I’m Alive” and
released all rights to him should he be able to useany of it in the film, and he chose not top use the tracks.

I would also point out that I, Eric Turnbow own 100% of the copy write to this album. I wrote 14 and a halfof the tracks and sing all of them. I have registered all the songs with the U.S. Copy write Office. Ken chose not to pay for his half of the one song hecontributed to, and thus waived any rights he ever may have had for the use of this song! Instead we made a deal to cover his trouble where I sold him up to 100 copies of the cd at about HALF of my cost. He then re-sold them at a  profit. I financed 100 percent of
all studio time on this project and did not receive one single penny from Mr. Aronson. I also bought the rights from him to all the movie footage we shot of our London and Amsterdam vacation for $40 so I own the
rights to those as well. Here is the lyrics, and the proof that I own the copyrite in full!


Co- Written By Eric Turnbow and Ken Aronson
Copyright Claimant: Song Rights Owned By E.T.© · on words, music & sound recording; Eric Turnbow, 1961- (E.T. Turnbow) Date of Creation: 1998 Work: Sound Recording and Music Registration Number / Date:
SRu000402834 / 1999-03-03

Title: I’m alive.
Description: Compact disc. Notes: Collection.
Copyright Claimant: © · on words, music & sound Recording;

Eric Turnbow, 1961-(E.T. Turnbow)

Date of Creation: 1998
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Names: Turnbow, Eric, 1961-
Turnbow, E.T.
The Library of Congress
United States Copyright Office
101 Independence Ave., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000


Spoken ) England’s a barrel of fun,
straight up, I wouldn’t tell you no lie…..

Oh England, whoa Oh
Oh England, here we go
Oh England, whoa Oh
Oh England, here we go

Take a trip to England,
fly across the sea
Take a trip to London,
just you and me
Hang out with the Beatles,
and sing at the BBC
Piccadilly Circus is the place to be

(Repeat chorus)

Dark fog is liftin’,
as we hit Trafalgar Square
Red buses stacked up,
and tourists everywhere
Pigeons lit softly,
on the lion statue’s hair
And the sound of music,
you could hear it in the air

(Repeat chorus)

Bed and breakfast,
with your best friend
Buckingham in the morning,
and it’s off to see Big Ben
Black taxi’s on narrow streets,
take us to Abbey Road
London’s overwhelming,
makes us overload

(Repeat chorus)

Oh England, whoa Oh
Oh England, it’s time to go

(Spoken) What-cha Mate!
Bloody come over on holiday to merry England
Do the pubs and clubs with a bird on each arm.
Tour by coach and drink a bevy on me gov’

Mr. Aronson does not even know who Micheal Moore is! He knew ahead of time about this project and had absolutely ZERO interest in it. He does not even know how to turn on a computer, let alone surf the net, so therefore he never could have contacted the film maker if he even wanted to. My email was chosen from 25,000 stories, and it is a miracle it made it into the film.
Mr. Moore had a 500 hour film that he had to trim to a mere 2 hours, yet my Abbey Road incident made the cut! Now that is some odds. Fantastic!

I think that Mr. Aronson is being an opportunistic imdividule in regards to  this whole incident. My screen time is 90 seconds, and his is, well about 4 seconds! Rather than complain about not being recognized, he should be thanking Micheal Moore, as well as Me, for including him in this project at all. Let’s not lose sight of the real issue here! Let’s take the focus off of any
“Credit due” and think about getting National Health care for every American! That is what this is all about! That is what is important. Our system sucks, and needs an overhaul. Let’s not drop the ball and make a big deal out of nothing at all. Ken waived his rights to any compensation and credit. Now He may regret the fact that he sold off any rights he never had in the first place, So give me a break! This is just silly!

While you are at it go and see “Sicko”. The movie rocks and I am very proud to be a part of it! My blogs and web pages, newspaper interviews, and komo radio appearances are all over the internet and translated
into different languages and everything. It has been awesome to be a small part of such a noble cause. It has been great reccognition for my business as well,and you can catch my Karaoke and DJ show 7 days a week
at the Viking Lounge (6318 Martin Way…. in Lacey

As for Ken….. well, good luck to him. He likes to make mountains out of mole hills. His info is incorrect and certainly inaccurate. He needs to move on and get a life I suppose. this disgruntled attitude will not get him very far. In the meantime, I will see you in the movie aisles!I would be happy to discuss with you further. I am
passionate about this subject.

Thank You!

Mr. Eric Turnbow
phone:  360 943-7039


So…. Many moons later, the next Chapter arrives:

Hoquiam man to Michael Moore: You stole my song

Washingtonian sues liberal filmmaker over use of song, video in ‘Sicko’

A Western Washington man has filed a copyright lawsuit against Michael Moore‘s production company, claiming the film maker and political commentator unlawfully used his song in the 2007 film “Sicko.”

Beginning the lawsuit with a quote from an interview Moore gave to MTV — “I’m not a big supporter of copyright laws in this country” — attorneys for Hoquiam resident Ken Aronson claim Moore’s company stole a song and video he recorded while visiting London with a friend a decade ago.

Recounting the scene in a civil complaint filed with the U.S. District Court at Tacoma, attorneys for Aronson claim the video showed Aronson’s friend attempting to cross Abbey Road, of Beatles fame, while walking on his hands. The man took a fall, injured his shoulder and was treated at an English hospital.

According to the complaint, Aronson’s friend responded to a mass request for health care stories Moore sent to his fans in February 2006. The other man reported having difficulty getting medical care in the United States in the years before his English tumble, and remarked that the British system treated him better.

The man’s submission, one of 25,000 submissions received by Moore’s Dog Eat Dog Films Inc., was selected for inclusion in “Sicko,” which offered Moore’s take on the health care situation in the United States.

Allegedly unknown to Aronson, the man had kept a copy of the video. He provided it to Moore’s production company along with a copy of the song “Oh England,” both of which were included in the film.

Claiming Moore’s company should have known Aronson was the videographer and copyright holder, his attorneys contend Dog Eat Dog Films failed to seek his permission to use either the video or song. Writing the court, attorney Thomas B. Vertetisclaimed Aronson’s privacy was invaded by the video’s inclusion in “Sicko.”

“(Dog Eat Dog Films’) unauthorized distribution of (Aronson’s) home video gave publicity to a matter concerning (his) private life,” Vertetis said in court documents. “As a result of the publication, Mr. Aronson suffered negative comment from community members and suffered negative impact to his business expectancy.”

Since its release, the film has grossed more than $50 million. Aronson has asked the court to award him a portion of that, though no specific amount is stated in the complaint. Dog Eat Dog Films has not yet filed a response to the lawsuit.


So here is the Big Update! There was a Key Karma Ruling on all this greedy nonsense.  Judge Strombom’s ruling,  included a mandated $10,000 fine against Aronson and ordered him to pay Moore’s attorney fees. And they do not come cheap. This was a very expensive Ambulance chase! Well over 10 Grand if you count the Lawyer fees! (KARMA)!

Originally published Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 6:26 PM

Judge tosses out privacy claim against Michael Moore over ‘Sicko’ segment

A federal magistrate judge in Tacoma has thrown out key claims in a lawsuit filed against controversial filmmaker Michael Moore and his Academy Award-nominated documentary “Sicko,” the first use of a state law that bars lawsuits targeting conduct associated with free speech and the First Amendment.

A federal magistrate judge in Tacoma has thrown out key claims in a lawsuit filed against controversial filmmaker Michael Moore and his Academy Award-nominated documentary “Sicko,” the first use of a state law that bars lawsuits targeting conduct associated with free speech and the First Amendment.

Judge Karen Strombom last week granted Moore’s motion to dismiss claims of invasion of privacy and “misappropriation of likeness” filed by Hoquiam resident Ken Aronson, ruling that Moore’s use of 71 seconds of video belonging to Aronson was based on Moore’s exploration of an issue of significant public concern — health care — and that its use was protected by the First Amendment.

A federal copyright-infringement claim survived, said Aronson’s Tacoma lawyer, Thomas Vertetis. He said Aronson is considering appealing Strombom’s ruling, which included a mandated $10,000 fine against Aronson and ordered him to pay Moore’s attorney fees.

“This is a nasty law,” he said. “It has a chilling effect on property rights.”At issue was a snippet of video taken from several hours of tape Aronson shot while touring England with a friend, Eric Turnbow, in 1997.

It showed Turnbow attempting to walk on his hands across Abbey Road and falling, injuring himself. It also contained a brief snatch of a song Aronson composed and sang. According to court filings, Aronson’s voice and photograph appear in 16 seconds of the tape.

Turnbow, a fan of Michael Moore’s, sent tape to the filmmaker in 2006. Moore was soliciting stories about health care outside the U.S. Turnbow’s shoulder injury was treated in a British hospital, and Moore used it to compare the health-care systems in the two countries.

However, Turnbow did not have Aronson’s permission to send the tape, and Aronson never signed a waiver, although Turnbow did, according to the pleadings. Aronson sued, claiming Moore invaded his privacy and used his image and voice without compensation or permission.

