Steve Slayton is The Best Radio DJ in The Business!

KZOK Rocks man! You are the HOTTEST for sure. I listen online sometimes, and just about any time in my car while driving to work, or catching a cool rock show. I saw my all time favourite, Paul McCartney 5 times, and The Stones 5 times as well!  I wrote my first album When I got sick from paratanitous in 1997, and spent about 28 days in the hospital with major surgery’s. It includes the song “Radio Man” which I wrote for your Former  DJ Man  and trivia Rock King, Mr. Steve Slayton, Now relocated to 95.7 KJR Oldies Station. He is the best in the business you know!  It appears on my “I’m Alive’ cd that I wrote and produced. Here are the lyrics:

Radio Man      (Written by Eric “E.T.” Turnbow)

(Dedicated to Steve Slayton of KZOK Radio.) copyrite 1998 (Key of A minor)  All Rights Reserved.

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Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

Music make the world go ’round
Dollar for dollar, pound for pound
So sing a sweet song when you know I’m down
Oh Radio man , wipe off this frown, wipe off this

Keep playing your music, don’t stop too soon
Radio rocket shoot me up to the moon
Oh Radio man, come on and keep me in tune
Come on and keep me in tune
(Repeat chorus)

Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

A.M. F.M. whatever it takes
Crank up the music end keep me awake
Oh Radio man I dig the music you make,
I dig the music you make
A Flugelhorn or a Bass Guitar
Maracas, piano, exotic sitar
Oh Radio man I think you’re a star, think you’re a
(Repeat chorus)

Radio man, help me belong
Show me what’s right, tell me what’s wrong
Oh radio man, don’t take too long
Or I’ll give up the tight, for the price at a song

My radio’s blasting, mile after mile
Thanks to you brother I’m cruising in style
Oh Radio man, let’s rock for a while, let’s rock for a

Oh Radio man, keep on singing
I feel your vibrations, my ears are still ringing
You’re part of the plan, my Radio man, my Radio man
Yes you’re part of the plan, my Radio man,
my Radio man
Keep on, keep on giving,
so I’ll have reason to keep on living
You’re part of the plan
My Radio man, My Radio man
My Radio man, My Radio man

Written by Eric Turnbow (Extraterrestrial Music, Copyrite 1998 )

Steve Slayton has to be  My favourite Radio D.J. of all time! He recently has relocated to KJR 95.7 Radio in Seattle!  I have grown up with your killer classic rock and roll stories and various attributes. His “Breakfast with the Beatles” specials have always been  incredible! I am thrilled to see that He is back on the air! Very cool!

I also got to see Steve  broadcast live at some bar in down town Tacoma in 2002 when Paul McCartney was doing his “Driving Rain” tour at the Tacoma dome. It was awesome! He gave away a ton of cool gifts, and was broadcasting live from the venue just before the shoe. Then I took the Radio Station sponsored bus over to the Tacoma Dome to see the show!

I travelled to England twice to see The Beatles sacred stomping grounds. The first time was in 1992 where I stayed about 21 days, 3 of the in Paris though. I spent 10 days in Liverpool and the rest in London which I loved so much that I went back for another 9 days in 1997, I love Abbey Road and sniffing that Beatles air! Really! In fact Michael Moore is going to put me in his movie “Sicko” and use footage of me walking on my hands across Abbey Road in 1997, and falling down, dislocating my shoulder, but receiving FREE medical attention through their International healthcare plan. So look for me in Hollywood soon, or at least on the big screen!

So here is more about me. I am lucky to make a great living in the music field for a solid 14 years as a Music DJ and Karaoke consultant. Feel free to use it as you like and edit if for content. Here is my website!