Moore, whose film “Sicko” garnered a nomination for best documentary at the 2007 Academy Awards and grossed nearly $35 million worldwide, argued the video was used “in furtherance” of Moore’s constitutional right of free speech in connection with an issue of public concern — health care — and was protected.

He relied on revisions to a 2002 law that have been on the books only since June sharply limiting what is known among First Amendment lawyers as “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” or the Washington anti-SLAPP law.


Strombom noted that the Legislature found in 2002 such strategic lawsuits are often “designed to intimidate the exercise of First Amendment rights” and lawmakers saw fit to enact anti-SLAPP legislation to “encourage the reporting of potential wrongdoing to government entities by protecting reporting parties from the threat of retaliatory lawsuits.”

Amendments to the law this past session “vastly expanded the type of conduct protected by the act,” and allowed targets of SLAPP lawsuits to seek a special motion to dismiss claims early in the process. That’s the provision under which Moore sought to dismiss Aronson’s claim.

Moore’s attorney in Seattle, Bruce Johnson, was the author of that legislation and said the idea was to give plaintiffs exercising their First Amendment rights and targeted by strategic lawsuits “an early resolution and dismissal of a claim” so they don’t have to waste time and resources in court.Johnson, with the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine, also represents The Seattle Times. Vertetis, Aronson’s attorney, said his client wasn’t trying to do anything but protect what was his.”This wasn’t a strategic lawsuit,” he said. “This is a good man who had his videotape used without his permission.”


Michael Moore Sees Charges Against Him & “Sicko” Film Thrown Out of Court

 September 16, 2010 1:04 PM

Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” continues to deliver attention to the director. A federal magistrate in Washington state threw out major portions of a lawsuit filed against filmmaker Michael Moore and his documentary “Sicko.” The Academy Award-nominated director’s film deals with healthcare. A new state law prohibits lawsuits targeting conduct associated with free speech and the First Amendment. The Moore case was the first application of the law.The Seattle Times said U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Strombom in Tacoma granted Moore’s request to dismiss invasion of privacy and “misappropriation of likeness” claims. The claims were in the suit filed by Hoquiam, Wash., resident Ken Aronson.The magistrate judge said Moore’s use of 71 seconds of video owned by Aronson was part of the debate on an issue of significant public concern, healthcare, and its use was protected by the free speech guarantees of the First Amendment, the Times said.The video was sent by Aronson’s friend Eric Turnbow — Moore was asking for healthcare depictions from overseas — and showed Turnbow being injured and treated in England after trying to walk on his hands across Abbey Road in London.Turnbow signed a waiver but Aronson did not, the newspaper said.Though a claim of copyright infringement survives, Aronson was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and Moore’s legal expenses.Aronson’s lawyer said he is considering an appeal.


Anti-SLAPP Law Used To Protect Michael Moore’s Use Of Video Clip

from the slapp-back dept

We’ve been covering various stories about anti-SLAPP laws — the important set of (state) laws that protect people who are sued not for any significant legal reasons, but in order to silence them — and there’s been a first ruling on Washington State’s anti-SLAPP law, which is a bit different than the typical anti-SLAPP ruling. Thomas O’Toole points us to the news that filmmaker Michael Moore has prevailed over a privacy rights claim that was brought against him. Whatever you think of Moore as a fillmmaker (and, seriously, please don’t turn the comments into a pro/con fight over Moore), this case is pretty interesting.

It involved a clip that Moore used in his film Sicko, that was sent to him by the subject of the video, but not by the guy who filmed it:

At issue was a snippet of video taken from several hours of tape Aronson shot while touring England with a friend, Eric Turnbow, in 1997. It showed Turnbow attempting to walk on his hands across Abbey Road and falling, injuring himself. It also contained a brief snatch of a song Aronson composed and sang. According to court filings, Aronson’s voice and photograph appear in 16 seconds of the tape.

Turnbow, a fan of Michael Moore’s, sent tape to the filmmaker in 2006. Moore was soliciting stories about health care outside the U.S. Turnbow’s shoulder injury was treated in a British hospital, and Moore used it to compare the health-care systems in the two countries. However, Turnbow did not have Aronson’s permission to send the tape, and Aronson never signed a waiver, although Turnbow did, according to the pleadings.

Aronson then sued, saying it was a violation of his rights, but the court tossed it out and ordered that Aronson pay Moore for filing a SLAPP lawsuit. Aronson’s lawyer, not surprisingly, was not at all happy with the ruling:

“This wasn’t a strategic lawsuit,” he said. “This is a good man who had his videotape used without his permission.”

It’s definitely true that this does seem to be a rather broad interpretation of a SLAPP, but on the whole, such anti-SLAPP results are a good thing for free speech. Threatening or suing people for making a statement of any kind is problematic if you believe in free speech rights. It will be worth watching to see if there’s an appeal in this case, as it could really bring out some questions about the limits on anti-SLAPP rulings (at least in Washington… but it could impact laws elsewhere).

Sep 9th, 2010 @ 9:40am through the site’s main page (I’d link to a specific section, but can’t – poor site coding) it appears that Turnbow owns the copyright to the song – purely. Aronson gave up his rights to that for 100 CDs of the album that he only helped in writing a part of the lyrics for one song.The video though, that’s another story… Here’s my question – if Aronson had wanted to send it in, he would have absolutely had to get a waiver from Turnbow, as he was the “subject” of the clip. I mean, that’s why they fuzz out faces on Cops, right? But what about Turnbow? It looks to me like this may be one of those shitty Joint Ownership things, where the “Author” (in this case, Aronson) would own the rights, but couldn’t do squat without permission from the subject, Turnbow. I dunno. It’s all just silly really.Last point though, couldn’t this all be done under Fair Use? I mean, it was for “educational” purposes (though Moore made dough, obviously).
In an atypical use of an anti-SLAPPS law, in 2010 a federal magistrate dismissed a copyright infringement suit against Michael Moore’s production company stemming from his having used a clip from Ken Aronson’s own film documenting his friend Eric Turnbow’s mishap in England. See Aronson v. Dog Eat Dog Films, INc., 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 91417 (W.D. Wash. 2010).
Ken Aronson, the man who sued Michael Moore’s film company for using 71 seconds of his film footage for the documentary “Sicko,” is appealing a federal judge’s order last week to dismiss his invasion of privacy and misappropriation of likeness claims on free speech grounds. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will be asked to review whether Moore’s use of the video is allowed under the First Amendment and whether the judge should have applied Washington state’s new anti-SLAPP law in throwing out key claims. Certainly a case to watch.

Michael Moore Sued for “Sicko” Video

Apr. 30 2010 at 10:27 AM
michael moore bullhorn.jpg
Annoying? Maybe. Guilty of copyright infringement? Probably not.

​Ken Aronson of Hoquiam claims he’s got grounds to sue bullhorn-wielding documentarian Michael Moore. But judging by the lawsuit he’s just filed in Tacoma, it sounds like his real beef is with a friend.A decade ago, Aronson was in London when he decided to record said pal crossing Abbey Road on his hands. The friend fell, hurt his shoulder and was treated at an English hospital.

Flash forward a few years. Before filming his 2007 jeremiad against the health care industry, Moore’s production company puts out a call for user-submitted tales of woe. Aronson’s friend sends video of their London trip along with a song they wrote to commemorate the occasion, called “Oh England.”

It portrayed an American talking about the higher standard of care in British hospitals, so Moore decided to use it. And that’s when Aronson decided his copyright had been infringed.

Aronson claims he had no idea his friend kept the film. And says that Moore should have first contacted the original owner (him) to ask for permission before putting it in his movie.

Aronson’s lawsuit doesn’t specify how much money he’s seeking. It just asks the court to award him part of the $50 million “Sicko” grossed, due to the “negative impact” it’s had on his “business expectancy.”


My Date with Michael Moore By Eric Turnbow (2007)

Everyone is full of congrats and affection about this lucky break I caught and the “15 minutes of fame” I will receive by actually making it into the Michael Moore movie “SiCKO”.

I am very excited and quite passionate about this subject. My part is just a small segway that moves the story from Canada and it’s health care system, over to England and its Universal care which I was able to use in great way while vacationing there in London some 10 years ago. So here is a journal of my proud day at the Movie Premier last Thursday, June 14th in Seattle when I got a rare chance to meet Michael Moore and see his innovative and eye opening documentary “SiCKO”.

Also visit Micheal’s ever-changing website. It is loaded with cool stuff.

First off, they called from Hollywood and invited me to go just one day before the event. I was asked to RSVP, so i cleared my schedule asap, hired someone to fill in for me at The Viking and choose a “guest” to come along and share this cool moment with me. My sister Katherine had emailed me offering to go if it came up. In fact she was the only one with the exception of her son that showed any interest, of driving so far just to see a movie. It also helps that she lives in Seattle! Duh! So I asked her and she said yes. Very cool.

We were to meet at the venue by the Paramount just off Pine street called “AMC Pacific cinemas”, which was on the 4th floor of a shopping mall. My sis wanted to buy me lunch, so we were to meet at 5pm giving us over an hour before we needed to check in with Micheal Moore’s crew. I Left Olympia around 3:42, and with a little traffic hassle here and there I actually arrived at the theatre by 5:07pm! I did not make even one wrong turn and landed in the parking garage in the same building as the theatre! Katherine was stuck in traffic, but arrived within a half hour. We had Delicious margaritas, and a chicken casadea at a little Mexican bar a small walk away from the venue. Yummy.

So we checked in as VIP’s, and were escorted to a roped off section of the screening room and sat with the PRESS. Michael Moore arrived with his sister Anne Moore, who greeted me and said “You are the one that provided some much needed comic relief in the middle of our little picture, Thank You”. And that was coming from one of the producers! Michael greeted the crowd and announced he would have a question and answer session after the film. Then he took his seat about 3 feet from us, directly in front of me, down 2 rows. When they brought him a tray of movie food, he said “Wow, so you feeding me? Are all the food groups represented here?” Between you and me, it was just popcorn and soda, the usual crap I always avoid at the movies. No apples.

So we watched the flick. I loved it! I say, just go and see it. I do not want to spoil it for you! I will say that my part arrives about half way through the film. Micheal plowed through 4 hours of my vacation videos, and carefully edited them down for this transitional time in the movie. They included:

The Plane ride

Singing a-Capella original song “Oh England” at the London Hotel with my friend Ken. Sitting on the steps of the legendary “Abbey Road Studios” where the Beatles recorded the bulk of their work. I was shooting the cover art for my debut album “I’m Alive”, which was released in 1998.

My famous fall on Abbey Road where I was walking on my hands for the unique photo opportunity.Waking up in the Hospital after having my shoulder pushed back into place by English medics. Enjoying my “Less than $10″ medication that came along with me FREE MEDICAL SERVICE!

Michael makes the comment that I had to enjoy London “My own way”. He then proceeds to go to England to see if what I say is true about the meds and the FREE health care! If you watch the entire credits, my name appears in alphabetical order, just above Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam fame!

So after the movie He addressed the crowd for about a half hour. The first thing he did was point me out by name, and I got a loud cheer of recognition. This was highlight for me! I stood up and put me hands in the air in acknowledgement and the he said something like “Eric gives Hope to all those musicians in the world out there”! So that was awesome.

On the way out of the complex I was actually recognized by several people. This was cool, since in the film I was sporting a beard, moustache, and much longer hair. All in all it was a great night, quite a highlight for a young kid like me from Olympia, Washington! Thanks Mike!

My sister Katherine seemed to enjoy herself, so I dropped her at her car and headed back to Olympia with a big smile on my face. And there you have it. Thanks everyone for your support and interest. By all means go and see this movie! It will open on June 29th, and I simply cannot wait to see it again!

As a result of my involvement with the movie SiCKO, the media has picked up the story and plastered all across the web. Here are some direct links for you enjoyment!

This is the VIDEO footage from the Olympian about Eric:

Feel free to respond to this email! I would love to hear from you! And special thanks to Micheal Moore and his camp. They were gracious and great! My sister wanted to add her two cents worth about the whole experience. So take it away.

Email Eric

Hi all, here’s a memento photo (although I regret that its not the personal Eric & Michael shot I’d hoped for, as they immediately whisked him out the back following the Q&A). I also want to add one little item that was omitted from Eric’s report.

When Michael Moore first entered the room with his entourage, they paused on the landing very close to our seats. As he turned to see where an aid was pointing out his seat, he immediately spotted Eric, smiled, bowed his head and mouthed the words “thank you”. It was really very sweet. It was clear that after reviewing Eric’s videos there was a real kindred connection. I’m sure he must have been tempted to tell the other part of the story as well (the peritonitis nightmare back in the US that led to his “I’m Alive!” collection), but using the same person twice would have detracted from the overall flow of what he was doing. But it is a charming clip, and Eric’s passion for music comes across as the zeal behind his “wanting to cross Abbey Road in his own special way”. So I hope he can use his 15 minutes to drum up a bit of business — as there were quite a few adoring fans that approached us afterwards (including a comely little gal originally from Olympia who I hope stops by the Viking).

As for me, I have a great deal of respect for Michael Moore and his works. Indeed, his common theme of leaders who use fear to manipulate followers shows real presence. Perhaps I might exploit my brother’s coat-tails and persuade him to do a future project.

Hey Bro!
Thought you might get a kick out of this….his response is at the bottom. Hugs, K

Original Message —– From: “Katherine Peil” <>
To: <>;  Cc: <>; <>
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 8:10 PM
Subject: How about taking on religion next?

Hey Michael,
I had the honor and pleasure of screening Sicko in Seattle as the guest of   my brother, Eric Turnbow. As an emotion theorist, I truly appreciate the theme I’ve seen running through your films concerning how leaders use fear to gain control over followers. So it struck me during Sicko, that you could do the world a huge favour by taking on organized religion (albeit perhaps risking crucifixion but your kahoonies are already most impressive).
Many thanks for your good works, and for allowing Eric his 15 minutes. You have long been a family hero! So feel free to call upon me any time you
might need an expert on the emotional system — and especially if you want to take on religion. Indeed, the emotional system underlies the innate spiritual impulse and a species wide moral compass   but organized religion deeply interferes, hijacks and often negates the  innate self-regulatory wisdom our emotional system offers.
Big hugs,
Katherine Peil  Director, EFS International
Kirkland, WA  98033

(And now the actual response from Michael Moore to My Sister Katherine). This is very cool! Just continue reading!

thank you katherine! i am so sorry security guys were rushing me out of the theater in Seattle cause i really wanted to talk to you guys. so lets take a rain check on that. i always love coming to Seattle. though I don’t know Eric personally, i feel we are kindred spirits. all my buddies and me, we are like Eric! and that is EXACTLY how we would have crossed abbey road!!
take care,


Hey…..Michael Moore sent me a letter, through his email fan club, asking me to send an email about my healthcare horror stories. I sent him letter which I am forwarding to you now! He guarantees that he will at least read it! I would not mind being in his movie. We shall see. I have the goods and cool video clips for his documentary. Especially the stuff about England and their National Healthcare system that worked to my advantage when I slipped and threw out my should walking on my hands across Abbey Road in London. They treated me for free! Wish me luck!
Now the Genesis of My involvement in the Movie “Sicko”. This is some pretty cool History for sure. Starting with Michaels “Pitch to the Fans”
Friends,How would you like to be in my next movie? I know you’ve probably heard I’m making a documentary about the health care industry (but the HMOs don’t know this, so don’t tell them — they think I’m making a romantic comedy).If you’ve followed my work over the years, you know that I keep a pretty low profile while I’m making my movies. I don’t give interviews, I don’t go on TV and I don’t defrost my refrigerator. I do keep my website updated on a daily basis (there’s been something like 4,000,000 visitors just this week alone) and the rest of the time I’m… well, I can’t tell you what I’m doing, but you can pretty much guess. It gets harder and harder sneaking into corporate headquarters, bu tI’ve found that just dying my hair black and wearing a skort really helps.Back to my invitation to be in my movie. Have you ever found yourself getting ready to file for bankruptcy
because you can’t pay your kid’s hospital bill, and then you say to yourself, “Boy, I sure would like to be in Michael Moore’s health care movie!”?Or, after being turned down for the third time by your HMO for an operation they should be paying for, do you ever think to yourself, “Now THIS travesty should be in that ‘Sicko’ movie!”?

Or maybe you’ve just been told that your father is going to have to just, well, die because he can’t afford the drugs he needs to get better — and it’s then that you say, “Damn, what did I do with Michael Moore’s home number?!”

OK, here’s your chance. As you can imagine, we’ve got the goods on these crooks. All we need now is to put a few of you in the movie and let the world see what the greatest country ever in the history of the universe does to its own people, simply because they have the misfortune of getting sick. Because getting sick, unless you are rich, is a crime — a crime for which
you must pay, sometimes with your own life.

About four hundred years from now, historians will look back at us like we were some sort of barbarians, but for now we’re just the laughing stock of the Western world. So, if you’d like me to know what you’ve been through
with your insurance company, or what it’s been like to
have no insurance at all, or how the hospitals and doctors wouldn’t treat you (or if they did, how they sent you into poverty trying to pay their crazy bills) …if you have been abused in any way by this sick, greedy, grubby system and it has caused you or your loved ones great sorrow and pain, let me know.

Send me a short, factual account of what has happened to you — and what IS happening to you right now if you have been unable to get the health care you need. Send it to I will read every single one of them (even if I can’t respond to or help everyone, I will be able to bring to light a few of your stories). Thank you in advance for sharing them with me and trusting me to try and do something about a very corrupt system that simply has to go.

Oh, and if you happen to work for an HMO or a pharmaceutical company or a profit-making hospital and you have simply seen too much abuse of your fellow human beings and can’t take it any longer — and you
would like the truth to be told — please write me at: I will protect your privacy and I will tell the world what you are unable to tell. I am looking for a few heroes with a conscience. I know you are out there.