“E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke and D.J.” is owned by Eric Turnbow of Olympia Washington. Since March of 1993, “E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke and D.J.” has provided entertainment locally at parties, weddings, lounges, High schools, and various functions. As business manager, Eric, known professionally as “E.T.”, is required to set up and operate the karaoke equipment, and encourage audience members to participate and perform. He is also responsible for training and supervising a staff of trained professional karaoke hosts. He is actively involved with the marketing, advertising, phone sales, maintaining and updating equipment, as well as signing Performance contracts for his business. He is currently operating with several systems, providing the community with quality Live Entertainment, Karaoke, and D.J. services. He also offers party rentals, which can be ordered with all the extras including: Pro Audio, Multiple Laser Discs, cdg’s, and audio cd’s, complete with party lights and speaker stands. He welcomes new accounts and enjoys meeting new business contacts that love music as much as he does. He literally has years of experience, and customer service is his middle name!
E.T. has worked worked as a professional Entertainer for rock and roll and country variety bands [singles, duo’s, trio's, and combos], including; London, Local Hero, The Raging River Band, The Midnight Riders, Feed-Back, Sage, Hard Rain, Side-Kick, The Dynamic Duo, and most recently by using sequences, drum machines, piano, guitar, harmonica, and karaoke performance tracks, he has created “E.T.’s One Man Wonder Band”, which continues to perform and tantalize a worldwide audience!

In 1998 he fulfilled a life long dream by producing, writing, and singing his own CD of all original music entitled: E.T. “I’m Alive”, a conceptual album which celebrates life. This fifteen song set remains his most personal and ambitious work yet accomplished. This product is available at his web site

or you can buy it locally at selected stores and live performances.You can order yours directly by phoning him at (360 943-7039). To date he has written some 100 plus songs, and would love to sell his work to established artists! Feel free to inquire. He has taken the opportunity to copyright his original songs with the federal government, obtaining one hundred percent ownership.  On 03/03/03 E.T. produced and released his second album entitled “Generic Eric”. This 21 song super CD is a highly personal and intimate tribute to some of his favourite song writers such as “Bob Dylan”, “Neil Young”, “The Beatles”, “The Moody Blues” and “Tom Petty”. He also included one original track “Napoleon” to fit into the mix. This hour of music was producedat Little Rock Studios with engineer Tim Prellwitz.
His current project is coming along as well. This is a karaoke compilation of some of his best original songs. This collection includes all the words on the screen in CDG format with a bonus guide vocal track with E.T. singing the songs so that you can easily learn them as well.There is a plan in motion now to add up to 15 original karaoke songs to the volume four master book in the ETCDG library. We have checked other karaoke company’s song selection and to date have not found anything like this! E.T. truly is a pioneer in this field!
E.T.s other interests include travelling, (He has been to England twice, focusing on London and Liverpool for the cool Beatles history), as well as taking vacations in exotic countries such as: France, Belgium, Holland,Mexico, Canada, and yes, even five weeks in Israel, dodging bullets in the Middle East! He especially enjoys documenting road trips with video journals,snapshots, and poetry books! He loves to play chess, surf the web on his computer, burn CD’s, update the websight, play computer pinball, take nature walks, or simply a take a romantic stroll down the Pacific Ocean on a weekend getaway. He loves to dine out, go skating, read novels, watch movies, ride his motorcycle, dancing, and dating. (He’s single girls!).
One major passion he has is attending major concert events, having recently attended many legendary performances including: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, Tom Petty, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, CSNY, Tina Turner, Elton John, Shaun Mullins, Jackson Browne, The Moody Blues, Rodger Waters, and “Kansas”, to name just a few! Recently he has began writing an assortment of new songs for his next cd project, which he hopes to deliver sometime in the near future. Yes, Eric “E.T.” Turnbow is enthusiastic and full of life. He shows no signs of slowing down in the new millennium, or possibly even the next one!

Eric Turnbow

  • Also beginning MONDAY, SLATON’s show can be heard on the Internet at and at, as well as via the iheartradio mobile application on iPODS, BLACKBERRY, DROID and other smartphones.”It is a dream fulfilled to join BOB RIVERS at the station I grew up listening to and always wanted to be at!” SLATON said. “THE BEATLES, STONES and even MUNGO JERRY just sound better on Oldies 95.7 SEATTLE, the Greatest Hits of All Time Baby!”"There was an incredible outpouring of enthusiasm and support when STEVE’s fans across SEATTLE heard he’d be back on the air with us,” OM and KJR PD JOHN PEAKE said. “We’re delighted to have STEVE SLATON as part of our Oldies 95.7 family.





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