Thank you, all of you, for your help and your continued support through the years. I promise you that with “Sicko” we will do our best to give you not
only a great movie, but a chance to bring down this evil empire, once and for all. In the meantime, stay well. I hear fruits and vegetables help.

Michael Moore

So after Michaels pitch for “Medical Horror Stories”, I sent Him this response. So this document is actually the “Genesis” of My involvement with the project “Sicko”! Some cool History indeed.

Bad Health Care Assistance

Friday, February 3, 2006 9:24 PM
“Eric Turnbow” <>


I love your causes. I am with you brother . Keep up the good work.

My name is Eric Turnbow, and in 1997 I got really sick with peritonitis. I tried to see a licensed Gastronomic Doctor, and was UNABLE at every occasion to get an appointment because I did not have any health

I went to the local hospital (Saint Peters), for acouple of pain shots and tests. Later when I read the hospital reports, I learned that they thought I was seeking drugs and not sick at all. They said in this report I obtained through a lawyer, that when they came into the examining room I would cry and ask for something to kill the pain. Then when they left I would stop crying. They must have listened at the door to me or had me monitored, but this was not the case at all. I actually was in the early stages of paritenitous and a torn colon, and the pain was getting absolutely unbearable. I still got charged 2 grand for a couple of shots and went home without any life saving treatment since I had no insurance. I hope those Doctors have a guilty conscience now for thinking those lies about me after I got the later diagnosis that saved my life!

So I continued to run a temperature of 103 degrees, cancel my singing engagements for work, and eventually I lost all bowels signs and  was turning white as a sheet, going into septic shock and missing death by
only a matter hours, according to a a later report from my surgeon.! Finally a former band member and good friend was able to intervene and talk his Doctors office into seeing me even though I had no insurance. He told them I would likely die if they did not see me, and basically guaranteed them I would pay my bills since he knew my character. Lucky for me he got me an appointment with the woman that saved my life, Dr.Carrol Buckner, my favourite Gastronomical here in
Olympia Washington USA!

The night before my appointment I was dripping fluid from my colon into my body and poisoning it to the degree that I felt like someone was inside with a pick-axe and scrapping at the wall of my stomach. I tell you it was the worst feeling. I was unable to sleep and was crying uncontrollable tears all night  long, literally for hours. I put on the Bob Dylan song “I Shall Released” from an old cd by the band “Music From Big Pink”. I put the cd player in repeat mode and listened to that song for more than a few hours until the sun came up and I made it to see a real doctor. I sang along with it and cried the entire night to ease my pain.  That song helped my through a tough night with mass pain, let me tell you. It really helped me get through it. I was a cry-baby all the way, but managed to get to the doctor the next morning . A real miracle.

I was quickly given the right tests when Dr. Buckner stepped in and discovered I had no bowel signs and whatever I was able to eat  was leaking into my body where my colon had been torn in three places, which
caused septic shock and poisoning and almost led to my death. I was admitted to the rival hospital across town, (Capital Medical Center) since the first one (Saint Peters) I went to  had treated me like shit and accused me of not being sick and just seeking drugs. I refused to go there, but said yes to the other hospital, (Capital Medical Center) that I now owe my life to. On June 16th of 1997 they operated and removed 15 pounds of my torn colon and hooked me up with colostomy bags and the whole nine yards. I spent close to 25 days in the hospital over 3 separate surgery’s. I developed a blood clot of puss in my leg that had to be removed during an MRI or cat-scan or something , using a big syringe. It was total hell I tell you. I am lucky to be alive.

I was able to apply for Blue Cross for the third and final surgery thanks to a state run program called”Basic Health”. The first 2 surgery’s I had to pay for. For the final re-attachment surgery I waited until my state basic health plan had been in place for about 4 months or something, so that the pre-existing condition could be covered. As soon as I knew the coverage was in place I had the colostomy bags removed and another surgery process enabled my bowels to be hooked back up, thank god and luckily for me. The State Basic health insurance actually came through
with $38,000 to cover that particular phase of the operation. However, the next month after paying out THEY CANCELLED my policy and left me on my own! I found this insulting. I could have re-paid them over time and did not ask nor want to be cancelled!

I got charged some $60,000 Plus or something for the rest of my uninsured costs to the hospital and all the incredible doctors such as Carrol Buckner and my surgeon Dr. Hipp that were gracious enough to treat me and save my life even though i had ….., god forbid, no insurance. I am thankful they did that and am alive today only because they took that chance. Ironically when I consulted a lawyer about the 60K plus amount I owed that was uninsured they suggested that I should declare bankruptcy like most would and run from my bills! I consulted with more than just one lawyer and the all said to declare bankruptcy. (Typical fat lawyers just wanted to collect fees from me on the paperwork that would empty my retirement fund, force me to sell my home and possessions, and ruin my credit for years!). Well I a proud man with great credit and pride. I promised to pay my doctors and pay them I did! I was able to refinance my home mortgage and raise
enough to pay all of them back without bankruptcy and damage to my credit report or good name!

Turns out the hospital and all doctors involved considered ME to be the insurance company since I could have ran away from it through bankruptcy. In approval for me not running off on my responsibility they all cut the remaining bills in half and I paid cash to all of them for saving my life, which ran me about $30,000 approximately. My monthly Mortgage went up a couple of hundreds bucks or something, but I kept my pride and sucked it in, I kept my word to the life saving saviour doctors, and got them paid. I am still paying on that loan, and I am proud to do so. NO thanks to the Health Care System, (Well they did help 38k worth),but………Those bastards CANCELLED me!

Plus it was impossible to ever get decent treatment at the beginning because I was self employed and did not have the budget to purchase any at the time. Then the first hospital were morons and charged me ten times to much for shot or two and said I was faking the whole illness! I am convinced this system is totally screwed up with its head inserted in its anal wall! I would love to share my story further. I am just lucky I had friends to stand up for me and plead with the special doctors to break down and take a chance on me even though I did not have any insurance!

Just 3 months before my surgery in April of 1997 I was on vacation in England walking on my hands across”Abbey Road” where the Beatles EMI Historic studio is located for a silly picture opportunity. I fell down after losing my balance, and dislocated my shoulder.It hurt a lot and I was forced to go to a hospital for treatment. Well guess what? They have National Healthcare in England lucky for me. They did ex-rays and popped me back into place with all the treatment and whatever I needed at no cost to me! National healthcare picked up the entire tab. I was only charged 5 pounds or about $8 American for a huge bottle of pain pills that helped ease the pain and helped me sleep it off at the hotel that night. I would have paid through the nose if this happened to me at home! Thousands just to get a shot of something to ease my pain?  Give me a break. Anyway I have a video of me falling at Abbey Road and clips of me in the recovery room at the British Hospital if you would like to include any of this story in your upcoming film.

They are on video tape, and somesnapshots as well. I also have graphic pics of my body just after the initial surgery.  The Brits havefigured this one out. Why can’t we? Nationalhealthcare would have paid for my Doctors visits anddetected my peritonitis at an earlier stage andallowed me to afford to be alive which is my God given American right. Health and happiness! We need to wake up in America. It is pathetic my friend. I will speakwith you further on this and show you the clips of mein England if you would like! I hope to hear from you.

Your biggest Fan…
Mr. Eric Turnbow
Phone:  360 943 7039

Eric Turnbow
1713 NE Tullis
Olympia, Washington, 98506 USA

As seen on The Michael Moore Website

 as seen at The Daily Olympian website

This cool Sicko article in is in  French… Mentons Eric Turnbow the first line in the second paragraph! The 6th line in the story!

(P)Sicko aux Etats-Unis : le système de santé qui tue
Article de Michael Balavoine  News et opinions : Actualité 09-19-2007

Michael Moore est de retour. Humour décapant, finesse d’éléphant et raccourcis éhontés : la méthode a fait ses preuves et cette fois-ci, c’est le système de santé américain qui trinque. Aimé ou haï peu importe : avec Sicko, le réalisateur a le mérite de susciter un débat qui, chez nous, est trop souvent relégué aux sous-sols poussiéreux du Conseil fédéral.

Eric Turnbow dit «E.T.» est américain and had a dream – si on ose dire : traverser Abbey Road à Londres comme l’ont fait les Beatles sur la pochette de leur dernier album il y a presque 40 ans. Seulement voilà : pour marquer l’événement d’une pierre blanche, «E.T.» décide de franchir le fameux passage piétons sur les mains. Et c’est le drame : il chute et se déboîte l’épaule. Il pensait que cet accident allait lui coûter ses économies. Mais heureuse surprise : il doit seulement payer les médicaments. Normal, explique de façon faussement candide Michael Moore dans Sicko. On est en Grande-Bretagne. Et là, comme dans les «paradis» français, canadien et même cubain, l’accès aux soins est gratuit. Comme partout. Sauf aux Etats-Unis.Car là-bas, c’est la jungle libérale, tempête Moore. Et pas seulement pour les 50 millions d’Américains qui ne sont pas couverts, mais bien pour les 250 millions d’autres qui bataillent ferme avec leurs assureurs maladie pour faire valoir leurs droits. Au-delà de chiffres déjà ahurissants, l’humour laisse place au tragique. Michael Moore met, avec ses 1001 anecdotes récoltées via le net à travers tout le pays, des visages sur une terrifiante réalité. Familles ruinées par une opération, conjoints décédés, héros du 11 septembre laissés à l’abandon et forcés de gagner Cuba sur une embarcation de fortune pour se faire soigner. Et puis il y a Mychelle. C’est une petite fille de 18 mois. Un soir, sa mère la découvre malade et l’amène à l’hôpital. Le médecin reconnaît l’urgence. Appelle l’assureur. Son insistance n’y fera rien : elle doit être transférée dans un autre hôpital, celui-ci n’étant pas couvert. Elle y arrive trois heures plus tard. 15 minutes après son entrée, Mychelle décède.

Comment et pourquoi un pays si riche laisse-t-il toute une frange de sa population à l’abandon ? La réponse de Michael Moore est cinglante. Le gouvernement américain a confié le remboursement des dépenses de santé à des firmes privées qui prospèrent sur le dos des malades en concentrant l’essentiel de leur temps et de leurs moyens à tenter de rembourser le moins possible. Experts médicaux payés au prorata des malades refusés et détectives privés fouillant dans le passé des plus démunis : le  profit est à ce prix et les heureux perdants sont toujoursles assurés.

On peut tout reprocher à Michael Moore. Son parti pris qui ignore les accusés. Ses raccourcis au service de sa> propagande. Mais, dans Sicko, il faut lui laisser en tout cas une chose : il a reconnu que le problème de la couverture des dépenses de santé relève d’une décision  politique. Et il date précisément le début de la misère américaine. C’était le 17 février 1971, le jour où  Richard Nixon a conçu le système de santé US comme un libre marchéen déclarant : «Je n’aime pas trop ces fichues assurances maladie ; moins on soignera, plus on fe de bénéfices.» Reste que la solution Moore est, à l’image du film, simpliste. Il la résume en trois points sur son site Internet. Chaque résident américain a droit à une assurance gratuite et universelle pour toute la durée de savie. Il faut abolir toutes les compagnies d’assurances privées et enfin réguler les firmes pharmaceutiques comme desentreprises d’utilité publique.

Le projet est évidemment irréaliste même si Michael Moore feint de le retrouver sur le vieux continent dans un «paradis» français largement idéalisé. Il ne parle pas du «trou de la Sécu» mais du fabuleux service «SOS médecin» qui vient vous soigner en moins de trente minutes gratuitement pour n’importe quel petit bobo. Il n’est pas crédible et il a tort : le système de santé en Europe n’est pas parfait. Et pourtant. Quand on écoute ces expatriés américains vivant à Paris, on devient attentif. En Suisse aussi, les menaces planent. La tendance est à la  baisse. Avec des cartes électroniques, les assureurs auront de plus en plus de contrôle sur leurs «clients». Lachasse aux bons risques a déjà commencé. Mais, malgré tout, lesAméricains sont émerveillés et, dans un certain sens, ils ont raison. En Suisse, comme en France, le système de santé est bon en comparaison de celui des  Américains. Pour les pathologiesgraves, l’accès aux soins reste plus ou moins équivalent selon le revenu des patients et chacun jouit d’une protection de qualité pour des maladies graves. La question devient alors : jusqu’à quand tiendra-t-on ? Car, comme l’a dit récemment Jacques Attali, la santésera un des grands marchés du XXIe siècle. Les appétits des assureurs vont s’aiguiser. Pour assumer les frais de santé et lutter contre l’emprise toujours plus grande de firmes gigantesques, il faudra que l’ensemble de la société se montre solidaire. Moore a eu le mérite, reconnaissons le, de susciter un débat. Il a peut-être gagné une bataille en forçant les prétendants à la succession de Georges Bush d’empoigner le sujet. Mais tout le problème est là : ce n’est qu’une bataille alor que la guerre qui s’annonce pour préserver un système desanté à visage humain vient tout juste de commencer.

Michael Moore : filmographie express • 1989 : Roger and Me sur le licenciement de 30 000 personnes par General Motors à Flint, Michigan. • 2002 : Bowling for Columbine inspiré du massacre detreize personnes par deux adolescents au Lycée de Columbine, Moore s’interroge sur la meurtrière industrie de l’armement. Primé à Cannes. • 2004 : Fahrenheit 9/11 attaque ouvertement Georges Bush et sa gestion du 11 septembre 2001. • 2007 : Sicko s’attaque au système de santé  américain en pleine campagne présidentielle 19.09.2007

Sicko article in German Mentions Eric turnbow

(This is an Edited Version of a long article about “Sicko” that was printed in Germany!). This movie was such a world wide phenomenon, I can only be thrilled to have had a small part on it!

Den syge sygeforsikring (“Sicko”) Michael Moores film Sicko beskriver amerikanske tilstande indefor sundhedsvæsen styret af “sundhedsforsikringer”. Du kan se filmen på – dog med tyrkiske undertekster eller ved at lytte til den engelske tale. Desværre kunne jeg (endnu) ikke finde Sicko med danske undertekster på Nettet. Overst “på linket” findes en trailer fra YouTube og nedenfor kan man klikke på linket: Watch this Film (with Turkish subtitles) • 124 minutes for at se filmen. I næste indlæg kommer afskrift af de danske undertekster, der følger med filmen. Selv uden billeder, kan man fange indholdet af filmen og samtlige pointer…. Læs forresten også en anden emnerelateret tråd: Fogh Junior, MichaelMoore og “amerikanske tilstande”
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“Der findes et særligt sted i helvede forbeholdt kvinder, der ikke hjælper hinanden…” M. Albright
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Re: Den syge sygeforsikring (“Sicko”)
Danske undertekster “Sicko” fortsat: Der var én i sundhedsvæsenet, der havde samvittighed. Doktor Linda Peeno, tidligere rådgivende læge hos Humana. Mit navn er Linda Peeno. Jeg er her i dag for at komme med en tilståelse. I foråret 1987 nægtede jeg en mand en nødvendig operation,  som ville have reddet hans liv, og jeg var derfor skyld i hans død. Ingen har holdt mig ansvarlig for det,  for jeg sparede et firma for en halv million dollars.

Ydermere sikrede denne handling mig et godt omdømme — og sikrede mig avancement inden for sundhedsplejen. Jeg gik fra en ugeløn på et par hundrede dollars  til et sekscifret beløb som medicinsk ekspert. Mit arbejde bestod ene og alene i at bruge min lægefaglige viden  til at skabe økonomisk fremgang for organisationen. Jeg fik ofte at vide, at jeg ikke nægtede behandling, kun betaling. Jeg ved, hvordan plejen lemlæster og slår patienter ihjel,  så jeg er herfor at fortælle om det beskidte arbejde. Jeg plages ved tanken om alle de mange afslag, jeg har givet. Tak. Hvordan nåede vi dertil, at læger ansat i sygeforsikrings selskaber blev skyld i patienters død? Hvem opfandt systemet? Hvordan begyndte det? Hvordan startede sygesikringen? Takket være magnetbånd ved vi det. (optagelse af Nixons tale om emnet/red.) “Vi har indsnævret vicepræsidentens problemer med denne sag til et enkelt punkt: Om vi skal indlemme disse sygesikringer på samme måde som Edgar Kaisers Permanente-program. I ved godt, jeg er loren ved disse sundhedsprogrammer. (hvad er “loren”?) Det her er privat virksomhed. Det tiltaler mig. Edgar Kaisers program skal skabe profit. Grunden til, at han kan gøre det… Jeg har talt med Edgar Kaiser om det og gået lidt i dybden med det. Målet er mindre sundhedspleje,  for jo mindre pleje, jo større indtjening. Fint. Og målet virker rimeligt. Ikke værst. Jeg foreslår et helt nyt sundhedsprogram. Formålet med programmet er,  at jeg ønsker, at Amerika skal have den bedste sundhedspleje i verden. Og alle amerikanere skal kunne få den pleje, når de har behov for det.” Nixons og Edgar Kaisers plan virkede. I de følgende år fik folk mindre og mindre pleje. Trængsel på det offentlige hospital og ringe kvalitet i behandlingen. Jeg har været her i 18 timer. Det, der ser proppet og stygt ud, kan også være usundt. Mens sygeforsikringerne blev rige, brød systemet sammen. 37 millioner amerikanere er ikke forsikret mod alvorlig sygdom. Taberne er de fattige, der udsætter nødvendig behandling alt for længe.

Det blev ved i årevis. Indtil denne mand kom til byen. (Bill Clinton/red.)
Med lille mor ved sin side. Sprælsk. Smart. Sexet. Nogle mænd kunne ikke kapere det. “I dag bekendtgør jeg dannelsen af en ekspertgruppe, – der skal reformere sundhedsplejen med Hillary Clinton som formand.” Hillary Clinton valgte sundhedspleje for alle som sin mærkesag. Universal dækning nu. Det afhænger ikke af, om man arbejder, er arbejdsløs eller syg. Sundhedspleje, der ikke kan fjernes. Nogle republikanere mener, at det kun er, fordi hun er præsidentfrue. Det er dristigt af præsident Clinton at sætte sin kone i spidsen for det. Jeg deler ikke formandens glæde ved et regeringsstyret sundhedsvæsen,men jeg deler hans ønske om at gøre lovgivningen spændende. Det skal nok lykkes Dem. Vi skal gøre vores bedste. De og doktor Kevorkian. Jeg har hørt om Deres charme og kløgt. Meldingerne om Deres charme er overdrevne,  og meldingerne om Deres kløgt er underdrevne. Hun drev Washington til vanvid. (Hilary Clinton/red.) Skal regeringen styre sundhedsplejen? Man kan ikke vælge læge selv… Mere regeringskontrol…  Mere regerings… Og mindre kontrol til dig og dine. Når mor bliver syg, taler hun måske med en bureaukrat og ikke en læge. Det er noget værre rod. Ikke deres socialistiske plan. Socialistisk overtagelse. Det er et socialt eksperiment.
Social sundhedssektor. Intet kan skræmme os mere end den tanke. De førende skrækmagere mod den sociale sundhedssektor har altid været de gode læger fra American Medical Association. Så styrer staten hospitalerne! Den bestemmer ydelser, standarder, nedsætte kommissioner,  der bestemmer, hvem der får behandling. Regeringen skal jo behandle alle ens og retfærdigt, ikke? Før os hele vejen til et nyt medicinsystem for alle. Ja, medicin til alle. Det ønskede lægeforeningen ikke. For at banke pointen ind holdt de tusindvis af kaffe slabaradser. De inviterede folk til at høre en plade med en kendt skuespiller om den sociale sundhedssektors onder. “Mit navn er Ronald Reagan. En traditionel metode til at indføre socialisme er via medicin Lægen mister sin frihed. Det er, som når den ene løgn tager den anden. En læge vil praktisere i en by. Så siger regeringen: “De har læger nok. De må tage et andet sted hen.” Enhver kan se, hvad der sker, når det bliver præcedens,  at regeringen bestemmer folks arbejdssted og metoder. Der vil følge andre programmer, som vil invadere vores frihed. Indtil vi en dag vågner op og ser, at vi har socialisme.” Det Hvide Hus maner til besindelse overafbrænding af en Hillary-dukke. Tiderne har ændret sig, men skræmmetaktikkerne havde ikke. Sundhedsindustrien brugte formuer på at forpurre Hillarys plan. Og det lykkedes for dem. Lad mig præsentere præsidenten for jer, for han elsker æggeleg. De næste syv år i Det Hvide Hus var det hende forbudt at nævne det. Er her nogen over to år? 15 år gik, og Amerika havde stadig ingen dækkende sundhedspleje. Amerika dalede ned på en 37.-plads. Lige foran Slovenien. Hvorfor skal vi save hans ben af? Gør det ondt? Men det er forståeligt, for Kongressen var optaget andetsteds. I dag lykønsker jeg folkene bag Just Born Incorporated med deres 50 års jubilæum for et af deres mest anerkendte produkter. Min datters favorit: Marshmallow Peeps. Således gik sundhedsplejen ind i det 21. århundrede uden noget tjek. Humana (forsikringsselskabet/red.) fordobler sit overskud. Der ventes et lignende årsresultat. United Healths aktiepriser tredobles. Med ufattelig indtjening. Aetna er over vurderingen. Der er mange rige aktionærer nu. Er de rede til at dele rigdommen? Direktørerne blev milliardærer. Og de holdt sig lige på kanten af loven.  Men deres største bedrift var, at de købte den amerikanske kongres. Washington på arbejde: Lobbyismen er åbenlys… Med fire gange så mange lobbyister, som der er kongresmedlemmer, klarede de endda at købe gamle fjender. Hillary blev belønnet for sin tavshed. Hun fik en andenplads som modtager af bidrag fra sundhedsplejen. GAMMEL FJENDE LUN PÅ CLINTON

Vi har givet forsikringsbranchen fuld kontrol over sundhedsplejen. Ikke fuld kontrol. Medicinalfirmaerne køber også kongresmedlemmer. Se her, hvad de mænd kostede. Og denne kvinde. Fyren her. Og ham her. Og ham her med. Mine damer og herrer: Amerikas præsident. Og den største check blev gemt til sidst. Hvorfor delte de alle de penge ud? De ville have en lov vedtaget. En lov, der skulle hjælpe pensionister med deres medicin. Lad det stå fuldstændig klart:

Republikanere elsker deres mødre, fædre og bedsteforældre -
lige så højt som alle andre her. Og vi vil tage os af dem. I virkeligheden var det en lov, der giver 800 milliarder skattedollars  til sundhedsindustrien ved at give medicinalfirmaerne frit løb med sundhedsplejen som mellemled. Alle fik deres del af kagen, og manden, de udpegede til opgaven,  var kongresmedlem Billy Tauzin. Han var den rette mand til opgaven, for han havde et hemmeligt våben. “Ingen elsker deres mor højere end jeg. Ingen her elsker deres mor højere eller mindre end nogen af os. Jeg elsker hende. Mener De virkelig, at De elsker Deres forældre højere, end vi elsker vores? Skulle vi måske stemme… Mener De virkelig det, mr. Stoddard?”  De elskede alle sammen deres mødre. De elskede bare ikke vores mødre lige så højt. Det er mig en ære at underskrive dette historiske stykke lovgivning. Forbedringen af loven om receptpligtig medicin af 2003. De fortalte bare ikke, at de ældre skulle betale mere for medicinen. Mere end to tredjedele kunne stadig betale over 2000 dollars om året. Og da det hele var overstået, forlod 14 embedsmænd Capitol Hill for at arbejde inden for sundhedsplejen.  Det samme gjorde et kongresmedlem. Billy Tauzin forlod Kongressen og blev formand for medicinal-lobbyen. Til en løn på to millioner dollars om året. Det var en glædens dag i Washington. Mange amerikanere vidste, de aldrig ville få dækkende sundhedspleje. Og derfor besluttede nogen at søge hjælp andetsteds.
“Der findes et særligt sted i helvede forbeholdt kvinder, der ikke hjælper hinanden…” M. Albright Anina er offline       Besvar med citat Anina Se offentlig profil Send en besked til Anina Find flere indlæg af Anina Gammel 03-04-08, 14:05       #6 Anina Superbruger Anina’s avatar Registreringsdato: Feb 2005 Lokation: Sjælland, Stjernetegn: Fisk/Dragen Alder: 56 Indlæg: 4,513 Re: Den syge sygeforsikring (“Sicko”) Danske undertekster “Sicko”fortsat:

Vi er på vej over Detroit River. Man kan se den gamle bymidte,  General Motors’ hovedkvarter, centrum og højhusene. Der er en fin udsigt fra broen. Det her er Adrian Campbell. En enlig mor, dersom 22-årig fik kræft.Jeg fik kræft i livmoderen. De sagde: “Vi betaler ikke, for du er 22, så du burde være for ung til at have livmoderhalskræft.” Gældsbundet, men fri af kræften, havde Adrian fået nok af systemet. Hun havde en ny plan.Jeg har det hele klar inden grænsen. Pas, penge til… 3,25 dollars per vej. Det hele ligger klar heroppe. Nu skal du være helt stille, Aurora. Statsborgerskab? Hvor bor De?  I Michigan.  Det er ikke tændt, vel? (kamera/red.) Nej. Godt nok bor hun i Michigan, men et stykke over grænsen bliver Adrian canadier. Du har boet her tre måneder? Et par stykker. Men jeg har ikke søgt om sygesikringsbevis endnu. Det tager lige ti minutter. Det er helt i orden. Tak. Jeg opgav Kyles adresse, og da de spurgte til vores forhold,  skrev jeg, at vi levede sammen papirløst. Jeg bryder mig ikke om at lyve. Det var en hvid løgn, men jeg sparer penge. Her skal man ikke have tegnebogen frem. Det er gratis. Det skal man ikke bekymre sig om. Det giver ingen stress. De ringer efter politiet. Kameraholdet havde vakt mistanke. Jeg tror ikke, de tager mig nu. Så jeg har en anden idé. Jeg tager hen på en anden klinik. Der ligger en… Den, vi kørte forbi. Politiet er kommet. Se.  Jo, Adrian gjorde noget ulovligt. Men vi er amerikanere. Vi går ind i andre lande, når vi har brug for det. Det er frustrerende. Hvis vi giftede os, ville hun straks være dækket. Amerikanere, der gifter sig med canadiere for at få sundhedspleje?
Det lyder som en god idé. Vi kan starte en ny trend. Duer Canadas sundhedspleje ikke? (USA-politiker i TV/red.) Nej, desværre ikke. Man venter måneder på behandling, man venter en uge på her. I Canada skal man vente ni til ti måneder på en bypass-operation. Mange canadiere mener, at det er selve systemet, der er sygt.  De betaler lægerne mindre.  Kirurger må kun udføre et vist antal operationer om året. Det er nemmere at få sin kat eller hund scannet her i Amerika. Man dør, mens man venter på kemo, fordi Ottawa kun har én maskine. Mener I, at en social sundhedssektor er en god idé, så spørg en canadier.
“Der findes et særligt sted i helvede forbeholdt kvinder, der ikke hjælper hinanden…” M. Albright Anina er offline       Besvar med citat Anina Se offentlig profil Send en besked til Anina Find flere indlæg af Anina Gammel 03-04-08, 14:06       #7 Anina Superbruger Anina’s avatar

Registreringsdato: Feb 2005 Lokation: Sjælland, Stjernetegn: Fisk/Dragen Alder: 56 Indlæg: 4,510  Re: Den syge sygeforsikring (“Sicko”) Danske undertekster “Sicko”fortsat:

Så jeg spurgte mine canadiske slægtninge Bob og Estelle. Men de ville ikke ind i Amerika. Jeg skulle møde dem i Sears i Canada. Hvad laver I? Køber forsikring til USA. Vi kommer over til dig. Det er bare lige overfloden. I ville ikke besøge os i Michigan i bare et par timer uden forsikring? Nej. Det holder vi stejlt på. Hvis vi får en på tuden… I vil ikke fanges i sundhedsfælden?  Nej. Vi har intet imod amerikanere eller Amerika… Vi er flinke og enkle mennesker? Ikke enkle, men bestemt flinke. Jeg hørte på de USA-fjendske tanker over det dejlige canadiske køkken. Vi har en ven, der var på Hawaii. Han fik et slag i hovedet, og inden han var rask nok til at rejse hjem,  havde han en lægeregning på over 600.000 dollars.

Hvilken middelklasse-canadier kan klare det? Jeg har det skidt med, at I skal bekymre jer om den slags. Vi kritiserer ikke dit land. Men fakta er,  at vi ikke har råd til at undvære forsikring. End ikke én dag? End ikke én dag. De sendte mig hen på en golfbane for at tale med Larry Godfrey,  som kom til skade på en golfbane under en ferie i Florida. Der kom en lyd, og det gjorde ondt.  Den sene, der holder biceps, var sprunget. Så biceps-musklen var løsnet, og den endte heroppe på brystet. Den røg af armen og op på brystet? Ja. Som alle gode golfspillere spillede Larry runden til ende, inden han søgte lægehjælp. Og der fik han de dårlige nyheder.Jeg var ikke bekymret, for jeg havde tegnet forsikring. Men da han sagde, det blev 23.000-24.000… 24.000? Dollars, ja.  Så var du blevet i Amerika, havde det kostet dig 24.000? I stedet tog du hjem til Canada, og Canada betalte alle udgifter? Operationen? Og det kostede dig? Nul og niks. Hvorfor skal dine landsmænd, som ikke har dit problem… Hvorfor skal de betale for et problem, du har? Fordi vi ville gøre det samme for dem. Sådan har det altid været. Og vi håber, det varer ved. Men hvis nu du kun skulle betale for dine egne problemer? Det er der mange, det ikke er i stand til. Nogen skal jo tage sig af dem. Er du medlem af det socialistiske parti? De Grønne? Nej. Jeg er konservativ. Er det slemt? Det er bare lidt forvirrende. Det bør det da ikke være. Når det angår lægehjælp, så er det lige meget, hvilket parti du tilslutter dig. Men os hinsides floden… (Canada/red.) Hvorfor har vi det ikke sådan? (i USA/red.)
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Canadierne gjorde heller ikke, indtil Tommy Douglas kom og fik alle på andre tanker. Én fyr? Ja, én fyr. Kan han ikke komme og besøge os? Han er død, desværre. Han er for nylig blevet æret som den vigtigste person i Canada. Vi agter ham højere… I hele jeres historie? End jeres første premierminister? Mere end Wayne Gretzky.  Nej…? Jo. Mere end Celine Dion?  Mere end Celine, ja. Mere ed Bullwinkle? Måske. Klingen fik fat i handsken  og kørte gennem samtlige fingre og savede dem helt af. Jeg vidste, at jeg skulle have hjælp med det samme. Amputerede fingre, arme eller lemmer er ret så dramatisk.  Med fem fingre er det en 24 timers operation. Så der var fire kirurger, alle sygeplejerskerne og to narkoselæger med. Når sådan en som Brad (skovhugger/red.) kommer, skal vi ikke tænke på, om han har råd. Vi kunne koncentrere os om at yde ham den bedst hjælp. Jeg har talt med en amerikaner, som skar det yderste af to fingre. På hospitalet sagde de, at den ene ville koste omkring 60.000 dollars. Den anden kostede 12.000 dollars. Han skulle vælge mellem de to fingre. Vi har aldrig nægtet at sy en finger på, fordi systemet ikke tillod det.Jeg er glad for at være i et system, hvor jeg kan tage mig af folk  uden at træffe den slags valg- Det, vi havde hørt, passede ikke. Måske var jeg i den forkerte bydel? Så jeg tog hen i den anden ende af byen til et fyldt venteværelse. Hvor længe ventede du? 20 minutter. 45 minutter. Jeg kom straks til. Se, hvor fyldt her er. De gør et utroligt stykke arbejde. Skulle du have tilladelse til at komme her? Nej. Vi kan selv vælge. Det skal ikke forhåndsgodkendes? Nej da…! Kan du selv vælge læge? Ja. Hvad skal du selv betale? Ingenting. Jeg mener ikke, man betaler noget. Det koster ingenting. I USA betaler man for lægehjælp. Men det kan vi slet ikke forstå. Det gælder Parkinsons, slagtilfælde, hjertetilfælde… Vi er utrolig heldige. Vi klager da. Folk klager jo over alting, ikke? Men alt i alt er det et fantastisk system,  der sikrer, at der bliver taget hånd om os alle. Det viser sig, at canadiere lever tre år længere end os.
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- Det tror man gerne på, når man møder amerikanere som Erik.  Nu kommer vi, England! Erik Turnbow fra Olympia i Washington – har hele livet sparet sammen til at besøge Abbey Road i London. Men for Erik var det ikke nok bare at gå over ligesom The Beatles. Han skulle gøre det på sin egen måde. Nu vil Erik gå på hænder over Abbey Road. Prøv igen. Nej, min skulder gik af led. Gør det ondt?  Der ligger et hospital hernede. Det engelske hospital krævede ingen betaling for Eriks ophold. Og kun omkring 10 dollars for de fede stoffer, de gav ham. Er du oppe at køre som Elvis?  Jeg klarer mig. Jeg tog til England for at opklare, hvorfor hospitalsophold er gratis, og medicin kun koster 10 dollars. Hvis jeg kommer med en recept på 30 piller… Hvad koster det? (på apoteket/red.) 6,65 pund. Det er et standardgebyr. Er det omkring 10 dollars? Ja. Hvis jeg skulle have 60 piller? Samme gebyr. 120 piller? Antallet betyder intet? Nej. 6,65.  HIV- eller kræftmedicin?  Stadig 6,65 pund. Hvis man er under 16 eller over 60, er man fritaget. Så kun en voksen med arbejde og penge betaler de 6,65 pund? Alle andre får medicinen gratis? Ja. Der udveksles ingen penge her?  Nej. Jeg er over 60. Hvad skal I med kasseapparatet? Hør, hvor har I brødet, mælken og slikket stående? Jeg kan ikke købe vaskemiddel…?  Nej. Jeg har ikke taget en lang uddannelse for at sælge vaskemiddel. Så nej. Så tog jeg hen på et af de statsdrevne hospitaler.

Jeg skal føde om syv uger. Jeg får et halvt års barsel med løn,  og så kan jeg få et halvt år uden løn. Så jeg holder et år. Det lyder som luksus for mig. Er det ikke sådan i Amerika? Nej, slet ikke, vel? Hvad betaler du for et ophold her?  Ingen betaler. De spurgte, hvordan folk betaler. Det gør man ikke. Man gårbare .Socialforsikring. Der er ingen regning. Selv med forsikring må der da være en regning et sted. Hvor er regningsafdelingen? Der er ingen regningsafdeling.Hvad har I betalt for den baby? Hvabehar? I skal betale, inden I går, ikke?  Nej. Det går over NHS. (National Health Service/red. Det er ikke Amerika. Måske har jeg bedre held et sted, hvor det kan blive rigtig dyrt. (ortopædisk afd./red.) Han har brækket anklen. Hvad koster det?  Han får vel en kæmpe regning? Under NHS er alt gratis. Griner du ad mit spørgsmål? Ja, ingen har spurgt om det før.

Jeg var ved at falde for “alt er gratis”, men så så jeg det her. KASSE
Er det her folk betaler, når de bliver udskrevet? Nej, man betaler ikke. Man tager bare hjem? Hvorfor står der “kasse”, hvis folk ikke skal betale? Vi har en mand bag disken, der refunderer transportudgifter. Folk med begrænsede midler får transporten refunderet. Så på engelske hospitaler kommer der ikke penge ind, men ud.Kriteriet er ikke, om man har betalt, men om man er blevet rask. Jeg var tydeligvis til grin. (Michael Moore/red.) Jeg måtte tale med en god, gammel amerikaner med forståelse. Jeg kom til London i 1992.

Og så blev vi hængende, og vi har fået tre børn.  Alle er født under NHS, National Health Service. Jeg troede som mange amerikanere,  at et socialt sundhedsvæsen var bunden.  At det ville være snusket og fælt ligesom i Sovjetunionen.  Det er forfærdeligt, men det troede jeg. Det troede jeg også. Efter fødslen er det lige ud i hvedemarkerne igen. “Vi har høstet vor hvede for arbejde er ære og hvis vor ydmyge indsats skulle give os en belønning ville vi ikke sige nej vi svarer: Vi kan bruge den høst! Høst! Skovl nu! Kvoten skal holdes.”  Så faldt det mig ind, at i Amerika har vi socialiseret mange ting. Jeg kan godt lide politivæsen, brandvæsen. Og biblioteker.Og så tænkte jeg på, hvorfor vi ikke har flere socialiserede ting. Som sundhedspleje. Hvordan opstod tanken om gratis sundhedspleje til alle? Det hele startede med demokratiet. Inden vi fik stemmeret, lå al magten hos de rige. Havde du penge, kunne du få pleje, uddannelse og sikre din alderdom. Demokratiet gav de fattige stemmeret. Det flyttede magten fra markedspladsen til stemmeurnerne.Fra pungen til stemmesedlen. Det var meget enkelt. I 1930′erne havde iv massearbejdsløshed. Men ikke under krigen. Så hvis man kan skabe beskæftigelse med krig,  kan man også gøre det ved at bygge hospitaler og skoler. Har man penge til at slå folk ihjel, har man også penge til at hjælpe. Man udgav denne folder. Hvornår var det 1948.

- “Sygeforsikring indføres den 5. juli. Hvad er det? Hvordan får man det?”
“Den sørger for al lægehjælp, tandpleje og anden pleje.”  “Alle, rig, fattig, mand, kvinde eller barn, kan anvende den.” “Det koster ikke noget, bortset fra få undtagelser.” “Der er ingen forsikringskrav, men det er ikke velgørenhed.”  “De betaler som skatteydere, og det fritager Dem for økonomiske bekymringer under sygdom.”De få ord siger det hele. Jeg blev forbløffet, da han sagde, at det hele begyndte i 1948.Englænderne havde netop overstået en sønderknusende krig. Landet lå i ruiner og var næsten bankerot. De havde intet.

På blot otte måneder mistede over 42.000 civile livet.  Hvad vi oplevede på to timer 11. september,   gennemlevede de næsten hver dag. Kan I huske, hvordan vi følte efter 11. september? Vi stod last og brast. Sådan må de have haft det. Og det første de gjorde efter krigen var at sørge for gratis sundhedspleje til alle. Selv mrs. Thatcher sagde: “National Health Service er i sikre hænder.” Det er lige så ukontroversielt som stemmeret til kvinder. Englænderne ville ikke acceptere forringelser eller opløsning af NHS. Hvis man ville nedlægge det… Så ville der blive revolution. I en rapport fra American Medical Association om 55-64-årige står,  at englænderne er langt sundere end amerikanerne. For alle sygdomme gjaldt det, at amerikanerne klarede sig dårligst. Kræft, hjerte- og lungesygdomme, overalt lå amerikanerne højest.

Selv de fattigste i England, der har det dårligste helbred, kan forvente at leve længere end de rigeste i Amerika.Hvordan er det som læge at skulle leve under den her statskontrol? Du er familielæge? Praktiserende læge.  Så det er en familiepraksis? Ja, en NHS-praksis. (indenfor National Health Service/red.)Vi er ni læger… Betalt af staten? Så du arbejder for staten? Skal I ringe til statens forsikring, inden I kan behandle folk? Nej. Jeg har normalt ikke noget med penge at gøre. Har du måttet afvise patienter? Nej, aldrig.Har du hørt om nogen, der blev sendt hjem, fordi de ikke kunne betale?  Nej, det ville jeg ikke være med til. Som statsansat er du vel nødt til at bruge offentlig transport? Nej, jeg har bil. En gammel smadrekasse…? (nyeste model af Audi vises på skærmen/red.) Bor du i et belastet kvarter? Nej, jeg bor i et dejligt kvarter. Det er et dejligt hus. Tre etager. Hvor mange familier bor I der? Vi bor… Der er fire soveværelser. Min kone og min søn. Bare os tre. Hvad giver I for det? 550.000 pund.  En million dollars?! Du er statsbetalt læge under den offentlige sygesikring.

Med et hus til en million dollars? Ja. Mine venner synes, vi tjener godt. Hvor godt tjener I? Jeg tjener 85.000 med pension. 85.000 pund om året? Ja. Og så betaler de min pension. Jeg ligger vel på 100.000 pund. Det er næsten 200.000 dollars? Ja. Vi får løn efter, hvad vi laver. Jo bedre vi gør det for patienterne, jo mere får vi i lønHvordan det? Der erkommet et nyt system. Hvis dine patienter har et sundt blodtryk eller bliver ikke-rygere -eller hvis du får klaret folks psykiske problemer, så får du mere.

-Så hvis du får mange til at holde op med at ryge, får du flere penge? Ja. Så amerikanske læger behøver ikke at frygte offentlig sundhedspleje? Nej. Men hvis man vil have et hus til to-tre millioner dollars  og fire-fem lækre biler og seks-syv lækre fjernsyn,  så går det nok ikke. Men vi har det rart her. London er en dyr by, men vi har det rart. I klarer jer med huset til en million dollars, Audi’en og fladskærms-tv’et?
Ja, vi klarer os.
“Der findes et særligt sted i helvede forbeholdt kvinder, der ikke hjælper hinanden…” M. Albright Anina er offline  Besvar med citat Anina Se offentlig profil Send en besked til Anina Find flere indlæg af AninaGammel 03-04-08, 14:08       #10 Anina Superbruger Anina’s avatar Registreringsdato: Feb 2005 Lokation: Sjælland, Stjernetegn: Fisk/Dragen Alder: 56Indlæg: 4,513 Re: Den syge sygeforsikring (“Sicko”) Danske undertekster til “Sicko” fortsat:  Demokrati er langt mere revolutionerende end socialisme. Hvis man har magt, opfylder man egne og samfundets behov. Ideen med det frie valg, som storkapitalen taler om…Valget fordrer frihed til at vælge. Gældsbyrder fratager en friheden.Så det gavner systemet, hvis almindelige folk er forgældede. Folk med gæld mister håbet, og folk uden håb stemmer ikke. De siger altid: “Alle bør stemme.” Men hvis de fattige i England eller Amerika stemte på folk, få en ægte demokratisk revolution.

-Det ønsker man ikke. Så man fastholder folk i håbløshed. Folk bliver styret på to måder: Skræm dem og demoraliser dem. En uddannet, sund og selvsikker nation er sværere at regere. Det får nogle til at tænke: De skal ikke være uddannede, sunde oselvsikre. Så kan de ikke styres.Én procent af verdens befolkning ejer 80 procent af verdens rigdomme. Utroligt, folk finder sig i det, men de er fattige, demoraliserede, bange.Derfor tager de imod ordrer og håber på det bedstw.
Vi håber på det bedste, fra det øjeblik vi bliver født. Vi har den største børnedødelighed i den vestlige verden. Et spædbarn i El Salvador har bedre overlevelseschancer end i Detroit. Men det bliver bedre i skolen. Klasselokaler med 40 elever. Ikke sært, at de unge ikke kan finde England på kortet. Men så har vi jo college. Og uddannelsen skaberstudiegæld. Jeg skylder omkring 35.000 dollars for mit tredje år i college. Sådan bliver du en, der har brug for jobbet. 3904, 3905..En arbejdsgiveransætter gerne forgældede folk. De gør ikke vrøvl.  Du skal betale din gæld, men også have et job med sygeforsikring. Tænk at miste sådan et job! De kan altid sige op. Det står ingen steder, at De skal arbejde her. Hvis det ene job ikke er nok til regningerne, kan du bare få flere. Jeg har tre jobs, og jeg føler, jeg yder noget. Tre jobs? Enestående amerikansk. Det er fantastisk.Får du noget søvn? Ellers får du bare lægemidler.

Du er konstant træt og modløs…Hvis du er konstant bekymret, lider du måske af angstsyndrom Det kan være hyperaktivitet. Tal med din læge. Ja, spørg din læge og bed om mere medicin. Så er du bedøvet, til du skal pensioneres. Sagde jeg pension? Hvis du bliver 80, får du den nok. Men nyansatte ser aldrig en øre. Men vores børn skal nok tage sig af os. Vi har jo givet dem et godt liv.Og terrorister skal besejres derovre, så vi ikke skal slås her.
“Der findes et særligt sted i helvede forbeholdt kvinder, der ikke hjælper hinanden…” M. Albright